Friday, October 02, 2009

The Catalyst Between Two Forces - Aries Full Moon

Tonight with the moon void of course in Pisces and some brief respite to give way to primal forces that have been building daily toward tomorrow's Aries Full Moon @ 11:10 PM PDT. This is a time of growing excitement and magic not a harvest moon of doom. The harvest moon is the moon at and about the period of fullness that is nearest to the autumnal equinox. Moon will be at 11 degrees 09 minutes Aries with the deep instintual
Sabian : "A flock of wild geese."

Looking back to atime before these last two powerful storms Typhoon Ketsana and now Parma hit the Philippines remember the dolphins? Back in February this year, 200 dolphins beach themselves in Philippines...
More than 200 dolphins have beached themselves on Manila Bay, officials in the Philippines said as they tried to work out why the marine mammals had come ashore.
The force of nature is always there to communicate and warn us. Mercury positive aspect to Mars is about warning as is Mercury in opposition in an alarmist sort of way.

In light of the record increase of quakes around the world and in North Amercia and around the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a recent story starts to make more sense: Pier 39 Sea Lion Herd Swells To Record High
We are talking lots of sea lions, last Friday, there were 1,585 sea lions hanging out at the pier. The experts at the Marine Mammal Center are baffled and say they don't know what is behind the increase, but that they are hunting for clues. Look no further..

The Sabian image of the "wild geese" describes the spiritual archetype of nature, wild, uncivilized, unmarked trail of the wild mountain lion or wolf, the pioneering energies of Aries. This is always in many ways a young force (Aries) of spirituality shadowed by the ancient traditions.

These forces are bubbling up from the earth in form of magma as earthquake swarms continue in and around the small town of Keeler, CA in the Owens Valley south of Long Valley Caldera is a depression in eastern California that is adjacent to Mammoth Mountain. As I write this the swarm of earthquakes continues near the Owens Valley falult with a temblor just recorded about four minutes ago. In the last 12 hours we have not only had literally hundreds of quakes but two 4.7 , a 4.9 and a 5.2 Magnitude quakes.
The faults seem to be ready to slip all seemingly pointing to the catalyst effect of Aries charging in tomorrow. The Mayan day sign for Oct. 3rd is KAN - CHICCHAN the serpent which is all about movement,sensual and dramatic. This sign can create a link between our down to earth desires and those heavenly aspirations and must remain fluid or adaptable or they tend to explode. Note too that the day sign for October 4th when the Full Moon occurs in other longitudes like Washington DC or UK is CIMI - the Transformer or the cycle of birth and death - kind of ominous sounding. but with the instinctual ability to contact ancestors and engender psychic powers.

It is said that cardinal signs act as catalysts in the lives of people most especially Aries and Capricorn. "A catalyst is definied as a substance which accelerates or retards a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.”
In the case of this lunation, Mars the ruler seems to be most dynamically changed especially applying to a meeting with the Nodes (Oct. 9th)@ 26 Cancer 28 minutes - Sabian Symbol: "A furious storm rages thru a residential canyon." There is a martial and militaristic quality of Mars meeting SNode usually in terms of past lives as a mercenary or soldier. The tenacity of Mars in Cancer is only matched by the defensive posturing, family leanings and tribal emotions.
North Node in Capricorn (the other solstice point)speaks of a dependence on family in a past ife and the need of parental guidance during that life. Now is the time to seize your independence and strike out on your own instead of using emotional manipulation.

The other force that Aries seems to walk between is evolution and with Sun @ 11 degrees 9 minutes Libra we have an interesting Sabian Symbol: "Miners emerging from a cave." This symbol tells of humanity's emergence from aeons of darkness into the light. Sun's position relates to the recent (Oct. 1st) discovery of
announced the discovery of the oldest fossil skeleton of a human ancestor. The find reveals that our forebears underwent a previously unknown stage of evolution more than a million years before Lucy, the iconic early human ancestor specimen that walked the Earth 3.2 million years ago. As we near the Galactic Sixth Night set to being on November 7th 2009 and the Mars exact trine with Uranus (Oct. 4th) the skeleton—assigned to a species called Ardipithecus ramidus—belonged to a small-brained, 110-pound (50-kilogram) female nicknamed "Ardi."

The chart below set for Los Angeles and representing the West Coast has Cardinal signs at the angles except Mid-Heaven where Moon-Juno-Uranus are ready to cross and Cancer rising where Mars-S Node will be moving over the ascendant by 12:40 AM on October 4th with incendiary proportions. Mercury which may have been a trigger for the Typhoons in Asia and even perhaps the Samoan quake being VOC and moving direct on Sept. 29th. Mercury is moving into an opposition with Mars on October 4th. which describes shocking events and news but can also catalyze other natural events. No doubt Mars in wide orb to the Sun-Moon will have some devastating effects especially with a trine to Uranus (sudden and unexpected actions). Yes even though a 120 degree angle is considered favorable, Mars is the ruler of Aries and both cardinal signs are packing a wallop this FULL MOON!

Stock Market Slide Too?

The Saturn-Mercury Opposition to Uranus is of course bringing reversals to the economic picture as we move toward Monday's stock market opening. Again we need to examine "the supposed positive influence" of certain transits like Sun (Libra) trine Jupiter-Neptune in Aquarius from other angles since Saturn-Uranus are the rulers of Aquarius and Jupiter moving direct on October 12th. can lead to panic not just "irrational exuberance."
From Merriman weekly preview: These later signatures would appear to be bullish, for the nature of Jupiter and Neptune is akin to “irrational exuberance.” However, as pointed out before, sometimes so much Jupiter and Neptune can coincide with periods of panic and hysteria, even when in a favorable trine aspect. Since the technical picture seems to be deteriorating, traders must be alert to this possible manifestation.”

Mars the ruler of this Full Moon is in Cancer as is the S Node of past events and Cancer relates to memories so take a journey back to this summer with the three eclipses.
July 22nd Middle Eclipse and the End of a Cycle.
All three eclipses: Lunar Eclipse on July 7th with Full Moon in middle degrees of Capricorn (15 degrees 32 minutes), Solar Eclipse on July 22nd (29 degrees Cancer) and finally closing out the cycle on Aug 5th/6th Lunar Appulse (Moon @ 13 degrees Aquarius)
were part of a family of eclipses that means sudden reforms and shocks.
This family of eclipses (the S.S. South 11 series) is served by the need to make sudden reforms Old ideas and systems will fail and new systems are required to deal with the events brought by the eclipse! As a consequence the person will need to think of new ways to handle the issues.
Ominously the next statement seems to foreshadow violent changes even revolution along with a mighty earth shaking event.
Any blocks could be violently or tragically removed!

As Saturn heads toward the ingress into Libra on October 29th to TSQ Pluto-Uranus exactly next year we will see many ideas, leaders and governments removed from blocking the
these two forces of nature and evolution.


Luciana said...

Great blog!:) Its a lot of information to take in, but as a fellow Aquarian, Im not afraid of knowing more about things!


Art Gianfermo said...

Hi Lu -

thanks for your positive comments.
Time to open all our eyes...
I will have more to follow on Oct. 5th when Moon makes an ingress into Taurus.

Have a Wonderful Aries Weekend