Thursday, September 18, 2008

Election Results via Astrological Analysis 2008 - What a Mess Part One

It won't be the first time or last that we astrologers about Nov. 4th election
when the historic Saturn Opposition to Uranus which is already
creating chaos. We sure as hell don't need Obama or McCain to provide the impetus for change as our economic system melts almost as fast as Greenland's coastal glaciers.
Per the chart of above set for 6 AM when polls open back east, voting day should host multiple astrological aspects as an adaptable nature dominated by 180 degree angles.
First of all we not only have powerful TSQ's with both Saturn and Uranus the apex of
a close opposition of Pallas now retrograde in Gemini to Venus in Sagittarius applying to a conjucntion with Pluto on Nov. 12th in the last degrees of Sagittarius to start the dawn of the Mayan Sixth Day. Moving back to Election day we also have a Grand Mutable Cross, a Grand Trine in Earth, a Mighty Thors Hammer and a Kite. The premiere aspect has Saturn @ 18 Virgo 57 exactly opposing Uranus @ 18 Pisces 57.

Radical Election Crazier then 2000

This years elections will be without the Mercury retrograde factor which drove chad hunters
crazy in the Gore-Bush debacle.
According to Mary Pat Flaherty who writes in the Washington Post - Election Day Could Be a Mess
Worries over registration surge, failure-prone equipment, new procedures - reflections of both Saturn regarding procedures and registration and Uranus when it comes to election software.
This year Faced with a surge in voter registrations leading up to Nov. 4, election officials across the country are bracing for long lines, equipment failures and confusion over polling procedures that could cost thousands the chance to cast a ballot.
When it comes to picking the next president of the US, it may actually take those 100+ hours of horary analysis.
I am not so sure that McCain will win since this is going to be one of the most radical and unusual election in US history.

*On November 4th the polls open with Moon VOC in Capricorn then at 7:01 PM EST the Moon will ingress into Aquarius..
*Mercury will changes signs into Scorpio @ 11 AM EST which will cross into Obama's 9th house cusp during the voting.

*Moon will conjunct Obama's natal Jupiter @ 00 Aquarius 51 - the people may see Obama has the "more benefic influence"
as opposed to the more restrictive influence of McCain the old man.

Acceptance Charts and Anomalies

Even thought I am an avid follower of Ray Merriman, he bases his prediction for a McCain victory on the acceptance chart at RNC
set for September 4, at 9:20 PM, CDST, in St. Paul, MN, in his latest weekly preview.

I began looking again at Obama's acceptance chart set for Aug. 28 2008 at 8:17 PM MDT in Denver. attached with email.

Unquestionably the Obama Acceptance Chart perhaps more difficult to interpret with Uranus-Pisces on Ascendant and ancient ruler Jupiter in the 10th

Pluto right on MC in Sagittarius at Galactic Center talks of a historic nomination on a much larger scale. Having what was not traditionally a good omen highest in the chart's South also signfies major transformation if he does win. From a purely positive side Obama's acceptance time has Jupiter the ruler is sitting in the 10th to indicate expansion of thought for Barack's position as the US economy contracts.
Mercury is the most dignified planet at an angle is in the 7th and dignified in Virgo - Note that Mercury is the ruler of Obama's natal Mars @ 22 Virgo which opposed the destructive Full Moon on Sept. 15th Obama's Mars is also
found in the 7th of "one of his Natal versions" set for Aug. 4th @ 7:24 PM in Honolulu
Of course in a natal chart, Mars in 7th and in Virgo reflects open enemies thoughout life
who use a conservative, prudently run operation to dethrone the Bush-McCain Iran-Contra alumnus. Take note: in this recent article by Paul Martens about the old Iran Contra Gang, Robert M. Gates, currently the Secretary of Defense hails from On December 6, 2006, the United States Senate voted 95-2 to confirm Mr. Gates, despite the fact that he occupies a full chapter, Chapter 16, in the “Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra Matters...Despite his murky history, Gates was recycled as Director of the CIA by President George H.W. Bush in 1991, who, let’s not forget, was also a former Director of the CIA.

Unfortunately with the Palin variable, the Inauguration Day chart set for January 20, 2009 at 12 PM in DC tends to favor Palin
with an Aquarian Stellium sitting in the 10th...

I have only began my analysis but hesitate to concede a complete take over by the elite, afterall the sixth day begins on Nov. 12, 2008 and lots can happen!

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