Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Housing Crisis Instensifies Before July 2nd New Moon in Cancer

Four years of gains in home prices wiped out

June 24th News of Complete Home Price Decimation in US Surfaces.

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Home prices across 20 major U.S. cities
have dropped a record 15.3% in the past year and are now back to where
they were in the summer of 2004, according to the Case-Shiller home
price index released Tuesday by Standard & Poor's.

Even Charlotte, NC is feeling the price drop - a first.
With Sun-Ceres-Venus all in Cancer Opposed newly retrograde Pluto and ruler of Cancer that moody, domestic and shelter crazed Moon now in Pisces Waning has lots of aspects.
From the disturbing SQ to Mercury also a mutable sign, this time Gemini.
(We are also preparing for a second SQ to Uranus on July 5th.
Of course as Moon meets Uranus again in Pisces tomorrow - it ain't business as usual as we approach the cardinal events with an Aries Moon ingress on July 25th @ 7:49 PM blowing the cover on national denial. US Sibley Sun-Venus-Jupiter are all caught in the cross fire for July!
Chart Set for 7:19 PM on July 2, 2008 in San Francisco (Northern California)
Sun and Venus both in Cancer are contraparalell Jupiter in scrooge-like Capricorn by declination adds to low prices. Jupiter is closely opposed Venus which reflects falling home prices besides a great time for social events like marriages if you cna deal with wildfires in califonria. floods in Illinois, Iowa or tornadoes on the great plains or southeastern california.
Since we are examining a chart set for San Francisco Bay Area having Pluto in first
retrograde and still in orb of Mars now in Virgo coming near Saturn for a fated meeting on July 10th and to Vesta just arrived in Taurus for values under transformation dealing with homes (4th)

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