Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cardinal Alignment on a Long Night's Moon Releases Energies

Part One - Look Ahead to Dimensional Shifts
Full Moon Pergiee Syzygy is coming like a blazing comet or is it a runaway meteor?
Moon representing the Goddess Occults Mars @ 6:59 PM PT right after the Lunation Peaks at 5:16 PM
It is clear that with such powerful energies on the Cross of Matter (Capricorn-Cancer) the need for aggressive warlike Mars to continue the slash/burn patriarchy is soon coming to an end. Our last new moon revealed that the evil Islamic Empire Iran si not ready to nuke us and that we don't need some fabled biblical match up on the "Valley of Megiddo"
Much has occurred since Pluto's last exact path with the Galactic Barbara Hand Clow said: "Pluto transiting the Galactic Center for the last time was going to blast open multidimensional gateways"
After we examine some of the very real foundations for creating these gateways via earth changes we will take a look at the fruition: actual Stargates.

This Lunation occurs right after the Winter Solstice which I will examine in Part Two
With the Ring of Fire lit up like a cosmic pinball machine and the Earth awakening into full ascension things are getting real serious or is it surreal? Tomorrow even is the Solstice as Sun enters Capricorn at 10:08 PM PT and the next morning
a sign of fantastical resignation even deceptions, disappointments, and unexplained losses occurs amdist powerful feelings with Venus-Scorpio in exact SQ to Neptune direct in universal Aquarius...Some claim this is the sign of major earthquakes.
I think back to a time in the 80's when the talk in some circles was about Rolling Thunder and Michael Scallion's predictions. Well, now we have arrived at that time!
from Earth Changes Bulletin (telling of major energy releases)
Aleutians/Alaska/North America/Carib Plates Are In Motion

A 7.2 quake on the International Dateline along the Aleutians struck and has been followed by about 10 aftershocks mostly Class 5 magnitude.

Just prior to the emergence of the Aleutians zone, a major focal point of quake activity in Class 4 emerged in the Puerto Rico area, which is a subduction tectonic margin on the NE edge of the Carib Plate. (Puerto Rico is a leading edge of the Carib Plate relative to the North Atlantic Ocean Plate). Another Class 4 quake struck in the San Bernardino Mountains to the east of Riverside/Pomona in Southern California.

As Pluto continues near Galactic Center and Sun-Jupiter in orb newly arrived in the most earthy cardinal sign of crystalizing structure/form: Capricorn on the other axis is Mars in most feminine,unconcious and nurturing Cancer opposing this line up.
Now that the massive Sagittarian Deep Space forces are transitioning into mysterious Capricorn, Stargates are opening for real....

Watch Video of Newly Discovered Stargates

Stay Tuned for Part Two Solstice Magic and Rebirth of Light

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