Thursday, November 21, 2013

Charles Manson Getting Hitched - Resident Evil Seduces Starry-Eyed Innocence Again


November 21st. Gone but not forgotten, the Sun leaves the darker, extreme and usually pessimistic Scorpio for the expanded horizons of the sign of the seven league boots, higher ideals and centaurs, Sagittarius. Yet Since N. Node, Mercury (till Dec. 4th.) and Saturn continue in this sign related to depths, detective activity and the destroyer into 2014, Stories relating to criminals and in this case a killer, who is known for bizarre, eccentric and shocking behavior, may seem like the new normal. After all with Saturn pushing the boundaries of taboos and compulsions in Scorpio forming an ongoing trine with Neptune in fantastical Pisces and Jupiter expanding romance in Cancer - all emotional, water signs whats a psychopath to do? Without question, Charles Manson is the most notorious killer in American history, infamous worldwide for the horrific Tate/LaBianca murders. He's always been America's favorite metaphor for the dark side of the Sixties, the ultimate evil hippie. Remember that back in the sixties Uranus-Pluto conjunct in Virgo transited over Manson's Mars-Neptune conjunction undoubtedly pushed him to a point of insane, megalomania. "Megalomania is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs."</> A new issue of Rolling Stone takes us deeper into the psyche of a notorious, career criminal and murderer seeking a hookup. Is Charles Manson Getting Married? CConvicted killer's 25-year-old companion Star tells RS, "Charlie is my husband" Charles Manson, perhaps the most infamous convicted killer of all time, is 79 years old and still locked up in California's Corcoran State Prison, where he walks with a cane and sports chipped prison dentures. Star is a 25-year-old brunette who's been loyally visiting Manson in jail since she was 19 years old and maintains several websites devoted to defending Manson and his pro-Earth environmental causes. And according to an astonishingly in-depth new profile by Rolling Stone contributing editor Erik Hedegaard, the pair could be heading down the aisle. Sort of. 

Below I dissect Charlie's natal chart alongside excerpts from the Rolling Stone interview entitled: Charles Manson Today: the Final Confessions of a Psychcopath Charles Manson (born November 12, 1934) as the chart below shows a strong Scorpio personality with Sun-Venus conjunct @ 20 and 19 degrees. Currently he is getting a romantic boost from both Jupiter @ 20 degrees Cancer and Mars (ancient ruler of the Scorpion) @ 21 degrees Virgo. In fact transiting Mars earlier this month crossed over Charlie's sexually magnetic and unconsciously inspired Mars-Neptune conjunction posited in the 5th. house of love affairs and in his case dangerous affairs. Note that with Mars so close to Neptune (known in a more spiritually evolved individual as a the Guardian Angel aspect) but with Manson more like the "Attacking Demon placement. From the Rolling Stone article: "He tilts to one side and says, "I know what you're thinking. Just relax." A while later, he says, "If I can touch you, I can kill you." The real big deal about Manson's horoscope is a potent, dangerous and highly manipulative configuration represented by a Fixed Cross. The cross starts from the Taurus Ascendant to Jupiter-Mercury on the Descendant(the Western Horizon at the time of birth-ruled by the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra and Venus). Crossed by Moon-N. Node at Mid-Heaven opposing Pluto-Ceres-S. Node.

Chart below:

In Manson's natal chart a , fixed, stubborn earthy Taurus is rising with the asteroid of strategy, political activism and in this case a staunch environmental stand, Pallas.(This asteroid Pallas Athene is also Out of Bounds by declination, enhancing his scheming). From the Rolling Stone article: (It wasn't Charlie's murderous reputation that drew her here but his pro-Earth environmental stance, known as ATWA, standing for air, trees, water and animals.) Pallas in Taurus is a highly sensory place which refers to his street wise knowledge Thus the First Arm of the Fixed Cross: His greedy and persistent Taurus ascendant and Pallas oppose Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio which relates to his ethical/moral challenges mixed with obsessive, enigmatic, power-hungry and even occultist leanings. Manson's radical, eccentric Moon-North Node in the sign of the unexpected Aquarius at the top of his chart in the public 10th house Opposes Pluto (last degrees of Cancer and modern ruler of his Scorpio sun on cusp of the 4th. ) In this position near the IC (Imum Coeli or "bottom of the sky") he demonstrates a relentless, radical need for transformation. Ceres is also located in the 4th house (also Out of Bounds ) expressive, theatrical in Leo near the S. Node also in Leo this combo can relate to conflicts of not only meeting his own needs vs. those of the family but also a warped sense of destiny. With Leo intercepted in this fourth house placement, relating to gathering his "family" together, as the nominal head or the clan. Take a closer look at the Manson Family Tree. Venus ruler of this Taurus rising chart as I mentioned is posited in the 7th. where Jupiter represents already represents multiple sexual partners, Venus is closely conjunct the Sun associated with his uncanny power of seduction,sexual addiction and manipulation and passionate entanglements. From the article: Charlie's wife-to-be, but another one of his children, just like Squeaky and Sandy once were, with her just now taking her first little baby steps, him holding her hand and showing the way. At least, that's my perception of how it is. But we all know how perceptions are.
With this misguided affair with Starr, we can only hope that there won't be anymore followers pursuing this evil mentor even though his highly seductive powers still are active.