Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Virgo New Moon 8 -9-10 Stars of Catastrophes and Natural Disasters

Hubble Spies an Amazing Cosmic Spiral
he Hubble Space Telescope’s Advanced Camera for Surveys has captured a remarkable image of a spiral in space. I would say as perfect as can be formed and despite the next sentence bearing close resemblance to the image of the December 2009 - Norway Spiral.
No, not a spiral galaxy, (and not another Norway Spiral!) but the formation of an unusual pre-planetary nebula in one of the most perfect geometrical spirals ever seen. The nebula, called IRAS 23166+1655, is forming around the star LL Pegasi (also known as AFGL 3068) in the constellation of Pegasus.

Tomorrow's New Moon is a type of SuperMoon where Luna is in Perigee or a distance of closest approach to the earth. Since the sign is Virgo, you might want to check out a table provided by Richard Nolle which details all the SuperMoons both new and full moons from the year 2,000 to 2100.
During this lunation where the dualistic side of Virgo might show a well organized face
where inwardly and deep within the infrastructure everyting is breaking down.
On a mundane side with Mars-Venus together in Libra followed by Vesta all in the 2nd house of values. The 2nd house signifies money markets, banks and financial institutions, investments, national wealth and values and
represents the conditions of supply and demand. So this passionate pari in balancing Libra are trine Neptune/Chiron in the natural 6th house of Virgo. The sixth house of course relates to public health, sanitation, food, national service, army, navy, police, and the working class. With this much Virgo, the healing of national wounds around 6th House matters like workers, the laboring classes, unions, labor organizations, wage conditions, employment and unemployment becomes unavoidable.

This Virgo Moon is wittingly complex or is that fittingly over analytical as Sun-Moon join
and are forced to integrate the right brain part of nature via certain Fixed stars both in aspect and paran. Since Uranus went back into Pisces on August 13th. the fixed star SCHEAT
has been in close aspect with SCHEAT @ 29 degrees and 32 mintutes. SCHEAT continues close to both Uranus and Jupiter during tomorrow's luantion.
Since Fixed stars travel due to precession at a rate of less than one minute per year, so they need seventy-two years to move slightly more than one degree of arc. SCHEAT relates to catastrophes caused by the weather, airplane accidents and shipwrecks. By August 21st. heading towards the Pisces Full Moon, there had already been two waves floofing in Pakistan causing major tragedy along with Major floods on China-North Korea border.
Around that time on August 19th we heard that Bolivia followed Russia declaring emergency over giant forest fires.

Menkar was prominent at the time of the Leo New Moon
on Aug. 9th and relates to large fires. Speaking of fires that were raging in both
Colorado and Detroit - Downed power wires blamed in some Detroit fires In Detroit: "High winds were causing dead limbs to fall from trees, knocking down the wires which have been igniting, Varnas said."

On August 9th. Alderamin was also culminating with the Sun-Moon and relates to large earthquakes. Speaking of quakes on August 10th VANUATU had a nummer of aftershocks after the 7.3 mega quake on Tues. Aug. 10th at 04:23:46 PM at epicenter
I would be remiss to say that within a week of this New Moon another 7.0 or greater quake will occur. Recently this article talking about the 2010 Earthquake Frequency Graphic to show that since 2009, We’ve gone from a couple Mag 7 earthquakes every other month to 2-3 per month. Others are predicting that this September there will be at least three Mag 7+ quakes. Even saying that before the end of the year, not a week will go by without a Mag 7+ quake. No question that the potential is
seeded in this new moon.

Suffice to say stars like Thuban which relates to poisoning of rivers and the air with be conjunct Mercury, covering up environmental damage won't work no matter which agency spouts off. Thuban, is a pale yellow star in the constellation Draco the Dragon.
Since Thuban is rising with Mercury, it could represent prospectors or protectors of gold and silver. Thuban could also indicate the money managers (this might include accountants, clerical workers, cashiers etc. )

So let's get on with it: Fixed Stars in Paran for the New Moon over DC @ 6:30 AM EDT
The HELIACAL RISING STAR is Alphard a an orange star in the neck of the constellation Hydra or Water snake. signifying living on the edge amid intense emotional encounters. Alfard is also prominentently linked to accidents @ around 27LEO28 and according to Robson:When rising can cause trouble, anxiety and loss in connection with estates and building
The HELIACAL SETTING STAR Sadalmelik seems more benign.
Sadalmelik, is a third magnitude pale yellow star on the right shoulder of the constellation Aquarius 1° south of the celestial equator.

