Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sharon May Come Out of His Coma - The Reptile Awakes

Sharon "the Bulldozer" to Regain Consciousness
Sharon, nicknamed "The Bulldozer" for his preference for clearing Palestinians off their land, has one of the most extensive and brutal records of war crimes, spanning more than 50 years. To Palestinians, Sharon represents massacres at refugee camps, bulldozed homes, and a complete disregard for the rights and lives of Arabs in the region.
Sharon is righly called by some a war criminal and even chief reptillian by some is still the former Prime Minister. Just a quick bit of recent history where Rachel Corrie, Nuha Sweidan became mortal causualties of Israeli War Crimes. There deaths are the product of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's escalation of Israeli Army assaults on Palestinian population centers following his re-election on January 28, 2003

Close to four years after suffering a massive hemorrhagic stroke, Dov Weisglass, who served as bureau chief to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, told Israel Radio’s Reshet Bet on Thursday that the former prime minister’s medical team indicates he may emerge from his coma, soon.

Not really explaining his words, Weisglass exhibited a measure of optimism, seemingly confident the former war hero, prime minister and architect of the Disengagement Plan will awaken from his coma. He did not address earlier reports that Sharon sustained profound neurological compromise as a result of massive cranial bleeding from the stroke(s).

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Ariel Sharon (born Feb 27, 1928) with natal 13 Aries rising and Uranus @ 1 Aries 54 in orb of Natal Jupiter @ 7 degrees. It is no surprise that transiting Pluto in 1 degree Capricorn Opposing Saturn are Square Sharon's planet of the unexpected, sometimes known as the great awakener. The chart below is only a starting point
Cardinal Angles are making this a tense story especially with the transiting Pallas-Venus in Libra creating political intrigue. Even conflicting reports and divisive testimony is involved. Doctors at Sheba Hospital, where he has been hospitalized for over three years, said afterwards there were no such indications. So his doctors are contradicting Dov Weisglass, yet Other reports have said that Sharon’s eyes are often open, and it is hard to know whether he understands what is being said to him.

The planet of consciousness will ingress into Scorpio on October 28th and make an exact square to Sharon's wounded healer Chiron in acquisitive Taurus on October 30th - the world should know the truth by then.
Now that transiting Mars has ingressed into Leo, the military ghost of Sharon is aroused - He was applauded in 1973 for directing Israeli troops across the Suez Canal to encircle and trap Egyptian forces, turning the course of the Yom Kippur war. In October 1973, he was the Founder of an Army Special Commando unit for retaliatory operations (terrorism.)
Now that Mars is much more aggressive and stimulating in Leo with a Trine to his natal Uranus and still in an off sign oppositon to his natal Mars @ 29 Capricorn 13.
Yes with Mars not only @ the 29th degree where issues around agression, competition and assertiveness have been prominent in his life - like learning to keep his aggressions in check. No doubt having Mars in the Anaretic Degree or Karmic degree has had a profound effect on his career.

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