Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mars Burns with Fire and Water as Dimensions Tip Over

Meltdowns and mayhem on all levels are are about to get super-charged as Mars enters Sagittarius @ 11:48 PM PDT on Oct. 27th and 2:48 AM EDT on Oct. 28th.
This fiery horse will be hard to stop and with the Scorpio stellium leading the way into Halloween or is it Samhain - the Celtic Festival and Midpoint between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. Nars the ruler of the two Aries Full Moons will continue to be driver
for the crazy anamolies to follow as we head toward the next Scorpio New Moon on Nov. 6th. Already Debt, deficits, foreclosures along with fraud that won't quit
are in the news since October 12th. Bank of America, JPMorgan Get Texas Subpoenas on Foreclosures - In astrology Banks are connected to Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter is retro. in Pisces still in orb of Uranus and Venus is under sadness retrograde in Scorpio at its fall. Fraud of course relates to Neptune-Pisces and the 12th house. Mars still VOC in Scorpio is in orb of a potent square with Neptune and Chiron..
On the last Full Moon set for DC.
Neptune representing - The Hopes and Fears of the Nation
was Setting when Fomalhaut was Setting orb 00 mins 26 secs -
Ideals and dreams fall into despair - despair for the Tea Party candidates and the democrats who have become demagogues? Yes for the people of Haiit
who have been manipulateed by the Illuminati agenda.
Setting when Algol was Culminating orb 00 mins 47 secs -
Fatal accidents, loss of life - Curtailed passage - We have seen our
share from the accident in Hungary to the abuse in Iraq
Rising when Aldebaran is On Nadir orb 01 mins 12 secs -
Natural disasters - we are starting to see some of the worst heading
toward Nov. 7th and the start of the 7th. Day of the Galactic Underworld.
On Nadir when Vega is Rising orb 01 mins 40 secs -
Propaganda, the incorrect use of a leader's influence, or position

Notice in the chart below set for the Mars ingress in DC. we see a Grand Cardinal Cross grow into a
massive four sided energy spin. Moon near S Node in familial, house oriented Cancer
opposing the political and controlling trio of Capricorn bodies: Pluto (the destoryer/transforming agent) S. Node and Ceres. Saturn now in Libra is crossing them with an opposition to Astraea (goddess of justice) now in fiery Aries. Astraea is also in conjunction withe fixed star Alpheratz (the Heliacal Setting Star of the last Full Moon
on Oct. 22nd.) Alpheratz, is a double star, magnitudes, 2.2 and 11, white and purplish in Andromeda (in the Chained Woman's head) Note that Alpheratz is common to both constellations Andromeda and Pegasus. So the connection to Pegasus is strong and Pegasus (Algenib)forms the eastern side of the Great Square of Pegasus (The Great Square of Pegasus marked by this star Alpheratz, Andromeda, and Markab, Scheat, and Algenib,
Pegasus the flying horse carries the thunderbolts of Zeus. Pegasus, also called Sonipes, 'Noisy-footed', "becoming the Thundering Horse of Jove that carried the divine lightning"

How it Will Happen: Earthquakes, Strangelets and Black Holes.
Heading toward the New Moon Tipping Point Event as Cliff High of Web bots says:
The planned ‘fire off’ of the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on November 9th has sparked a flurry of concern globally that ‘strangelets’ could be produced. Not only those in the wo-jo are expressing fear language about this latest LJC threat. Many thinking humans on the planet are into deep 'HMMMMMMMM!' mode as the officialdom minions announce the LHC latest 'torch date'.

Whether or not the mainstream media wants to cover it, we in the midst of intense earthquake, volcanic and weather catastrophes. Monday's massive 7.7 Magnitude quake with multiple aftershocks in the KEPULAUAN MENTAWAI REGION, INDONESIA was a warning. The Tsunami that followed was devastating as was the eruption of Mt. Merapi.
Looking ahead we see that CERN's Large Hadron Collider
he creation of strange liquid, already produced in the first experiments, (Kaons at the LHC, hyperons at RHIC) could also provoke explosions in the magma. If stable, it will leak in increasing quantities to the center of the Earth. Some of it will remain in the center, forming the seed of a strangelet. Some will accrete and/or explode in the mantle, in highly energetic, tiny bombs.