Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Astrology of Super Typhoon Haiyan


SUPER STORM HAIYAN UPDATE- A RECORD BREAKERI mentioned in my last blog article describing Sunday's Hybrid Eclipse that that another Super Typhoon named Yolanda is bearing down on the Philippines with maximum winds of 115 kph and gusts of up to 146 kph and could make landfall on Friday November 8th.

It turned out that when this Massive Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda made landfall on November 8th.,  winds were at 315 kph gusting to 380 kph. Let's take a look at what happened today has Haiyan made landfall. Super Typhoon Haiyan Makes Landfall On Philippines "Typhoon 'Yolanda' has made landfall over Guiuan, Eastern Samar 

According to Dr Jeff Masters 
Super Typhoon Haiyan has made landfall. According to PAGASA, Haiyan came ashore at 4:40 am local time (20:40 UTC) November 7, 2013 near Guiuan, on the Philippine island of Samar. 

CNN called Haiyan based on the wind, if the system did not weaken at landfall - Typhoon Haiyan is the Strongest Tropical System Ever Making Landfall Anywhere in the World

Meteorologist Eric Holthaus  says that Yolanda—its Filipino name—beats “Wilma (2005) in intensity by 5mph—that was the strongest storm ever in the Atlantic,” which makes it a member of the select club of Worst Storms Ever in the Planet. Only three other storms since 1969 have reached this intensity.

An Astrological Chart set for 4:40 a.m. local time in Guiuan, Eastern Samar Found Below has Scorpio is rising @ 3 degrees along side Mercury and N. Node with Sun-Saturn also in "Extreme Scorpio". Using the principles of Astrometeorology, we see in weather charts that Scorpio is
a sign that intensifies the action of the rest of the chart and ever fails to bring an extreme.
 Thus Mercury-N. Node of destiny are opposing S. Node/Hygeia in Taurus (potential health problems from storm) in the 7th.  Mercury rising governs the wind from gentle breezes to hurricane-force winds all which can be found under Mercury's domain. Sustained winds that were measured at more than 195 miles per hour before landfall. The measurement reflects the winds sustained by the storm for one minute; the storm was also producing gusts of 230 mph.

 Rulers of this landfall chart (Scorpio rising) are Mars and Pluto. Pluto is in the 3rd. house relating to Mercury and is found between the Moon and Venus. Mars is at a significant angle in the 11th. house in Virgo relating to Mercury and Winds.
Pluto and Mars both connect to violent, extremes, severe and intense conditions depending on other chart indications
Also with Astrometeorology,  50% of the overall prevailing conditions are described by the planets in the 4th house, their sign and the aspects - Aquarius is on the 4th. House cusp @ critical zero degrees. with Juno the weather asteroid, which besides relationships and marriage is associated with the atmosphere and storms is now TSQUARE the moons nodes and Mercury in Scorpio. Juno is posited at Ground Zero (4th. house)
Neptune/Chiron in Pisces are on the 5th. house cusp elating to freakish weather events, torrential downpours and flooding conditions!
They enter 4th. house in less than an hour, as Typhoon Haiyan moving West across the islands. Below is a Tracking Model:

Aquarius and ruler Uranus connect to the IC and are known for shocking and unexpected results and first time events. Uranus is also associated with high barometer and mega-high wind velocities (from 315 kph gusting to 380 kph) can be found under its influence The astrological ruler of the IC is Uranus, which is now in a square to Venus and Pluto both in Capricorn known or severe storms. Any contact with Uranus adds maximum record breaking, unexpected and destructive conditions.

An analysis of a storm or this magnitude, which has broken all scientific intensity scales
wouldn't be complete unless we looked at an astrological chart for the last major ingress, 
the Hybrid Solar Eclipse on November 3rd. The Chart below is set for 8:50 PM AWST -8:00 in Guiuan, Eastern Samar with Cancer Rising and in an opposition to Pluto in the 7th.

 When looking at an ingress chart, like this Scorpio New Moon, we examine the planets which rule the 1st and 4th house and consider their signs and aspects. Since Cancer is rising so the chart's ruler is the Moon. The Moon of course is new being conjunct the Sun in Scorpio and in a tight grouping in Scorpio are considered the most powerful aspect of all.As I said above, Scorpio tends to intensify the action of the rest of the chart and always adds extreme weather.  In season, the Sun-Mercury conjunctions often coincide with the formation of tropical storm systems and hurricanes.  Next we look at the 4th. house or sign cusp on the IC, which rates as 50% of the overall prevailing conditions of this weather chart.   Since Pluto is the ruler of that Scorpio stellium, we already know that violent, extreme, severe and super  intense conditions could follow. Libra is on the cusp of the 4th. house and ruler Venus which represents a moist influence tending to lower the barometer is now applying to a conjunction with Pluto, Venus as I mentioned is also heading toward a definitely dangerous square with Pluto in the 7th. 1/8 is found in the 10th and 7th houses and at the top of the chart sits the most unstable planet Uranus still in orb of that historic 4th passage of another wild square to Pluto (Nov. 1st). The ruler of the 10th house in this chart, and of Aries, is Mars now found in the 3rd. Mars is in an opposition to Neptune and Chiron (wounded healer) both in Pisces and which will trigger  torrential downpours and flooding conditions. Consider that the 11th house also has Vesta in Virgo putting the focal point back on Mercury now retrograde in Scorpio which is  square both Juno (Aquarius) and the S. Node.  Notice too that Ceres has recently entered Libra (Ceres is more involved with food and nurturing ) and is opposing Uranus so hopefully we will see a just outpouring of help to the Philippines once this storm has passed. 

Update and Epilogue from November 8th. 

By the time the Moon enters the sign of the unexpected, Aquarius this afternoon @ 3:30 PM Pacific a shift of sentiment and empathy will occur on a major scale reflecting Jupiter's retrograde in Cancer trine Neptune and Chiron in Pisces (victims and wounded healers arise).

Damage from super typhoon expected to be ‘catastrophic’>One of the most intense typhoons on record whipped the Philippines on Friday, killing three people and terrifying millions as monster winds tore roofs off buildings and giant waves washed away flimsy homes.  Unfortunately it will get a lot worse before it get's better in the
Visayas region as the Aquarian Moon moves to square the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio to start the First Qtr. Phase.