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The Sage Within Speaks: Sagittarius New Moon Helps Connect Us to Cosmos and Living Systems

Part One:

Hope Shines: Truth Expands Beyond Limitations

On the dark of the current Moon in Scorpio VOC - the Balsamic Phase a gestation for for visions. I write this passage, less then two days before a most incredible lunation in the sign of the archer @ 17* Sagittarius 15'. the hunter an dseeker of truth and higher visions. This lunation inspires us to seek beyond the stories of doom-gloom, snipers not acting alone, floods criss crossing the pacific seek harmony with the inevitable transcendence of earth gaia spirit. Seeking expansion and growing on a broad cosmic level just as the veil rips and the net around our planet is beginning to rip letting in beams of cosmic light. Many qualities of light from our local Sun and the Galactic Center are coming our way. I have chosen the image of crepuscular rays from the radiant picture above. Yes we are in the midst of a Galactic Super Wave per Dr. LaViolette's superwave theory.
Sabians and Why the Children Touch the Sun
The oldest Sabian Symbol for 18 degrees Sagittarius is of joy and hope: "Tiny Children in Sun Bonnets" as the indigo
children create a base for the newest galactic crystal generation.
All fire signs represent a form of light which is a higher octave of fire.
IN the case of this Sagittarian convergence with Sun-Moon-Mercury close together we have spiritual thoughts of revelations both small and excessively large.
These three inner lights are chasing Jupiter-Pluto who have both touched the exact Galactic Center @ 27* 57' and come together on December 11, 2007 at 10:18 AM PT.
Sabians and the Emperor Has No Clothes
Going deeper into the Sabian a more modern version "Tells of a foreign ambassador wearing a Fez in flashy parade being driven down the street in an open car. On the sidelines we find an observer dressed in quilted bathrobe and a nightcap making cynical observations to his neighbor"
This is a reference to the fact that their are deeper meanings that require a search a veritable hunt for truth especially when shown an unending parade of political leaders that have promised the world and given disillusionment. Commentator Keith Olbermann summed it up quite well with his piece: "Neocon Job" On December 5th @ 2:28 AM PT Jupiter touched the Galactic Center plus Mercury (intelligence) was in SQ to Saturn (authority-government) and a war with Iran has been averted via a new National Intelligence Estimate that concluded Iran shut down its nuclear weapons program more than four years ago. Here we have the Bush regime caught in a major lie. Now today the next major truth is disclosed, the CIA's disclosure that it had destroyed tapes showing harsh interrogations of terrorism suspects.

Now is the time when we must stand aside and let the train wreck happen and the institutions of fear, death and greed fall apart. All the hoopla about elections, new and improved dreams plus doom and gloom should be ignored. This is not the first or the last lie coming from the Bush regime as December 7th heralded another major truth being disclosed, the CIA's disclosure that it had destroyed tapes showing harsh interrogations of terrorism suspects. In the chart for the CIA (founded Sept. 18, 1947) we not only have a typical storehouse of past secrets with Moon-Jupiter-S Node all in Scorpio but a now vulnerable Venus-Sun conjunction @ 24-28 Virgo feeling the impact fo this new moon as Jupiter-Pluto meet at 28 Sagittarius - More and More will be revealed about these dangerous clandestine organizations.

Sunday's lunation inspires humanity to seek the truth so we can go beyond cynical observations and create our own reality.
Per Alice Bailey's doctrines of the seven rays we find: Rays of The Sun and Moon's Sign (Sagittarius)
6th Ray
Devotion and idealism

A primary area of devotional change reflected by this chart are two YODS (finger of god in synchronicity with the Quabalistic meanings of the Hebrew letter YOD. Where Saturn in Virgo (relating to the Hermit Card of the Tarot holding a lantern over the path)is sextile Mars which stationed retrograde on 11-15-07 over the US Charts Sun on a journey backwards to touch both Jupiter and Venus by the next Full Moon 12-23-07. This YOD is quincunx Chiron ghe Maverick healer in Aquarius to offer a time of spontaneous healings.
Saturn-Virgo since ingress in September has been lighting the way for others making their painful journey up the mountain-side. With this Sagittarius Lunation we are ready to cash in on the Great Promise. In humanity are the potencies of Divinity, to be evolved by climbing the steeps of experience; as Barbara Hand Clow says in her
New Moon Report: "this New Moon chart says that nothing is going to stop our pathway to enlightenment, which the evolutionary heritage of every soul on Earth."

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