Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain suspends campaign - Election Mess Part Two Mercury-Mars transits his first house

"Dirty tricks" McCain suspends campaign today Sept. 24th to work on Bailout - yeah right?
This happens as Mercury Retrograde transits his first house (look at chart for Mercury station retrograde.
We should expect that the current Bailout plan will be delayed, changed, revised and probably not totally completed till Oct. 15th when Mercury stations direct again.
Venus enters Scorpio to meet his natal Pallas (strategy in politics) for more hidden agendas.
Saturn which is about delays, blocks and structure is moving closer to his natal idealistic, nebulous Neptune in Virgo
Will we even have elections, that is the question?..

McCain suspends campaign to work on Wall Street plan | U.S. | Reuters

Fast forward to his announcement to take a more active roll in negotiating the bailout, the move now comfortably in Leo heading near McCain's Mars at 12 degrees Leo...
Notice this article from the elite mouthpiece the Washington Post - Candidates have Negotiators Wary
"Democrats reacted angrily to the Republican presidential nominee's attempt yesterday to inject himself into the negotiations over the legislation."

The spin is spun as the supposed "Maverick McCain" is looking like some kind of patriot to the sheeple. So Barack is in checkmate and must participate (Pallas in Scorpio is tricky, devious and backhanded when in John McCain's hands)
"But with tempers still flaring, Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, appeared to quiet the controversy with his announcement last night that after consulting with President Bush, he, too, will be in Washington today"
Remember as we look at the chart above transiting Saturn is quickly moving towards a meeting with McCain's Neptune @ 16 degrees Virgo (Sabian Symbol - A volcano in eruption)
Even more telling is that McCain's natal Moon @ 27 Capricorn 02 is close to the US Foundation-Sibley Chart for July 4, 1776 adding to the whole idea of deconstruction
for the country if this dude wins.

At the same time that McCain made his announcement today around 2:30 PM EDT - Sarah the Barracuda was being interviewed by Katie Couric.
For Palin, Mercury-Mars and Venus were transiting her 3rd house of communications especially with electronic media. She was the double talking charmer who equivocated
in her defense of McCain and even the bailout.
So here we have the Mercury RX - Mars connection at 23 Libra trining Ms. Palin's bad ass Stellium of Sun-Mars-Saturn in Aquarius giving her game and temporary advantage.

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