Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Defending a Financial Meltdown - Regarding Henry

Maybe you have been watching markets around the world plunge into deep black holes since Monday's Full Moon. This was a lunation happening right after Friday's deadly Sun-Uranus Opposition (train crash in LA and Russian plane crash). On Monday's Full Moon, the Moon was conjunct Uranus @ 5:13 AM EDT transferring all those Friday shock waves to Wall Street. First financial shocker: we find out that Bank of America was buying Merrill Lynch for 50 billion dollars in stock, scooping up the Wall Street icon battered by the housing and credit crisis. The B of A deal was not just a white knight coming into rescue In fact unknown to a lot of American citizens On Sunday, a rare emergency trading session opened in New York to allow Wall Street dealers in the $455 trillion derivatives market to reduce their exposure to a potential bankruptcy filing by Lehman. Lehman was our second shockwave... WTF is going on you might ask? How can their be special sessions for the elitefinanciers and traders - maybe the fact that Sun is applying to a SQ with Pluto might reveal some of those who have been manipulating our markets for years.

By 2:39 PM PDT yesterday a fiery Aries moon came into the picture. With an Aries Moon the fire signs like Fed Chief, Ben Shalom Bernanke (Sagittarius) and Henry Merritt "Hank" Paulson Jr. (born March 28, 1946 Aries) and head of Treasury got goint. It appeared that this dynamic duo was going to everything they can to prop up the markets.
They want to save AIG but it won't work in the long run. The aftermath of Monday's Full Moon with shocking Uranus-near the Moon was a 504 Point drop in the Dow.

Starting with the last first, let's look at some Career Highlights of this white knight in an episode I call regarding Paulson.
From Wikipedia:
Paulson was Staff Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense at The Pentagon from 1970 to 1972.[7] He then worked for the administration of U.S. President Richard Nixon, serving as assistant to John Ehrlichman from 1972 to 1973.

He joined Goldman Sachs in 1974, working in the firm's Chicago office. He became a partner in 1982. From 1983 until 1988, Paulson led the Investment Banking group for the Midwest Region, and became managing partner of the Chicago office in 1988. From 1990 to November 1994, he was co-head of Investment Banking, then, Chief Operating Officer from December 1994 to June 1998;[9] eventually succeeding Jon Corzine (now Governor of New Jersey) as its chief executive. His compensation package, according to reports, was US$37 million in 2005, and US$16.4 million projected for 2006. His net worth has been estimated at over $700 million.

After the market's closed up today, news came out that Treasury Said to Be Considering AIG Conservatorship. This sounds like a "HanK" Paulson Jr. plan.
Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Treasury is considering taking over American International Group Inc. under a conservatorship as one option to address the insurer's crisis, according to two people briefed on the discussions. Worldwide

Regarding Henry
Cardinal signs especially those with major TSQ's or even a Grand Cross like Henry Paulson, want to do things right away
to change, fix or ameliorate the current crisis. Hank Paulson Jr. has not only an Aries Sun but Venus @ 20 degrees effecting
his basic orientation to $$ and relationships. Turns out that natally Hank's Venus in Aries is TSQ a defensive, protective Saturn-Mars conjunction in Cancer and a Chiron-Jupiter stellium in Libra. If that wasn't enough to want to keep the old corporate masters going we throw in a natal Pallas in Capricorn @ 12 degrees dealing with defending law and order in the form of infrastructure.
You got the picture, Henry will keep plugging the holes in the dam the old fashioned way take it over.
Interesting to look at the transits from yesterday's Full Moon including a Jupiter transit (beliefs-idiologies) and Venus opposing his
natal Jupiter and conflicting with his nasty Mars-Saturn conjunction.
Maybe kids will be wearing Henry Paulson masks for Halloween!

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