Monday, June 02, 2008

Gemini New Moon June 3rd a Change of Mind and Heart

A Super Moon Looms
Just like the New Moon on May 5th which brought Cyclone Nargis, tomorrow's lunation @ 12:23 PM PDT is dubbed a Super Moon per Richard Nolle. Super Moons are in perigee (closest to the Earth). We may be in for another round of extreme coastal tides, severe storms and major seismic activity (more magnitude 5+ earthquakes and volcanic eruptions). Using AstroCartography we see that a strong line formed by Sun-Moon-Venus-Mercury runs from N to South @ 111 to 115 West Longitude from Canada thru the Rockies down to Baja. NOTE: Mercury line crosses Uranus around 51 to 54 N and 104-106W from New Mexico up thru Denver and onto Canada. Also a potent Mars line stretches from the Aleutians (crossing Uranus for some shaking) to just east of Hawaii (crossing the Chiron-N Node-Neptune line) to emerge just off the southeast coast of Africa before jutting up through the Middle East and out through Siberia. All these areas are subject to unusual storms and seismic fractures.

My feeling is the most potent of the three Super Moon's will be July 2nd with Cardinal Cancer @ 12 degrees. The July event will have Sun-Moon-Venus-Ceres all applying to an opposition with Jupiter now @ 18 Capricorn.

Mutable Means Change
This New Moon features a prominent alignment of Venus-Sun-Moon all closer together at about 14 Gemini with the Sabian Symbol: "two people living apart in telepathic communication." A time when psychic flashes and intuition may prover more reliable then traditional communications networks. When we bring in Mercury @ 19 Gemini now retrograde and still in orb of a square with Uranus to keep causing more disruptions and weird erratic changes with psychics world wide buzzing about coming natural disasters. Yet despite all the possible tectonic or extreme weather changes, the real story is that Mars in heartfelt Leo is bringing us lots of courage to change our minds and open up to compassion. Now that Ceres in Gemini is moving quickly towards an opposition to Pluto on the Full Moon, there will be lots of letting go.

A great realignment

A great realignment involving communication, transportation, local communities, and a resurgent inner spirituality began last May 26th. At this time Mercury moved retrograde less then an hour before Neptune stationed. In Greek myth, Hermes was the messenger, the trickster, associated with merchants, thieves and patron of roads and boundaries. He rules the two signs, Gemini and Virgo. For full integration, Gemini needs to move from the specific to the general and Virgo from the concrete fact to the larger picture. Hermes was a traveler in all three worlds from the higher realms of the Gods to the earthly denizens of us humans to the guide who guaranteed souls safe passage in the underworld. We may all meet Hermes in some form or another during this Gemini period.

Uncontrollable Forces Within and Without

This is a month when it’s necessary to have the two phases of personality on speaking terms and in harmony. As powerful as the fixed signs were in May, the volatility of the mutable energies will be a rival. The effect of the mutable, or common signs, grappling with the uncontrollable forces of outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in June will be extreme. The chart above set for San Jose and the West Coast has N Node-Chiron-Neptune all together in the 6th house of health, service and labor. We should expect news about certain persistent health issues or even a major advancement in the world of healing fatal diseases...Police, workers and strikes will all be prominent now as more people are starting to realize that they have to become their own volunteers in order to make a change.

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