Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Forgotten Aztec Goddess Returns as Mars Continues Retrograde in Cancer

As Jupiter-Pluto continue traveling close together near the Galactic Center and the Sun moves to connect with Pluto at the heart of the Milky Way on Dec. 20th.
our sacred beliefs and religious icons are meeting ancient energies...
I mentioned that on the last New Moon the Amazon goddess connected with Bellatrix was rising with Mars in the sign of the Mother. After noting how the Catholic Church has literally stolen and renamed much of the sacred from the indigenous Aztec and Mayan - the mighty symbol of Mexico: the Virgin of Guadalupe became suspect.
Mexico City's 17th-century Basilica of Guadalupe--built in honor of the virgin and perhaps Mexico's most important religious building--was constructed at the base of the hill of Tepeyac, believed to be a site used for pre-Columbian worship of Tonantzin. Tonantzin, her cult is ancient and as a goddess of fertility of the earth she was also regarded as a goddess of human fertility. Associated with the number 7, and was known as the Seven Serpent.

I dug a little deeper and found this excellent article about his infamous Christian Miracle.
We all are familiar with the image on the right when in December 9, 1531, a 57-year-old Mexican Indian farmer by the name of Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin, an Aztec who had converted to Christianity was walking to Mass around 7:00 AM
View Chart above as inner wheel - where Uranus was @ 7 Cancer 06 Retrograde and the outer wheel has Mars currently transiting @ 7 Cancer 06 Retrograde with Sabian Symbol: Animals dressed as human courtiers are performing a satirical comedy of manners. As we read the famous story of Diego's sacred vision remember that the Churches and Priests of the Piscean age have tried to suppress are most unconcious, animal-human instincts and the true substance of myth and culture to suit their needs for conquering others. Well all that is changing as we have entered the Galactic Fifth Night processing the magic of the Fifth Day of the Galactic Underworld.

Here is the timeline for this supposed miracle:
December 9, 1531 (Saturday). Early in the morning, Juan Diego hears beautiful music and a woman’s voice calling him to the top of Tepeyac Hill which he is just passing; he sees a radiantly beautiful woman, who reveals that she is the Virgin Mary and instructs him to go to the bishop and tell him that a temple should be built in her honour at the bottom of the hill.
December 10, 1531 (Sunday). Juan Diego returns to the bishop’s palace to try again. The bishop asks many questions and tells Juan Diego that he needs some sign to believe...

Tonantzin - "The Goddess of Sustenance", "Honored Grandmother", "Snake": Aztec Goddess of the Earth. Tonantzin was worshipped in the Winter Solstice celebrations long before the Catholic Church renamed her Tonantzin wore a white robe covered in feathers and seashells
Timeline continued: December 11, 1531 (Monday). Juan Diego fails to keep his appointment with the Lady because his uncle has become gravely ill

December 12, 1531 (Tuesday). At a very early hour, Juan Diego is rushing toward Tlatelolco to find a priest for his dying uncle. Being busy, he tries to avoid her but comes down the hill to meet him and listens to his excuse for not keeping his appointment. She tells him: “Your uncle will not die of this sickness; be assured that he is healthy.” (That morning, the Lady also appears to his uncle and cures him.)

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