Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Aftermath of an Explosive New Moon

Last night I mentioned some Fixed Stars that are known to correlate with wild weather, accidents, fires, floods and quakes. But also with two benefics: Venus into Scorpio and Jupiter retrograde back into Pisces Not only a new moon but a change of emotional sentiment with these two changing into water sighs. First Venus will sextile Pluto
just as Mercury is coming close to a trine with Pluto. Pluto is known for intelligence- gathering operations, secret matters and results of investigations. In case you didn't
know this might be a bit unnerving. CoastToCoast AM = AF ISR Agency Welcome to the real world of information control.

The number one Conspiracy radio program in the world is owned by an Intelligence agency. It is part the Skywave program. CoastToCoastAm is identified with the designation CCCIA. The owner and founder of Clear Channel Communications was an Air Force Officer and the entire organization is filled with Intel types. You never hear Art Bell or George Noory talk about who owns the company. Clear Channel Communications has several patents for digital audio backmasking(subliminal) and one acoustic vectoring application licensed to (DARPA) used by HAARP.

Perhaps SCHEAT now near Uranus and Jupiter was the most likely star crossed forces per catastrophes caused by the weather, airplane accidents and shipwrecks.
Already we have had recent news of triple tornadoes in the Dallas area late this afternoon spotted around 5:20 PM CDT

September 8, 2010: These New Moon tornadoes were spotted around 5:20 PM CDT with Aquarius Rising closely
square Venus newly arrived in Scorpio and Mars in the later degrees of Libra.

and the modern ruler Uranus opposing the Moon and Sun in Virgo
and the ancient ruler Saturn in the disastrous 8th house
leading a Virgo Stellium

At Least Three Tornadoes Hit Dallas

Tornado narrowly misses downtown Dallas after day of floods

At least three tornadoes struck Dallas County, with two in neighboring counties today. Check out this video. Here’s more video. Roofs were blown off and a semi was slammed into a wall. Weak to moderate tornadoes often occur on the east half of tropical depressions that are the remnants of hurricanes (remember the small tornado near Paw Paw related to “Ike”. Also wind gusts hit 65 mph. A semi was blown off the road north of the border in Oklahoma. Up to 10″ of rain has fallen from Austin up to Dallas, causing significant flooding. Georgetown had 13.2″ of rain and Cedar Park had 12.9″. Over 11″ fell in Austin. There was one unconfirmed report of 15″ of rain over 48 hours. One fatality was reported when a car was washed off a road.

September 8, 2010: The excitement continued into the evening reflected by the New Moon
impending oppositions with both Uranus and Jupiter. The chart set for 11:30 PM UT has
Cancer rising with S Node on the Ascendant and Moon ruler of the Cancer rising chart right on the IC near Mercury and the Sun with Uranus-Jupiter in the 10th ... for maximum explosive power considering that Saturn-Vesta-Mars-Venus are also in a crowded 4th house and angular.
C Class Flare from the Sun Misses Earth

During the late hours of Sept. 8th, just as a sunspot 1105 was turning away from Earth, the active region erupted, producing a long-duration C3-class solar flare (peak @ 2330 UT) and a fantastic prominence. Here is a snapshot from the Solar Dynamics Observatory:

The eruption also hurled a bright coronal mass ejection (CME) into space: SOHO movie. The expanding cloud is heading into a part of the solar system not currently occupied by any planet--it's going to miss everything, including Earth. If such a CME did hit Earth's magnetic field, it would probably trigger strong geomagnetic storms. Maybe next time...

September 8, 2010: Another result of these powerful configurations of Sun-Moon opposing Jupiter-Uranus is ground currents in excess of last night
as the Sun continues to explode.
GROUND CURRENTS IN NORWAY: Rob Stammes operates a geomagnetic observatory in Lofoten, Norway, and he is measuring strong ground currents on Sept. 8th: "Magnetic activity began around 15.00 UT," says Stammes. "The ground currents are much stronger than last night when the auroras were bright. If this continues, we might see an even better display this evening."
According to Stammes:
Magnetic strong activity today from 15.00 UT as an induced ground current on my instruments.Much stronger then last night with beautiful auroras.Hopeful this activity will continue this evening.

Other strong currents have been building with the proposed Koran building on Saturday 0=9-11-2010 (these are the same numbers minus the zeros as 9-11-2001!
Also another aspect of Venus now in vindictive Scorpio known for vengenance and in sextile to Pluto in Capricorn.

FBI Says Retaliation for Koran Burning 'Likely'
Setting up for another obvious False Flag?
The FBI is concerned that Islamic extremists might attack and retaliate at this Saturday's Koran burning planned by radical Florida pastor Terry Jones, ABC News has learned.
They go on to say: "While the FBI has no information to indicate a specific attack has been planned against the United States or U.S. assets in response to the 'International Burn a Koran Day' event, the FBI assesses with high confidence extremist actors will continue to threaten or attempt to harm the leaders, organizers, or attendees the event," an FBI intelligence bulletin notes.
In my blog last night enumerating certain difficult fixed stars like Algol , I wrote
concerning: Pluto - The Crises or the Changes that Occur during this time
Pluto is thus Culminating when Algol is Rising which may relate to assassinations or efforts to kill one's enemies...