Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Libra New Moon Pt. One - Partners on Circular Paths of Change

There are so many elements to discuss with tomorrow's Libra new moon that it is best to stick to the basics first. Libra loves to please and loves to be a lover
having a partner.
Sweet charming, elegant a conversationalist who is his or her own personal social network.
Tomorrow's Moon-Sun are @ 14 degrees 23 minutes Libra with the Sabian Symbol: "Circular Paths" or "The hurdy gurdy man with a trained monkey in a red cap juggling three balls in the air." This is the same degree as Chevy Chase's Sun constantly balancing and multitasking
with agility and skill. This image has a light hearted note.
Libra, libra and more libra means social media where
New Facebook tools invite users to stay longer
Yeah the mutual reception between Neptune-Uranus has moved to a diffrent dimension with
Neptune now traveling with Chiron in Aquarius in reception to Jupiter-Uranus retr. traveling together in Pisces sign of cameras and video.

Of course with Mercury applying to a conjunction with Saturn (serious art and fashion) this is a time for serious, careful negotiations and patience. Authority figures are pulling strings while transportation is complicated to say the least.
Another factor of this whole relatedness theme is that Mars-Venus in super passionate but obsessive Scorpio are at the top of the chart fueling the energies of the 8th house where
Juno is sitting. Mars and Venus have been traveling together since Libra days and now in Scorpio, Sex takes the center stage along with death or even the two combine.
News of bullying others about their sexual orientation takes over while the horrible STD experimentations in Guatemala hit the MSM and are still creating reprocussions.
Of course with Mars-Venus in orb of a square to Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius we are talking
about group wounds that need healing now.

Also Mars-Venus in Scorpio deal with personal power and athleticism and with trines to
Uranus-Jupiter can produce with rare sporting achievements.
Like tonight's no-hitter as Phillies' Roy Halladay Joins Larsen With Postseason No-Hitter

With Capricorn rising in the
Chart Set for DC @ 2:44 PM EDT in DC. politics will be damn serious since Saturn this chart's ruler is in the 9th like Mercury influences from foreign powers will predominate.

Pallas enters Sagittarius right before the New Moon @ 10:10:47 AM EDT
Expanding the power of the larger overview, big picture, clear imagery, universal principles and even spiritual crusades. Pallas in Sagittarius is about legend/myth to be renewed.
Tall tales of alien visitations and Comet's like Hartley entering our solar system
as omens relate to these energies.
As Jim Hendrix, who had Mercury-Sun in Sagittarius said: "You can't believe everything
you see and hear, can you?"
Per example the massive amounts of UFO sightings leading up to this lunation like the
sighting (Sagittarius - I see) in Inner Mongolia - the 8th reported UFO sighting in China since June.

Keep in mind that during this New Moon, the other ruler of Libra Juno also shifted from fixed Leo into more mutable Virgo and is square Pallas. So there is a conflict between the need for perfection and being overly critical with the desire for need to expand one's horizons. Juno is not just about the rleatedness principle, sex and power but about
the weather and storms. With both of these asteroids making an ingress into the mutable triplicity to TSQ the current transit of Jupiter-Uranus in wet Pisces expect some real
crazy storms.
Floods, Crazy Weather, Danger and More with Fixed Stars
Plus with Scheat as the Heliacal Setting Star over DC and Aldebaran rising with Neptune
the potential for danger & loss through floods storms shipwreck or drowning.
To make matters worse Algol is culminating as the Moon is Setting orb 01 mins 03 secs -
Plagued by personal tragedies, one's own, or other people's - Curtailed passage
Neptune is also Setting when Algol is Culminating orb 01 mins 48 secs -
Fatal accidents, loss of life - Curtailed passage
Scheat of course has been prominent with Jupiter-Uranus in the latter degrees of Pisces is found in the constellation Pegasus. Scheat is a deep yellow star on the leg of the Winged Horse. Scheat also deals with technological breakthroughs
At birth Pegasus sprang forth from the bloody neck of the Gorgon Medusa (Algol) when she was beheaded by the hero Perseus

Denebola is also culminating with Jupiter on the Nadir and can relate to danger when traveling overseas.