MARKAB from Pegasus is important during this lunation culminating with the Sun on the nadir which relates to highly energetic forces, that are unlucky, impermanent involving martial honors and disappointed ambitions - sounds like Petraeus in Afghanistan.
When we look at the background themes for the last several months we find
Uranus is setting with Markab - relating to large mass off public opinion, Public expectations. Markab, is a white star on the wing of the Winged Horse - Pegasus.
Markab is Arabs' word for a Saddle, Ship, or Vehicle,— anything ridden upon and shows up
consistently regarding accidents or injuries. Markab also augurs danger from cuts, blows, stabs and fire...

Another important legend involving Pegasus: Pegasus was born from the blood of Medusa (see Algol) after Perseus had cut off her head, and was after wards tamed and ridden by Bellerophon. Going deeper into this legend and the The Pegasus Syndrome, which is reflected by the legends of Perseus and Bellerophon. This syndrome is concerned with the innate ability possessed by some people to negotiate difficulties by rising above them, on the one hand, and the danger of overreaching themselves, on the other. Pegasus, by birth, is the child of Medusa and Neptune, symbols of 'wisdom' and 'emotion,' respectively, which shows the dichotomy of his nature. As in the story, Bellerophon attempted to fly to Olympus (overreach his potential). He believed that Pegasus was subject to his will. However, it was Pegasus who made it to Olympus, while Bellerophon was tossed back to earth, lame and reproached by others.

Algol again...
Remember too that Pluto - The Crises or the Changes that Occur during this time
Pluto is thus Culminating when Algol is Rising which may relate to assassinations or efforts to kill one's enemies - something like the CIA hit list or maybe something like the Webots predicted where the famous began meeting mysterious deaths.
Jupiter is also On Nadir when Algol is setting and
Jupiter is also Rising when Algol is Rising which is more about confronting evil and voicing what others are afraid to say!
yes we have already seen the effect the most evil star in the heavens (per Robson)
Algol also relates to major meteorological phenomena...

Deneb Adige, is a brilliant white star in the tail of the Swan is also rising as the sun
is culminating. Being in curtailed passage it will last a while giving way to images of
a Black Swan event. Manilus poetically speaks of the astrological influences of the constellation Cygnus "In its own person the Swan hides a god (as being in the disguise of Jupiter) and the voice belonging to it; it is more than a bird and mutters to itself within"

Pairs and Skeptics.

I mentioned yesterday about some of the retrograde pairs that will interact with tomorrow's new moon in Virgo. The left-brain skeptics may seem bolstered but they will meet challenges as this article by Amitakh Standord entitled Error in Rigour says: Under the “rule of science”, anything that is supernatural or metaphysical is often scoffed at or outright scorned. The scientific rulers have encouraged skeptics to belittle various phenomena, such as: UFO sightings, alien encounters, religious experiences, spirit communications, ghosts, astral beings,
Tomorrow's new moon with the retrograde motion of Jupiter into Pisces and Venus direct into Scorpio opens up decidedingly more dimensions as science only provides technology but also unsubstantiated theories which should not be treated as religious beliefs

Passion and Debt Go into High Gear

There is another pair which up until September 8th @ 8:45 AM PDT will both be in cardinal Libra - Venus ruler of the scales (along with Juno) enters Scorpio.
Mars enters the sign of the Scorpion on Sept. 14th joining his sexy partner.
Be aware that Venus stations retrograde on October 8th @ 13 Scorpio 13 with the Sabian Symbol for 14 degrees: "Telephone linemen at work after a tornado, one taps into a line to request more cable, while the other taps into his girlfriend's line. "
Yes Venus will station retro. next to Mars in Scorpio expect both intense, passionate and obsessive behavior in all kinds of areas. From the financial side this retrograde period with Pluto direct (as of Sept. 13th) will put an even bigger spotlight on worldwide debt.
With this pair together in Scorpio, the chance of huge market crash is particularly troubling or at least a 20% drop on the DOW and S&P. Of course with this super complex Virgo Moon opening all kinds of doors to the Equinox on September 22nd and Aries Full Moon on September 23rd. hitting those resonant frequencies of the Cardinal Climax again - a major tipping point is inevitable.