Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Some Days are a Little Crazier - A Neptune Station, Venus OOB Square Moon-Uranus in Aries


When I started writing my forecast for today, the 13th. of November 2013, I knew that the impulsive Aries Moon would keep this day humming with excitement. But I had no idea how these energies would mix with Neptune making it's yearly station direct. Neptune or Poseidon, god of the seas, earthquakes and fertility who stationed to move direct this morning @ 10:43 AM. Pacific Time. I even referenced that that Poseidon's movement might even result in sudden earthquakes today. In fact just ahead of the Neptune station @ 9:30:30 AM Pacific
Another quake this time 3.4 magnitude strkes in San, Ramon, California Actually this tremor over in San Ramon, where the big AT&T call center is located, was just an inkling of some of the seismic shocks to come in the next few days.

Neptune will remain direct in Pisces till June 2014. The last time this planet stationed was June 7. 2013 marking the last retrograde period. Usually when retrograde, Neptune can inspire or perceptions to become more acute with heightened psychic sensitivity. When Neptune is direct the principles of dissolving boundaries and redemption are particularly strong. On the other hand when Neptune turns direct, denial can be greater, thus it is important that we deal with any problems that we pick up while Neptune is retrograde Neptune direct emphasizes our longing to merge with the divine, experience true spirituality, mystical events, more compassion and intuitive understanding. From another perspective, this is a planet related to delusions, even insanity. Neptune's stations @ 3 degrees Pisces where he is dignified. The Sabian Symbol for this degree: "A petrified forest, an eternal record of life lived long ago." This symbol relates to an agelessness and resilience along a time when we look toward records of the past even tuning in to the Akashic records. There is also a tendency to feel lonely and lost as in a giant forest. At three degrees Pisces, there can be a growing desire to find our true self instead of being lost midst of a deep forest. We may feel a strong motivation to re-establish a sense of identity, position and character before making the journey thru the "dark forest". This Neptune station is  an opportune time to pursue meditation, prayer, holistic practices like yoga which refine and deepen whole body-mind awareness.

The Healing Side of Neptune Since Neptune is traveling with Chiron, the wounded healer also  in Pisces. Both celestial bodies add to a  Grand Water Trine there is an emphasis on all kinds of healing. (Note that Chiron also stations on November 19th. to move forward)Neptune now in the sign of the two fishes helps with  energetic and psychic healing and can alleviate depression in many cases. The Mars-Venus trine in earth signs helps this manifest in the areas of fertility and virility.Mars now in Virgo is also in a positive 60 degree angle to Jupiter in Cancer adding to confidence for both sexes
along with fertility.
These combinations aided by a highly motivated Aries Moon,  large and small scale cleaning projects are favored. 

Venus, which is the lower octave of Neptune and  relates to women and feminine issues is both square Uranus for the unexpected and viral trend along with being Out of Bounds via declination. This of course is can trigger extreme actions.

Plus with today's Aries moon meeting Uranus adding more intensity to this square we have news of: Thanks a Lot, Mr. President: Single Mom’s Letter Goes Viral

From the article: One mom decided to vent her frustration by posting a letter to the President on her Facebook page.
Yolanda Burroughs-Vestal of Palmer, Texas never expected her rant to go viral, but it has had tens of thousands of views and is still going strong.
Symbolically her first name is "Yolanda" which is the nickname for Super Typhoon Haiyan whose aftermath is continuing the horrors in the Philippines
Her last name is Vestal (relating to vesta now transiting in the 29th. karmic degree of Virgo relating to healthcare/service
with this Sabian Symbol: "Having an urgent task to complete, a person doesn't look to any distractions."Vesta is about total focus and devotion for sure. This story and others are interesting from the standpoint of delineating synchronicity with Neptune's boundless station where many subjects and ongoing events tend to merge into each other.  November 13th. Technological Firsts and/or Innovations?
Google's Patent for the Neck TatooVenus ruler of Taurus relating to the neck and throat is in a 90 degree angle to Uranus (planet of sudden change and inventions)
relating directly to the fact that: Motorola Mobility, which is owned by Google, has submitted an application for what is effectively an adhesive device “that compromises an electronic skin tattoo capable of being applied to a throat region of the body.” Having Venus in a hard aspect to Uranus is considered volatile and a progenitor to first time events while having Venus also near Pluto adds even more turmoil and eccentricity. Regarding Venus which also represents currency and money which as I said is the lower octave of Neptune. Both Venus and Neptune are in orb of a sextile reflecting that whole concept of merging. One of the signposts regarding merging is reflected in this recent story about The Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP. The TPP is being called the "NAFTA of the Pacific" or "NAFTA on steroids" and i so much more than just a trade agreement. In fact in alignment with the Neptune station, WikiLeaks just published a 95-page excerpt from this secretive, multi-national trade agreement. Speaking of volatility and this explosive Aries Moon - Will this happen in conjunction with GridEx II 2013 and CME's hitting earth?

