Thursday, December 23, 2010

Romania in the News - Eclipse Triggers Sinkhole/Suicide Attempt

Romania Leads and Bleeds after the Eclipse -
Two shockers in today's news come from Romania harking bak to the revolution of 89.
Both just as dramatic - the first was a Huge Sinkhole and the Second an Attempted Suicide to protest austerity (sounds like Capricorn right).
Before we drill down on the stories, let's look at the Romanian Democratic Chart from 1989. Back then there was a week-long series of increasingly violent riots and fighting in late December 1989. These destabilizing events overthrew the government of the totalitarian president Nicolae Ceauşescu. The" moment of revolution" was based on accounts that said that Ceauşescu fled the anger of the mob @ 1 PM.
The inner chart is set for Dec. 22, 1989 @ 1 PM EET - 2:00
and the Outer Chart for Tues. Lunar Eclipse DEc. 21, 2010 @ 10:17 AM EET - 2:00
Big time transits of Pluto and Mars right over the Mid-Heaven Point of the Independence
chart @ 11 degrees Capricorn. Then Sun-Pallas-N Node following in the sign of structure
Capricorn at the Solstice and transiting over the 1989 revolution chart. In fact the current capricorn stellium is right on the freedom-revolutionary Sun-Uranus conjunction
in the 1989 Chart for those two unexpected events. Even more destructive is that the eclipse stellium is also opposing Ceres-Jupiter-Chiron all in the 3rd/4th houses of the
Romanian Revolution Chart with Ceres as letting go of communist control and Jupiter the defensive attitude and Chiron the wounds to the populace from these government programs.
What sparked the rioting in 1989 was Nicolae Ceauşescu's draconian austerity program, forcing Romania to liquidate its entire national debt in only a few years. Sound familiar? Could the current polices plunge the population into painful shortages and increasing poverty again? Like down a sinkhole of no return!


Be prepared to translate...
State of Emergency Declared in Romanian Town - Authorities declared a state of emergency in Ocna Mureş in Romania. There are so many sinkholes appearing worldwide as seismic and earth shifts continue daily. Again the effect of Pluto in orb other planets/points
in Capricorn is radical ground shifts.

The second event as a protestor who attempted suicide while the parliament was in session.
Dec. 23, 2010: With Sun-Leo (attention) square Venus in Scorpio(suicide attempt) as a trigger
The Protestor who jumped (Uranian) was "angry at austerity measures" which of course reflects the current Pallas-Sun-N Node-Pluto-Mars all in Capricorn.

Man jumps from balcony of Romania’s parliament
It was always going to be a dramatic day in Romania’s parliament with Emil Boc’s government facing yet another no-confidence vote.
But no-one could have predicted the tragic turn of events that interrupted the prime minister’s speech.
A protest plunge from a TV technician sent shockwaves through the chamber. Angry at austerity measures, the man wore a T-shirt saying “You killed our children’s future.” Media reports said he had lost benefits for his autistic son.