Monday, December 06, 2010

Sage New Moon - Julian hits a wall with Vesta-Saturn

Since yesterday's Sag. blast of New Moon freshness, it has been quite a day with Mars leaving Sagittarius and applying to a conjunction to Pluto in Cappy. right on the First Qtr. Moon: Dec. 13th. Just a hint: Dec. 13th will be a big day for difficult news. Mars-Pluto is known as a combo of tremendous power, passion, invisible strengths and sometimes black magicians. So all this is happening to the sound of horse hooves. The picture above is from "Cavalia II" the Cirque style horse show reflects a kind public empathy a celebrating the nodal change coming in March 2011 as N Node moves into more boundary breaking Sagittarius. On a more human level: a celebration of the relationship that horses and humans have enjoyed together.
Some more immediate timing deals with Mercury's stations retro. on Dec. 10th and will no longer separate from this noteworthy meeting with the Dark Lord of transmigration. With Sag. we can't forget that the far reaches of the galaxy are covered.
Also of major note today the MEGA-FILAMENT BREAK: A magnetic filament snaking around the sun's SE limb erupted. Check out the movie with the CME tongue exploding toward earth.

Back on earth some kind of financial eruption might be nigh as the Fed. continues to get hit. Finances, economic breakdowns leading to this story: Government can’t print money properly
As a metaphor for our troubled economic and financial era -- and the government's stumbling response -- this one's hard to beat. You can't stimulate the economy via the money supply, after all, if you can't print the money correctly.
Mercury rules printing along with the 3rd. house and this story hits the airwaves with Mercury-Pluto together with Pluto synonymous with mistakes and obsessions.
Also currency/money relates to Venus in Scorpio in close sextile to Pluto...

Pressure mounts on WikiLeaks as net tightens around founder Julian Assange

After eight days of leaks, old allegations have come back to haunt the 39-year-old Australian
Well let's get back to Julian the elephant in the middle of room and a chart showing him
as the man of he Media Hour and held under skeptical arms length by the alternative blogsphere and truth warriors. The Sag. Moon populated by Vesta-Sun-Moon-Pallas-Mars all
in the sign of the archer and sage. In my crudely illustrated dual chart below Juian's natal chart represented by the inner wheel and the Sag. New Moon set for the UK. on the outside. The connections are numerous starting with transiting Saturn in wide conjuncton to Julian's own trickster-shocker and symbol of freedom Uranus in Libra (words-communications) (man without a home) in a TSQ to Julian's Sun @ 10 Cancer and Chiron in Aries (personal wounds and abuse driving him on to disclose). Then there is the Vesta connection in a close opposition to Julian's karmic taskmaster, Saturn Vesta in Sag. relates to spreading an elaborate vision and in a negative aspect to Saturn means alienation and suffering under the burden of too much responsibility. Vesta besides ruling devotional activities, investments, scholarly pursuits also rules sexuality and sexual complexex.

Also as I mentioned in yesterday's New Moon report the Galactic Center (28 Sag. 40 minutes) is a point which is being activated on many levels even with Assage. Look above and see that the New Moon Mars at GC is opposing his natal Ceres @ 28 Gemini near Venus.
Ceres is the asteroid which signifies the mother, nurturing, the helping professions. Julian with Ceres in Gemini tends to nurture others by communicating intellectual messages or at least this is what he believes. Transiting Mars in risk taking Sagittarius is closely opposed his natal Ceres forcing him to let go by acting in a masculine style.

Opinions about Disinfo-WikiLeakss

Back on July 26th near the Full Moon in Aquarius Corbett and Pilato nailed the hype behind the WikiLeaks
Considering that Uranus-Jupiter were retrograde in early degrees of Aries opposing Saturn-Libra and Mars in late degrees of Virgo. Now we have Mars separating from squares to Jupiter-Uranus. Knowing of course that Jupiter-Uranus represent shocking leaks of info. As Jeremy Scahill says: Corp. media discloses what we already know.
story early on with: Wikileaks + MSM Hype = ?

Back to Juian represented by the inner wheel and the Sag. New Moon set for the UK.