Monday, October 19, 2009

After the New Moon: Freerange Serfdom?

Thinking of how Saturday's New Moon in Libra @ 25 degrees seems to have shifted
things. Yesterday's first news of no more Federal prosecution for Medical Marijuana
offenses and everybody is lighting up.
I just pulled up a chart for London UK on October 18th. @ 5:33 AM Universal Time.
where Libra is rising at the same 14 degree rising as the chart for the attack in 2001 WTC Takeover Event. In Sunday's Lunation, Libra is also close to the ascendant @ 12 degrees. Something is brewing from attacks in Pakistan to Iran all time with the
The 2009 Orionid Meteor Shower.
Note that Bellatrix, is a pale yellow star marking the left shoulder of the Hunter, Orion. Bellatrix, the Female Warrior, the Amazon Star, is from the translation, rather freely made in the Alfonsine Tables, of its Arabic title, Al Najid, the Conqueror.

Also ruler of Pluto, Saturn - auguring Responsbilities, commitment, building a life
Culminating when Bellatrix is Setting orb 00 mins 12 secs -
A battler, a person who struggles against the tide.
(As we move closer to the Cardinal Crisis and first TSQ in July 2010, expect more people
to struggle against the tide in revolutionary form.

Watching the video below entitled Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix.
I call this "Free range serfdom"
This jist is that whatever we call it State Capitalism, State Communism or State
Fascism, all natives are slaves even if they think they are free.
All these dominant systems fail eventually because it is
wrong to keep people as livestock. Yet the rulers using the illusion of democracy (Jupiter-Neptune in Aquarius)
have made us thing we have more freedoms. Except all that is changing with the Saturn (planet of structure and total restriction)void of course and ready to change sign into the symbolic Scales or Libra where justice is exhalted. Even the propaganda assault from Mercury in aspect to Pluto (Mercury will move into Scorpio on Oct. 28th to Sextile Pluto). Since 2003 Uranus in Pisces now in mutual reception to the Aquarian Neptune, idealist's idealist sign which helped spread the values of empathy,
compassion. As generations die die off opinions change and the Elitists/Royalty/Bloodlines shift into a sort fo Modernity. Make no mistake as the Cardinal Crisis powers on, the window to break the chains is coming.
This is Worth Watching to get an insight - True News 13:
Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix

YouTube - True News 13: Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix

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