Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shock Waves Visit on a Frosty Moon: As Above So Below

(Now that I have returned from travel - I must add more evidence of how Uranus the Moon and Mars interconnects with our faultlines)
A story broke concerning the results of a new geological study: Tides trigger tremors deep inside the Earth
It is finally proven that: "the rise and fall of the ocean's tides are strong enough to trigger pulses of underground tremors that periodically send seismic faults slowly slipping beneath the northwest coast"

With multiple revolutions converging into the Uranian station @ 14* 46' Pisces @2:16 AM on November 24th it is almost hard to catch our breath. We can see in the chart above that Uranus performs it's magic right in the 2nd house of values-currency as Jupiter-Sagittarius move over the Ascendant to help ignite this momentous portal of change. And this mutable station is like a coiled spring widening our perceotuibs with major awakenings. Fire from the stars and comets above may enthuse our hands and fingers as the healing begins.

This is a time of quick bursts of change: Luna enters Gemini @ 3:29 AM PDT two days after El Sol entered fiery Sagittarius constantly seeking truth on the Day of Gratitude. This sets us up for what is known as the Frosty Moon (continued from my last post) a time when temperatures start to drop in the Northern Latitudes when American Indian tribes began to make serious propartions. This is akin to the dollar 's preciptious drop, oil's rise and the demise of the Bull Market with the bears at the doors of the housing market ready to scavage on whatever is left.

The average person is beginning to perceive that new cosmic, primal energy is pulsing our planet and Saturn has been moving closer to the exact opposition with the Trickster Uranus on Election Day Nov. 4, 2008. Fighting or protesting controls, serious threat of a police state and government fascism has finally taken hold. so don't expect this lunation to not have some riots and staged confrontations to oppression. With the Sabian for Uranus @ 15* An Officer Preparing to Drill his Men.

So when the Full Moon hits at 6:30 AM PT or 9:30 AM ET or 2;30 PM UT we expect some rumblings even the psychic plane speaks of oceanic changes with Sun @ 2Sagittarius for Sabian - The Ocean Covered with Whitecaps. Unusual news from the oceans is intensifying: Nov. 23rd: Canadian cruise ship hits submerged ice near Antarctica and 150 people are evacuated.
Nov.21st: the Giant Sea Scorpion (with Mercury/Scorpio applying to SQ with Neptune)
Uranus the progenitor of the internet is creating large whitecaps with all the publicity surrounding the dangers of My Space and last week's suicide of the 13 year old girl
Of course it is not just Uranus in watery Pisces that will reflect the shock waves now that Jupiter in political-legal oriented Sagittarius is moving closer to Pluto for all kinds of national chaos. Just today we find another country, Lebanon in a state of emergency as their president, Lahoud leaves office and hands powers over to the military.
Indian courthouse bombings in three northern cities, Lucknow,Varansi and Faizabad and killing 13 attorneys and 50 others.
Tracking ahead to the day of this lunation in Malibu California - yes another fire:
35 homes destroyed, 2,200 acres scorched a day after Thanksgiving due to high winds (Gemini)

Below we see the chart set for Greenwhich UK with Mars right on the 4th creating havoc near the center of the World Tree with the European Union's ground of being economically. Concrete effects in the housing and service sector with Moon SQ Saturn in the sign of the working class Virgo and Mars right on the cusp of the 4th in domestic Cancer. The Parisian transport strike ends as Uranian ruled president recently took a stand against the continuation of this action by negotiating
which with Venus in it's home sign Libra, attempts at negotiations on many fronts will began.

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