Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get Ready for an Aries Full Moon - Spontaneous Eruptions of Fire and Justice

Before we talk about the next Full Moon in high-energy Aries on Sept. 23rd. let's look at how the tensions are building exponentially since the last New Moon in Virgo on Sept. 8th. On the day of the First Qtr. Moon in mutable fire, Sagittarius, I wrote this
about the volcano below.

September 15, 2010: When both volcanoes erupted around 7:19 AM CST.
Libra was rising with an opposition to Astraea in Aries
with chart's rulers Venus in first house near Mars in Scorpio and Juno in Leo opposing Neptune/Chiron
while the Moon was TSQ Hygea (Virgo) and Uranus-Jupiter (Pisces)
a build up of massive energies that needed to vent!
Turrialba and Poás Volcanoes In Simultaneous Eruptions- Costa Rica
The Turrialba and Poás volcanoes put on a simultaneous show early Tuesday morning when, in almost concerted action, both spewed out smoke during an eruption.

Jupiter's Close Encounter
Besides an Incredible Heliocentric Alignment on the Sept. 23rd. Full Moon.
We will have our Closest Encounter with Jupiter until 2022
The night of closest approach is Sept. 20-21st. This is also called "the night of opposition" because Jupiter will be opposite the sun, rising at sunset and soaring overhead at midnight. Among all denizens of the midnight sky, only the Moon itself will be brighter. WOW
The Sun-Jupiter opposition occurs exactly on Sept. 21st @ 4:36 AM
and happens right before the Sun-Uranus oppositon and could mean everything from expansionism to meglomania on the social side
More and more predictions are coming in about the potential for major earth changes
since the Sun will be heliocentrically opposing the Moon-Earth-Jupiter-Uranus-Venus.
The Fall Equinox occurs at 8:09 PM on the evening of Sept.22nd. @ 8:09 PM

Let me put it this way just looking at the chart below with Aries at 20 degrees Mid-Heaven conjunct Astrea we get the feeling that somebody is going to throw down for their dedicated beliefs. . Sabian Symbol for 21 Aries: "A pugilist entering the ring."
Fight club again shaking the system especially with Mars ruler of Aries ready to unleash the stinger or dagger is square the dramatic Leo ascendant. Whether the Full Moon chart is set for Washington D.C. or Gaza their is a grand fire trine with Juno ruler of Libra (legal justice) opposing Neptune-Chiron opening collective and personal wounds.

In Greek mythology, the Goddess Astrea relates to controversial legislations and ballot initiatives like A.B. 32 have California Bracing for Showdown on Emissions
Proposition 23 would mandate the slashing of carbon and other greenhouse emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, by forcing power companies and industries to cap their emissions and by slashing carbon in gasoline
to suspend a milestone California law curbing greenhouse gas emissions. These situations also reflect the coming Mars sextile Pluto when extremists and power-players attempt bold
So in English, Astrea means "star-maiden" and was a daughter of Zeus and Themis or of Eos and Astraeus. She and her mother were both personifications of justice, though Astræa was also associated with innocence and purity. Astræa, the celestial virgin, was the last of the immortals to live with humans during the sagacious Bronze Age. She was repulsed by human greed and wickedness of humanity, to ascende to heaven to become the constellation Virgo