So what is up with this crazy power grid drill? The scenario will build on lessons learned from GridEx 2011 and include both cyber security and physical security components,” explains NERC, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. “GridEx is a biennial international grid security exercise that uses best practices and other contributions from the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.”The exercise will involve 5,800 major power plants and 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines.
This year's drill occurs on the same day that Neptune, the planet relating to dissolution and merging boundaries stations direct adding to these qualities. Also the Moon in Aries will be triggering the long standing and ultra-potent Uranus-Pluto square enhancing a chance for upheaval! Of course since Neptune rules denial, most people won't notice or will they since this GridEx II 2013 is happening at the same time that the Sun is overactive Sun’s magnetic field about to flip 
From the above article in Earth and Sky:  
What will happen to humanity when the sun reverses its magnetic poles? Nothing that we know of. Effects on human bodies have never been observed, despite the fact that this reversal takes place regularly, on a timescale humans can monitor. Scientists will, however, see more sunspots, solar flares and coronal mass ejections or CMEs from the sun around the time of the sun’s magnetic flip. That solar activity, in turn, affects Earth’s magnetic field, which has the potential to affect earthly technologies, such as power distribution grids and GPS satellites. Read more about these effects: Are solar storms dangerous to us?

 Neptune the planet of mediums and prophets? As an astrologer, I have to agree regarding solar storm activity which may actually surge closer to the Full Moon on November 17th.and sometime in January 2014 take down major electrical grids worldwide. Financial pundit ART CASHIN: Beware Of Solar Storms
Last year, veteran trader Art Cashin used his morning note to totally predict a 7.9 magnitude earthquake that happened later that day in Costa Rica.
"In today's note from UBS, Cashin forwards along an email he received from Arch Crawford — a friend "renowned for his astrological calls on the stock market." Here's Crawford: We have written for awhile that Solar Storms will disrupt portions of electrical grids on the earth. Energy of storms heaviest Nov 13 & 23. There's Great danger of "inconvenience"; some danger that the grids will fail.
The theory is based on John H. Nelson's "helio-centric" astronomical theory, according to Cashin. "In the days before satellites, global radio signals could often be disrupted by upper atmosphere disturbances (ionization), which, Nelson maintained, were linked to solar flares and sunspots," Cashin writes. "Just as the tides on Earth vary according to the movement and relationship of the moon and sun; Nelson thought the angles of the planets might affect the 'tides' of the sun."
Read below on this page for more info. regarding the real potential of Mega Solar Flares on the way and yes the qualities of Uranus-Pluto are much invovled both via geocentric (earth centered) and heliocentric (sun centered) charts,
as Jupiter which stationed to move retrograde on November 6th. in Cancer and is applying to an exact opposition to Pluto in January 2014. I have created a chart using Heliocentric settings for 6:37 PM Pacific Time in San Francisco Gemini is rising with Jupiter intercepted in the first house putting mega focus on interior affairs, urban population, domestic affairs, general conditions, Jupiter(Cancer) is in a close and potent opposition with Pluto(Capricorn) also at an angle in the 7th house - this combination is one of the most profound. Note that Uranus-Venus are at the top of the chart in Aries relating to the Sun's activity and are in a TSQ with Pluto/Jupiter all in cardinal active, pivotal signs
Topping this off is that Mars in Heliocentric Leo (also relating to the Sun and Solar Eruptions) is in a square with Saturn in the intense sign of Scorpio. Chart pictured below.
Update November 13th. More Powerful Solar Flares Expected
From Two large, complex sunspots are transiting the Earthside of the sun with mixed-polarity magnetic fields that harbor energy for strong eruptions.
NOAA forecasters estimate a 60% chance of M-class flares and a 30% chance of X-flares during the next 24 hours. Flares from AR1890 could be particularly geoeffective. Because of the way the sun's magnetic field spirals through interplanetary space, AR1890 is magnetically connected to our planet. Particles accelerated by an explosion there would be guided in our direction, possibly causing a radiation storm around Earth. The next big flare will probably come from one of these two circled regions which includs new monster sunsport AR1897:
More updates to follow in the coming days...