Monday, June 16, 2008

Gay Marriages Begin as Mars-Leo Opposition to Neptune Rules

A gay couple Del Martin, 87, and Phyllis Lyon, 84 really marked the old in Jupiter transiting in Capricorn as they inaugurated the state’s court-approved and potentially short-lived legalization of same-sex marriages starting at 5;01 PM in San Francisco. Of course Jupiter representing the law giver is only one factor present with this historic event.

When we examine the chart above we see that Mars in joyful, celebratory Leo stands proudly at the Mid-Heaven @ 21 + degrees. Mars is also the focal point of YOD (finger of God-Goddess) with both Jupiter and Uranus sextile and quincunx. With such a configuration, the idea of peace on this planet is attainable. The Sabian Symbol for 22 Leo: "A carrier pigeon with a message alights before it's master. Musing over the missive's content, the man strokes the birds feathers and mentally composes a response. "
This is an image that conjures an openness to spiritual inspiration and our hearts if we are not to stay attached to the illusion of family values. I say this because Mars is applying to a major opposition to Neptune on June 21st. and we are in a time when actions, motivations, and initiatives like this seem both objectionable and questionable for some.
Neptune @ 24 + Aquarius Retrograde is not only a factor in unrelenting floods, oil and gas skyrocketing to destructive prices but also to psychological dissolution where rational thought is challenged by intuitive perceptions and confusing unconciousness. The Sabian for 25 degrees Aquarius: "A scientist pokes a chrysalis with a probe, whereupon it breaks open and a beautiful luna moth emerges, left wing first." The preceding image invokes a time when mysteries are unfolding on lots of dimensions despite antagonism to coming changes.
This ceremony had a surreal carnival atmosphere as several hundred supporters and protesters chanted, cheered and jeered in equal measure...

Having Mercury retrograde and opposing the Moon does not help the atmosphere of sensitivity since the strong emotions engendered by these ceremonies could lead to some crazy misunderstandings. Not technically the best time to get married since Mercury will move direct on Wednesday morning @ 7:31 AM PDT. Yet Wednesday when the Sagittarius Full Moon occurs at 10:30 AM PDT, things will not resume to normalacy in any sense of the word. Yes this is a new day as history is happening all over the world not just in California.

Both Sun and Venus are Opposite Pluto and we are seeing some power struggles play out as relations are strained from an electional point of view not the best time to get married at least in a personal one on one sense. In the collective sense, a great time to offer real transformation the thousands of years of cruelty and control that have existed on our planet.

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