Thursday, September 30, 2010

From Ecuador to Scottys Castle Shifts of Power

The news from QUITO, Ecuador began hitting the wires around 7:52 pm ET that protest turned into a Coup D'état attempt.
Ecuador's President Rafael Correa declared a state of emergency Sept. 30 as the National Police launched a rebellion over austerity measures that cut their benefit
Other websites closer to the action on the ground like Al Giordano's Narco News were
bringing up the specte of the Honduran Coup.
Coup Attempt in Ecuador Is a Result of Sec. Clinton's Cowardice in Honduras

Today with early morning squares to Jupiter-Uranus in mutable Pisces
transiting the Ecuador Independence Charts set for Oct. 9, 1820 when independence from
Spain was declared. So today Vesta-Sun-Saturn-Hygiea all in the sign of the scales
demanding justice. So the transitng Libra bodies are applying to conjunctions with Ecuador's natal (10-9-1820) Ceres-Pallas-Sun-Mercury all in Libra - so the energies of reconciling opposites was strong. Plus transiting in compulsive intensity Mars-Venus in Scorpio are in close conjunction with Independence Chart's Mars-Moon volatile combo in the sign of the Scorpion . To add insult to the democratically elected Correa's position was transiting Jup-Uranus opposing Mercury triggering the N Node-Pluto combo in the sign of the underdog and victim Pisces.

Chaos envelops Ecuador when the ongoing aspect of protest, Mercury opposition to Jupiter-Uranus is set off by the late degrees of the Gemini Moon. Confusing reports and downright rumors are broadcast. Yet with the aftermath of the first Aries Full Moon @ 0 degrees 14 minutes Aries set off by the Moon heading into Cancer to TSQ Saturn-Pluto
when takeovers are pushed.

So what about Scotty's Castle, where a swarm of quakes began yesterday.
Scotty's Castle located on the calif. Nevada border is actually a two-story Mission Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival style Villa. This Map Centered at 37°N, 117°W has constant shaking starting with a 4.4 Magnitude temblor at 1:37:35 AM PDT at an epicenter 12 km ( 8 mi) NNW of Scottys Castle, CA.
The castle is located in the Grapevine Mountains of northern Death Valley in Death Valley National Park, California, U.S.. It is also known as Death Valley Ranch.

From Narco News bringing in Hillary Clinton (born Oct. 26, 1947) and her Mars-Pluto natal power-elite conjunction in Leo dealing with the passionate mars-venus transit in her native scorpio. That same natal conj. is natrally her natal Venus-Chiron all relate
to the June 28, 2009 Military Coup in Honduras when president
Narco News
" do you know why this is even happening? Because the same unholy alliance of Latin American oligarchs who can't stomach the rising wave of democracy in their countries - from the ex-Cubans of Miami to the ex-Venezuelans and others who have joined them in recent years - along with international crime organizations seeking new refuges and members of extreme rightist groups in the United States and elsewhere, saw their scheme work in 2009 in Honduras and took note of how quickly, after US President Barack Obama denounced the Honduras coup, his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton began playing both sides of it."

As we gear up for the Libra New Moon on Oct. 7th @ 2:44 PM EDT with Vesta-Sun-Moon-Saturn-Mercury all crossing the Ecuador Independence Chart the ramifications of this failed Coup
are just beginning.
– since the vitrolic protest of the police plunged this small South American nation into chaos Thursday, roughing up and tear-gassing the president, shutting down airports and blocking highways in a nationwide strike.