Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Aries Full Moon - The Climax Part One

The second Full Moon in Aries in less than 30 days occurs on Friday October 22nd. The first Moon of primal, cardinal first happened on Sept. 23rd.
for a Super Harvest Moon correlating with an opposition to the Fall Equinox Sun and Saturn in Libra. Court rulings and legal disputes (per Libra transits) have dominated since then from the striking down of the Don't Ask Don't Tell ruling. Judge Refuses to Suspend Ruling Barring 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' This ruling deals with the entrance of young men and womens into the military (an Aries phenomena) while the Gay issue reflects with current Jupiter-Uranus transits in Pisces both being retrograde and trine Mars now in Scorpio.

Looking at the chart below set for Washington DC @ 9:37 PM EDT
Gemini is rising @ the 29th or Anaretic Degree aka the Karmic Degree and the ruler Mercury
is newly arrived in Scorpio. In fact the Moon also in the 29th degree is opposing Mercury
still in orb of the Libra Sun. While another pair: Saturn-Hygeia opposes Astraea the Goddess of Justice now retrograde in cardinal Aries.


Full Moon Super Typhoon Megi
This Full Moon even has it's own storm - a super Typhoon called Megi. The name "Megi" means "catfish" in the Korean language. This is the first typhoon of 2010 in the Pacific Basin to achieve "Super Typhoon" status, and the first in the Western Pacific since Nida in 2009...The news today is that Typhoon Megi regains strength as it targets South China. After killing at least 10 people in the Philippines was regaining its strength from the warm waters of the South China Sea on Wednesday and heading for the China coast east of Hong Kong. Megi was first spotted on Oct. 13th around the time of the First Qtr. Moon when the Cappy Moon met Pluto-N Node and Ceres all in TSQ to S Node in Cancer and Saturn-Mercury-Sun all in Libra.

From the New Madrid to the Gulf of California Rift Zone - Seismic Shifts into the Full Moon
This Full Moon will have it's own Earthquake Swarms and major tremors too.
A Chart set for the West Coast has Taurus rising with the Moon near the Ascendant
On Oct. 11, 2010: There is no question that this increase in quakes has the New Madrid and other faults waking up outside of Guy, Arkansas
Updated: 48 earthquakes rock Faulkner County
Happening now on Tuesday October 19th. a series of strong quakes are hitting the
Gulf of California as we view a Map Centered at 27°N, 110°W
Rumbling along the The Guaymas Fault which is a major right lateral-moving transform fault which runs along the seabed of the Gulf of California. It is an integral part of the Gulf of California Rift Zone, the northern extremity of the East Pacific Rise. Gulf of California Rift Zone (GCRZ)extends some 1300 km from the mouth of the Gulf of California to the southern terminus of the San Andreas Fault at the Salton Sink.
MAP 4.2 2010/10/20 05:51:22 24.353 -109.110 10.7 122 km ( 76 mi) E of La Paz, Mexico
MAP 4.7 2010/10/20 04:30:38 24.282 -109.266 10.0 106 km ( 66 mi) E of La Paz, Mexico
MAP 5.5 2010/10/20 04:15:37 24.532 -109.104 10.0 128 km ( 79 mi) ENE of La Paz, Mexico
MAP 5.7 2010/10/20 04:09:44 24.612 -109.061 14.4 122 km ( 76 mi) SSW of Guasave, Mexico
MAP 4.7 2010/10/20 03:39:29 24.764 -108.864 8.1 98 km ( 61 mi) SSW of Guasave, Mexico