Monday, December 20, 2010

A Rare Mega Lunar Eclipse-Solstice Part Two

It has been established by the mainstream news that this is a "Rare Eclipse" and hasn't happened on a Winter Solstice for 392 years. Thus the Meme of the unexpected and uncommon has been spread like a fad that travels quickly through the Internet. A Meme has been defined as a unit of cultural information transferable from one mind to another. The other unusual quality is the length of totality - a full 72 minutes of an eerie amber light which plasy across the snows of North America. One thing for sure about this Solar Eclipse is that when the Moon is in the deepest part of the shadow, she will display a fantastic shade of coppery red. The other thing is try not to hold onto anything material for too long because it will be separated from you.
Separated to become part of an alchemical process that will touch all of us as Chiron/Neptune trine the Moon to enhance our sensitivity to others wounds. This is also
a really psychic moon in a TSQ to Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces and the Sun...

Emotions are high and spirits are restless tonight in Cali. waiting for the Eclipse to start. Here in California we are starting to see the moon shine in all her glory thur
the clouds. As I mentioned in my last blog, the predictors are coming out of the woodwork talking about an Uber Quake on the West Coast. From the examiner
Will quake follow California storm event
Kevin Martin, the hip hop weatherman says: "Quakes hit without warning and I've noticed at times they have hit during certain weather conditions across the area, this is one of them".
Betelgeuse found in the right armpit/shoulder of the Hunter, Orion is conjunct the Moon
by aspect or longitude which can aid success to any venture. Betelgeuse by paran is culminating with the Sun on the Nadir adding to the power of persistence.
Sirius is culminating with Mars On Nadir
The scorcher adds to the fire of Mars and produces a dedication which can leads to brilliance. This a great time to use such a strong focus with Mars now in Capricorn and exalted. Betelgeuse with the Sun gives the acute ability to understand and use occult and mystical subjects. Also brings acute diseases, fevers, honor and preferment ending in final ruin. [Robson) Another combo made for the "doomers in the house."

Cardinal Cross and Rare Eclipse Meme event.

Review the chart abover for LA at Maximum Eclipse @12:17 AM has Libra rising at 4 degrees 53 minutes opposing Uranus-Jupiter near the descendant for one arm of the cross
with Sun-Pallas-N Node-Pluto-Mars all congregating at the IC opposing Moon-S Node at
the Zenith. In fact another record is being made by this Solstice Eclipse - From the Griffith Observatory where they are celebrating this event: "The eclipse occurs on the longest night of the year, and its maximum is only about fifteen hours before winter begins. It is also the highest in the sky that a totally eclipsed Moon has appeared from Los Angeles in 1,591 years and it will not be this high again for at least another millennium. "

In the LA chart Mirfak,a star on the right side of Perseus aka the Elbow is both the Heliacal Setting Star and rising with Jupiter. The element of Mirfak relates to heroic and decisive actions take to further a cause. The myths tell of how, the hero Perseus undertook a mission to kill the Medusa. Perseus was furnished with the sword, cap and wings of Mercury and the shield of Minerva. We may all know that Perseus killed the Medusa by cutting off her head, Later perseus went on to kill the sea monster Cetus and marry Andromeda. Perseus founded a city, having dropped his cap or found a mushroom (both named myces) at Mycenae.

One thing for sure it is cold all over and the weather is making the news with Mercury square Uranus today. Lots of cold rain and snow in the Western States
Water, water everywhere as we look ahead to 1:22 PM PST when the Moon moves from mutable air in Gemini into active water in Cancer. Even the Mayan Calendar which is now in the 7th Day of the Galactic Underworld reflects this element. The Tzolkein Date for December 22, 2010 Galactic Tone 1 Water-Offerings/MULUC

In Washington DC where the eclipse will be at maximum @ 3:17 AM EST for photography and sky watching we have a Scorpio rising chart (Venus in the first) with ruler Mars in the 3rd. house ahead of Pluto both in controlling, limiting and regulating Capricorn.
Note that all the recent laws have been passed under a Mercury retrograde session since
Mercury the messenger appeared to move backwards (Retrograde) back on Dec. 10th
Everyday new articles are surfacing about government spying:
Monitoring America: The Government’s Development Of A Vast Panopticon Spy Network
not just from sites like Infowars but right out of the Washington Post.
Come to think about with Venus in Scorpio in the first representing debt, I think that the spy minions won'tbe able to keep going much past the end of 2011.
Plus the Sun-Mercury retrograde-Pallas-N Node are in the 2nd house of values-resources and money opposing the 8th house of debt/taxes/death where the Moon-S Node reside .

Eclipse Fixed Stars for DC as Empire is Collapsing
Break it down with HELIACAL RISING STAR being Antares the heart of the Scorpion
representing passion and obsession as the legislators are driven to pass as many
bills as possible during this lame duck session.
To Review when Royal Star, Antares is rising - We have riches and honor fading, violence, sickness, benefits that seldom last. per Robson

The HELIACAL SETTING STAR is El Nath which is a brilliant pure white star that marks the tip of the northern or left horn of Taurus the Bull. In Babylonia El Nath was known as Shur-narkabti-sha-iltanu, the "Star in the Bull towards the North", or the "Northern Star towards the Chariot", referring to the Chariot of Auriga. El Nath confronts life head on
dealing with real life and real issues.
Back to the Washington District of Criminals and this eclipse, El Nath is said to portend the results of the beginnings of political undertakings. Undertakings or more like blatant takeovers like SB 510 to control the production of food.
Acumen Strong
Yes we are talking about M7 that open cluster of stars above the Scorpion's stinger.
Drilling down we see that Acumen is culminating with the Sun
Personal attacks on one’s credibility - Arising and lying hidden
Acumen is also culminating as Jupiter is Rising
A person who puts themselves at risk in response to their social conscience - Arising and lying hidden
This star along with Aculeus has a notorious reputation in astrology as 'blind stars' or stars associated with eyesight problems. These stars shows up a negative Mars-Moon quality in people who have them poorly aspected, with a tendency towards a morbid outlook, seeing the worst rather than the best in everything.