Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Saturn Moves into Libra Pt.One - Karma is Here

SATURN INGRESS IN DC (October 29th 2009 @ 1:09:02 PM)

I am writing this blog with Catherine Austin Fitts on the radio talking about the Financial Coup d Etat which actualy begin in 2001 when that 4 Trillion Dollars went missing around 9/11. In 2001 we had Saturn Opposing Pluto and things were cooking for this Coup. Last year we hit the crisis point (Full Moon September 15,2008)
when Saturn was applying to an opposition to Uranus. NOW with Saturn moving out of mutable Virgo and the middle of the wheel into Libra and the 3rd. Quadrant I wonder what will happen as Saturn
moves closer to a SQ with Pluto....Already as Catherine says: "with bailouts approaching $12-14 trillion and counting (See Bailout Mo’ Money), I said that the importance of this question continued to grow. With the laws related to public and private financial management treated by insiders as mostly irrelevant, the global financial coup d’ etat underway was becoming more apparent."

This shit is about to hit a gridlock as Saturn moves into an exalted position dealing with the scales and yes KARMA - Karma in Sanskirt means: "act, action, performance" and
results in entire cycle of cause and effect. Now that we are moving into the Waning SQ
where cardinal signs are involved expect a movement toward equilibrium...

According to Catherine long before TARP, the elite planning brought us:

* Engineered a fraudulent housing and debt bubble;
* Illegally shifted vast amounts of capital out of the U.S.;
* Used “privitization” as a form of piracy - a pretext to move government assets to private investors at below-market prices and then shift private liabilities back to government at no cost to the private liability holder.
We are reaping the results of all these actions (Saturn in the sign of forced equilibrium-Libra) in an impactful
and forceful square to Pluto in conservative Capricorn.

Catherine says: I said that the big question for 2008 was the same one I have been asking since $4 trillion went missing from the US government: “Where is the money?”
Catherine who is born a Capricorn knows the in and outs of the financial world - yes she know with which she speaks:
"More and more Americans have indeed begun to face the seriousness of our situation. We see the violence implicit in proposed policies such as mandatory vaccines or efforts to fundamentally alter the doctor/patient relationship. We see the violence explicit in the escalation of global warfare as we continue to look to the military to keep the dollar high."

Yes the time if finally here, Saturn is moving into a cardinal Sign, Libra and yes there
is a conflict here since Saturn tends to signify the
Capricorn Archetype. What are we going to expect especially with Pluto now in Capricorn
a financial meltdown is do but with the blatant manipulation going down anything is possible.

So lets review
With Saturn we are talking about Structure of all kinds even the most primal archetypes dealing with parents 4th/10th polarity - mother and father. With the nodes in Capricorn/Cancer triggering fated situations involving mother-father-children and destiny.
show us where there may be issues with the father.
In many
circumstances Saturn seems to correspond with painful circumstances which
appear not to be connected with any weakness or flaw on the part of the
person himself but which merely “happen,” thereby earning the planet the
title, “Lord of Karma.”

Yet when we are talking about Libra (Venus-Juno rulers) it is a different thing than
Cappy. Libra relates to the myth of Venus/Aprodite the Goddess of love and beauty and sexual desire vs. the Great God Pan. Pan was one of the satyrs, half-human and half-goat. One ancient myth has Pan, fleeing from the beast Typhon, jumping into a river just as he was transformed into a fish.
Libra's keywords are gracious, charming, indecisive, aesthetic, peaceful, compromising, calm, pleasing, extravagant, diplomatic, accommodating, engaging, great social eagerness, a vital sense of co-dependency, acting as if. sacrificing the self...These qualities also relate to Juno - the co-ruler of Libra - the Goddess of Marriage, Queen of the Heavens, consort to Jupiter and main significator of relationships - this is a clue as to what we might expect.

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Philomena said...

With any mention of the asteroid Juno - my attention turns personal. This is due to the fact that my natal Juno is 29 Cancer, conjunct natal Sun 29 Cancer and natal MH, 29 Cancer. To make this connection even more intriguing asteroid for me, is the fact that my only daughter has Juno @ 29 Cancer as well and trine her Sun @ 29 Scorpio.

I recently learned that Juno is directly connected to money and the minting of coins in this smart piece I found on the Neptune Cafe website:
"In her book Astrology and Money, author Beverly Flynn notes the strong connection between money and the asteroid Juno. The Juno archetype and name comes from Roman mythology, where Juno was the wife of Jupiter, the King of the Gods, and patron of the Roman Empire. To the Romans, Juno had a variety of roles and functions, among them being protector of the Roman people, protector of women and children, and adviser to the people, especially concerning who and when to marry. In this role as advisor, she was known as Juno Moneta. According to the legend, around 390 BC a flock of geese in Juno's sanctuary squawked an alarm that saved the Romans from a barbarian invasion. A temple was built on the spot to honor Juno Moneta, and about a century later the first Roman mint was built across the street. The first coins had Juno Moneta on the face, and were naturally called "moneta", from which the term "money" is derived."

Implying that Juno is co ruler with Venus for the constellation Libra and with Satun's recent ingress therein -- the Juno connection with coins and money and the KARMA of Saturn in Libra does suggest that money karma (Sovereign Coins = Juno) will dominate the theme when the SQ comes into partile exactness to transiting Pluto. Moreover, the Saturn/Pluto SQ will form a TSq aspect to the US's Venus in early Cancer.

It just does not seem fair or just that the "people" should suffer the karmic backlash of their corrupt leaders. I have followed the trillion dollar theft stories and the too big to fail bailouts as well as the housing bubble bust with keen astrological interest. My question is this -- Pluto implies collective annihilation or events that impact huge numbers. Why is it that the people be held karmic accountable for the actions of very corrupt (dual Israeli citizens) insiders? Is this the only way to open their eyes and souls to the "truth" behind the veil of banking deception that has controlled this country's sovereign monetary system when the FED was established 1913?

Is this somehow symbolic or a karmic parallel to the dissapearance of the Mayan civilization between the 8th and 9th century?

Just some thoughts that surfaced as I read your article and apply my celestial shamanic techniques.

We have the three main ingredients converging as we speak of the Saturn Pluto Uranus square dance between now and 2012:
(2) Extreme efforts of the manipulators to keep us in wars and fears of terrorism via a clash of civilizations (Judeo-Christian vs Islam)
(3) The collapse of the monetary system due to corporate takeover of the basic necessities of life....
Yes, today, November 8, 2009 I do feel the shift....and I will be operating full time on a shamanic level.
Bless you for bringing this to my attention on your website.