Monday, September 01, 2008

Hurricane Hanna forms in Caribbean after Mysterious Sky Phenomenon Observed Off The East Coast Of Florida

Now that Hurricane Gustav is losing strength and barely a Category One storm, what are we going to tell those two million people have fled inland from the Louisiana coast? If you are on mainstream media keep the fear cranked up since another hurricane is on the way: Hanna.

Looking at the chart above (set for first advisory that Hanna was now a hurricane - 1:30 PM AST) we see a Grand Mutable Cross forming (mutable is the most changeable of all
triplicities). Saturn sits at MC Opposing Uranus at IC both Squaring a Juno-Pallas opposition...Hanna which is supposedly not supposed to upgrade into anymore then a cat 1
and bring lots of water to Georgia and South Carolina is being tracked like Gustav
Lots of words of power (Pallas Gemini) opposing Juno in expansive Sagittarius.
In fact NHC is issuing advisories on not just TS HANNA, but with TS IKE, TS JOSEPHINE and TS KARINA

Lots of storms are forming really fast in the Atlantic which brings us to this unusual story of Mysterious Sky Phenomenon Observed Off The East Coast Of Florida

At around 7:00-7:30pm, August 26, 2008, (not August 28) a Florida family observed a mysterious phenomenon in the Florida sky near the central east coast city of Holy Hill, Florida. (At that time Mercury-Venus in Virgo were TSQ Pluto-Uranus for some major power plays perhaps generated from Haarp like energies??)


I tend to notice the skies all the time, but in my 46 years, I have never seen anything like this. All clouds and haze abruptly broke off at the edges of this huge “wedge” of blue sky and were completely missing inside it. It was absolutely surreal.

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Anonymous said...

this could be somthing henry melton discribes as 'ANTI SUNSET'.