Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chaos and Convergence Thrive during the Aries Full Moon Part Two

Since the last Libra New Moon on Oct. 7th. a effort to balance and unbalance aeons of injustice, anger compounded by austerities with Pluto in hard angles is leading to tipping point...
Mars and Venus have been in the sign of death, deficits, taxes, sex and total transformation Scorpio. Yesterday, October 20th, Mercury representing our mindset made an ingress into Scorpio.
Speaking of death we see this horrendous story out of the poorest nation in the West Indies: Haiti says 138 dead in suspected cholera outbreak.
Oct 21 (Reuters) - Nearly 140 people have died in central Haiti in an outbreak of severe diarrhea that Haitian health officials suspect is cholera, the government and U.N. officials said on Thursday.

The story of the French challenging and reacting to authorities has hit every news outlet
with stories like: French rioters rage through Paris suburb. PARIS - Rioters are rampaging through a Paris suburb, breaking shop windows and hurling stones at police.
Looking at the BiWheel Chart below we see the inner chart set for the start of the Fifth
Republic which came into existence on Oct. 5, 1958 @ 0:00 AM when the constitution was published. Notice how tomorrow's Full Moon around the outer wheel gathers Libran energies
around the 5th house or folklore of the nation. The chart for the 5th Republic has the Moon @ 28 degrees Gemini in a close square to Uranus-Jupiter in Pisces (representing populist protests and uprisings).
A Video of Clashes in Lyon Over French Pensions demonstrates how protesters are showing their anger with Saturn like restrictions. The wave of protests — which drew at least one million people on Tuesday or 3.5 million according to unions — has become the biggest and most persistent challenge to austerity measures and economic reforms being enacted across Europe.

Below is a chart set for the Full Moon in San Francisco for 6:37 PM PDT
Taurus rising @ 6 Taurus 21 minutes - The Sabian for 7 degrees Taurus = "A woman of Samaria come to draw water from the well. " will relief come from the spiritual waters?
With fixed earth Taurus rising and Moon in last degree of Aries near the ascendant
all opposing Sun-Mercury-Vesta and Venus in the 7th the tectonic plates are just part
of this shifting geo-cosmic arena.
6.9 Earthquake Hits Gulf of California, Northern Mexico The USGS lowered the magnitude to 6.7 but the aftershocks are
still hitting.

Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn- spies and detectives running down hallways
loaded with security. Secret and covert agendas threaten privacy.
Every email and website to be stored
Every email, phone call and website visit is to be recorded and stored after the Coalition Government revived controversial Big Brother snooping plans.