Friday, December 28, 2007

Mars Occults Moon,a Martyr is Shrined with Benazir Bhutto's Death

Martyr, Goddess and Woman of the hour, perhaps another sacrifice to the NWO-Illuminati agenda. A sacrifice which just happen to coincide with the recent Moon-Mars in occultation. Many theories about why she died are being proposed. Unquestionably she was a major heroine to be compared with Princess Diana. A leader with tremendous influence upon the Pakistani People. Pakistanis opposed to the leadership of President Pervez Musharraf have looked to Bhutto as a possible successor.

Fixed Stars Give Insight
A tragedy in scope is represented by the day and hour she died since the malevolent Algol was rising as Mercury is Culminating orb 00 mins 25 secs -
Bhutto with Sun @ critical degree 29* Gemini rempresents
The passionate, intense writer or communicator
Zosma the star of sacrifice-martyrdom is rising as Saturn is Rising orb 00 mins 41 secs -
A minority leader, or a person who grows in pessimism
And finally Algol again is rising as the Moon is Rising orb 01 mins 27 secs -
Plagued by personal tragedies, one's own, or other people's a woman dies and myth is born

In Mundane Astrology Moon and Mars are triggers that give a certain edgy timing to events. Plus more importantly the Moon signifies women and the people, the masses, commoners and the population as a whole...Witness how today when Bhutto was laid to rest, tens of thousands of people, carrying party flags, walked for miles or traveled by all means of available transport to attend the funeral.
Mars of course relates to armies, military force, engineering, public vitality, aggression and violence, war especially with Pakistan which may be thrown quickly into a Civil War just days after the state of emergency was lifted.

Just 3 days before she died - one moon sign A Cardinal Moon extravaganza took place with the Archetype of the Mother/Family/Protection/Nurturing sign of Cancer ruled by the Moon. The bosoms, which provide milk to the newborn are ruled by Cancer and the process of nurturing a nation.
This conjunction @ 2 Cancer 53 right after on the Full Moon 12-23-2007 hit an exact Midpoint between her natal Sun-Mars ...While a Pluto-Jupiter-Sun-Mercury all close together from late Sagittarius to early Capricorn Oppose her natal Sun-Mars powerhouse of nurturing, driving success and identity!
View chart on right with time of death 6:16 PM and Leo Moon is transiting within minutes Ms. Bhutto's own natal Pluto and the transiting pair Pluto-Jupiter shaking up the aided by close ally Sun (government officials)
Natal Vesta-Aquarius ( representing devotion to humanitarian and political causes with a bent toward freedom) was opposed transiting South Node-Leo almost exact to bring past enemies into her face.
Even more remarkable on the day she died, transiting Vesta @ 3 Aquarius was opposing her natal South Node @ 3 Leo
Her Death was under some confusion and disputed especially with transiting Neptune-Aquarius opposing her Natal Pluto-Leo a rather Dramatic Death that has captured the world's attention is now said to be caused by a fall where she hit her head transiting MARS-Jupiter Opposition near her Sun-Identity?
Cause of Her Death Adds to Controversy
Sunroof, not bomb or bullets, killed Benazir Bhutto ISLAMABAD, Dec 28 (AFP) - Benazir Bhutto was killed after smashing her head on her car's sunroof while trying to duck, and that no bullet or shrapnel was found inside her head or neck, interior ministry spokesman Brigadier Javed Cheema told a news conference on Friday..
Then on Saturday December 29th with Virgo Moon touching Saturn and adding to the details - Assassination is back in the picture:
Saturday, Dec. 29, "Two days after opposition leader Benazir Bhutto’s assassination in Rawalpindi, her aides dismissed an interior ministry official’s assertion to the press Friday that she was killed by her head hitting the sunroof of her car in a blast caused by a suicide bomber. One aide who sat in the armored car said she saw a bullet wound in the back of Bhutto’s neck."
Endlessly the media spurred on by Mushareff's stooges claim that this was an Al Queda hit. Anyone who has done a bit of research knows that Mussharef is ISI asset
the ISI who helped instigate 911/WTC. Thus it would appear that
Bushco wants no witnesses about 911/WTC.

Even Bhutto said, "Osama Bin Laden WAS MURDERED" and she identified another 911/WTC operative as the killer. This was revealed in a David Frost interview...aired 2nd November 2007

Parvez Mushareff (born Aug. 11, 1943) and heavily backed by Bushco fits into the picture handidly with his natal Mars closely SQ Bhutto's Pluto - a sign of clear harm and destruction. As the martyr complex begans to blossom we see Musharaff's Neptune also SQ Bhutto's Sun (Identity)... Even more glaring is that Parvez Vesta-Uranus combo in Gemini with mutable dipolar dedication to using innovative techniques in securing power has these two bodies closely conjunct the vulnerable Bhutto's Juno-Pallas-Jupiter stellium. This talkative Gemini stellium was a powerful inspiration to her community of massive followers.

More depth about that fatal day this Thursday, reveals that Benazir's Goddess Asteroids, Juno-Pallas in Gemini are closely TSQ transiting Saturn-Pallas with the Karmic Teacher Saturn recently stationing retrograde on Dec. 19th. Note that Bhutto's natal Pallas combined with Juno in Gemini is really about words, written spoken or dialogued on a daily basis - NOW THE MEDIA WILL CONTINUE THE RANTS about her as powerful political figure.
At 35 years of age, Bhutto was the youngest person and woman to ever lead a Muslim-majority state in modern times.

When we look at the chart below showing the Pakistan Independence Date set for Aug. 14, 1947 @ 9:30 AM in Center of the Whee (per Nick Campion) with the Time of Bhutto's Death on outside of Wheel.
MARS the God of War is right on the MidHeaven ready to strike a blow against the president, prime minister, the sovereign and their government the 10th house. When we look at Pluto-Jupiter transiting the IC of the Pakistan Chart we can tell how thoroughly the the foundation or base of the Pakistan society, its traditions and intrinsic folk-soul is being shaken and turned upside down.

NEPTUNE @ 20 Aquarius on that fatal day along with Chiron the maverick healer @ 12 Aqua. along with Vesta-Aquarius opposed the powerful Pakistani national purpose, hopes and dreams of the associations and community groups signified by Sun @ 20*-Venus@ 14*-Saturn-Pluto @ 13 in powerful conjunction -Mercury all in Leo
A Dramatic Series of Events has been touched off and will not reach any period of calm or even partime resolution for a while.

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I think she may well come to be seen as a heroine and a martyr by many people. But the extent of the documentation from many countries suggests she and her husband stole money from the Pakistani coffers - from the people - on a grand scale (Venus in Taurus square Pluto). It also seems quite likely she had a hand in the assassination of her brother, who was critical of her. I suspect she just couldn't resist the lure of power, despite the dangers.