Thursday, December 02, 2010

Arsenic, Bravado and Danger with Mars Square Uranus

Things have been chaotic, explosive, shocking and just plain filled with dangers and accidents. Big Hypes and sensationalized stories have taken over and even though Jupiter-Uranus won't meet again in Pisces till Jan. 4th. - The Sagittarian Squares led by Mars
are having a pyrotechnic effect. While oil and water are beginning to overload the price of oil. Today: Oil rally continues despite discouraging jobs data
What about a ship adrift at dangerous seas>?
Weather improves for disabled ship adrift in Bering Sea!
Published: 12/03/1012:17 pm | Updated: 12/03/10 6:42 pm
Definitely a Mars square at sea:
ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The Coast Guard says a disabled cargo ship carrying canola seeds and thousands of gallons of fuel near Alaska's remote Aleutian Islands has begun moving again on limited engine power.

Forget about Julian Assage and the Wilileaks drama and other distractions.
So very 12 house with hidden enemies exposed, clandestine, intrigues and foreign agens.
GOP resolve dominates the agenda in Congress Whoa, all of
a sudden a party just in power is playing hardball with typical Saturn limitations in the interst of control - Mercury meeting Pluto in Capricorn for sure. In fact they are taking
those on unemployment hostage: GOP fights to preserve tax cuts for the wealthiest taxpayers ...prepared to let unemployment insurance benefits run out for 2 million jobless Americans.

So back to the chart below with Jupiter-Uranus close together in secretive, video, musical
hysterical, risky, speculative where reversals are happening in areas including religion,oil and oceans, sports, law, and transportation.

Just yesterday - BREAKING: Offshore Oil Rig Explodes 20 Miles From New Orleans More about oil rigs and fires in Haifa later.
No the really big story if NASA has their way is:
NASA scientists find bacteria that can live on arsenic So now it gets interesting...
Arsenic relates to Mars in Astrology & on Dec. 3rd, Mars @ 26 degrees 40 minutes will exactly square Uranus - a combination known for surprises and being in Sagittarius there is an enthusiasm for great discoveries. In this case being hailed as
"add deadly arsenic to the six basic elements believed needed for life — carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur and phosphorus. with Sagittarius planets moving thru
TSQ with Juno in tech. oriented Pluto and of course Jupiter-Uranus in watery Pisces.
Today's momentous announcement was centered around a non-conforming bacterium from Mono Lake. Bacteria relates to Pluto the modern ruler of today's Moon-Venus in Scorpio. The much hyped news relates to both hyperbole yet this Jupiterean story will get NASA off the hook once they finally announce the more presence of more complex, intelligent aliens
who have been on Mars and the moons of Saturn along.
Newfound bacterium casts life in a new light
After days of rampant speculation that NASA was on the cusp of revealing it had detected extraterrestrial life, the reality was slightly more down-to-Earth.

Back to the other explosion off the roughly 20 miles south-southeast of New Orleans
News organizations in Lousiana are reporting that three people were injured -- two badly burned -- in an oil rig explosion Wednesday

Sound familiar? Come on it wasn't that long ago that on that fated April 20th evening
(yeah Hitler's birthday) with Mars also in a fire sign, that time Leo that the Deep Water Horizon went up in flames and smoke. Back then we had Mars square Mercury not Uranus
but Saturn was in opposition to Uranus on April 26th a synodic transit known for breaking
limitations and being like a demolition charge to the existing framework. This time
Mars in risk taking Sag. has been a trigger with squares to Jupiter (beliefs in the sign of secrets and secret societies. One of the secrets that has been blown sky high this time as Mercury moves to conjunct Pluto on the New Moon - it is all about the FED
Fed aid in financial crisis went beyond U.S. banks to industry, foreign firms and their blatant arrogance an independence in rushing trillions of dollars in emergency aid not just to Wall Street but others .
Looking below we see the strong restraint and financial signature of Mercury - N Node - Pluto all close to the ascendant in colder Capricorn opposing the S Node
Chart Below - Mars SQ Uranus @ 9:01 AM on 12-3-2010 in DC. Which closely matches the Foundation Chart of the Fed. Reserve. (Dec. 23, 1913) Transiting S Node conjunct Pluto in the 1913 chart bringing up the karma of misuse of power all these years - an bringing massive transformation.