Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Stars Aligned for the SF. Giants Especially Mars

Giants Win First World Series for San Francisco

ARLINGTON, Tex. — The Giants bolted New York for San Francisco 53 long years ago, back when the Red Sox were cursed, the White Sox were, too, and a Florida Marlin was a fish, not an athlete wearing teal and black.

Nov. 2, 2010: The stars were aligned for the Giants last night. Every thing has been in their favor since the last New Moon in Aries (Oct. 22nd)
Keep in mind that Mars relates to baseball and the SF Giants based on the April 15, 1958
are Mars ruled.
They won the National League Pennant on Oct. 23rd. by beating the Phillies

Transiting Moon in Aries and Neptune and Chiron all in positive aspect to the SF Giants Foundation Chart April 15, 1958

Sun-Mercury in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius in 1958 Chart.
Baseball relates to Mars and the last Full Moon in Aries also
had a Scorpio Stellium of Mars-Venus-Vesta-Mercury and Sun @ 29 Libra 32

Check out the Bi-Wheel Chart with the Foundation Chart when the Giants first played at
Seal Stadium in 1958 in the center.

Looking ahead into 2011 with Jupiter and Uranus changing signs into Aries, we may
see a San Francisco Baseball Dynasty developing