Sunday, February 03, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII - An entertaining but strange battle with Mars/Neptune in Pisces!


Taking a break from all the media hype around the Super Bowl or "the Harbowl" on February 3rd. isn't easy. Yet now that Mars has entered Pisces on Feb. 1st ready to meet Neptune. Along with the Last Qtr. Moon Phase (exact on Super Bowl Sunday @ 5:56 AM) emotional tugging, desire from a hot, passionate even vengeful Scorpio Moon square (90 degree angle) to a more intellectual but rebellious Aquarian Sun is coloring our reality and transforming the focus on tommorow's 47th Super Bowl.
The fact that Venus/Sun/Mercury all in super-unconventional Aquarius are at odds with the Moon/Saturn/N Node also in a fixed sign strange, intense Scorpio reflects baffling events like the Alabama bunker standoff  Or the latest news out of Glen Rose, TX where Ex-SEAL/author of American Sniper was fatally shot on a gun range The second story of this Navy Seal  course also relates, to warrior Mars near confusing Neptune plus Mars is the ancient ruler of retaliatoryScorpio.
As they article says: "And the man charged in his death was a fellow veteran, a military official says."

 In the chart below for the start of the Super Bowl @ 5:30 PM CST, Saturn is right at ground zero at start time meaning a potential delay in the game or serious incident to occur. Or with Saturn on the IC, patience is favored and a quality for the winner to exhibit. For today the Galactic Tone is Nine which is all about patience. The Mayan Day Sign for 2-3-2013 is Kan (Seed) dealing with the magic of germination and sexual activity relating well to Saturn in Scorpio. The energies of Kan or Seeds are also about freeing ourselves from the oppressive patterns of the past.

Looking at Mars, the aggressor coming close to Neptune. Sure Mars now in more compassionate Pisces seems to soften things. As this article speaks a  "divinely inspired " time in American history where a Third of Americans believe divine power decides the Super Bowl! 

These two planets Mars-Neptune meeting is also about gullibility, fantastical, visionary and spiritual merging can create hoaxes, delusions and far out ideas. Speaking of bizarre, there have been a number of videos speaking of a False Flag or this one describing this super bowl as the last one ever. Kind of like Pater Romanus as the last pope except  with some twists about a sacrificial event planned way ahead.  We see that both of these conspiracy videos below try to connect the Assumption Parish sinkhole which is a full 65 miles away from New Orleans to a massive False Flag explosion. 


Well after all this 47th Super Bowl which adds up to 11, one of the illuminati numbers is taking place in the North American Capitol of Voodoo.  This is the place where entities like Baron La Croix (pronounced Lakwa) is  revered as one of the Voodoo spirits of death referred to as the Guédé Barons. Since his name means  Baron of the Cross, we might consider the Fixed Cross on the angles. . This spirit is a Loa of the dead and like Scorpio relates to sexuality, and joins other Voodoo loas like Baron Samedi and Baron Cimetière. Baron La Croix is the  ultimate suave and sophisticated spirit of Death - quite cultured and debonair with a humorous quality. This Baron often reminded his minions to delight and enjoy life's pleasures.  I mention this strange loa because of his connection with the N. Node and  Moon in Scorpio  opposing from the IC (ground zero in Mercedes Benz Stadium) to S. Node and  MidHeaven in pleasure oriented Taurus.

Getting even further out from reality or is it taking the leap down the rabbit hole as the following video goes into elaborate description of perception and a story The Video below attempts to connect the . Hmmm Jupiter, the planet of expansion and story telling stationed direct in wordy Gemini on Jan. 30th. Jupiter stationed @ 6 degrees 19 minutes Gemini with this Sabian Symbol:
"An old fashioned well" - the question is how deep does the well or the rabbit hole go?! We will soon find out not just Feb. 3rd but onward toward the next Uranus-Pluto square on May 23d.   Could it be that these Piscean-Neptune type videos are awakening many  of the sleepers who  will be looking outside themselves for answers?


 The last time Mars-Neptune were together occurred in the oceanic, paranoid and musical sign Pisces was on April 14, 1849 Looking back on 1849 - specifically April 14, 1849: the Hungarian Declaration of Independence from Austria was declared.
  On April 25, 1849: "Lord Elgin, signed the Rebellion Losses Bill, outraging Montreal's English population and triggering the Montreal Riots."   Mars-Neptune together tends to have Guardian Angel aspect of artistic inspiration religious news both inspirational, deceptive and downright misguided Since Mars is softened in sensitive, feminine Pisces with a cold, moist and even lethargic temperament, and since Pisces is co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter (relates to sports and sporting events) leading up to Sundays' showdown even the Chris Culliver Saga has taken on a new PR and Piscean twist
Chris Culliver to have sensitivity training, work with LGBT group Making it even more difficult is the last Full Moon in sports-minded, 5th house Leo.  In fact here is the chart below  set for the Super Bowl start time in New Orleans @ 5:30 PM CST with 14 Leo 08 rising - Sabian Symbol - A Street Pagean Just to add a slightly malevolent tone - 15 Degrees Leo is a critical degree sometiems considered the worst degree in the zodiac, the sign of serial killers, and convicted felons! This radiant and exhibitionist ascendant is opposing the chart's ruler the SUN
Reflecting and  asking whether "Rivalry and Competition" are synonyms. Astrologically both
rivalry and competition relate to Mars, the warrior. Rivalry which suggests an obsessive, bold or brash actions, overriding ambition and uncontrolled emotions appears more negative than
competition. Yet competition can be just as stressful and aggressive suggests a mutual respect. 

Before I go on, just look at all those planets in the 7th house of partners and rivals. Specifically look at  Mars almost conjunct Neptune in illusive Pisces in the 7th house of the competitor. Mars also followed by Mercury relating to angry words. In fact We are not just talking about lots of intoxicated spectators/fans but a different type of battle or game intermixed with a spiritual element.   Looking at fixed stars where Alphard is rising while Mars is setting which indicates a super aggressive and assertive team whether Baltimore or 49ers is debatable. Alphard is an orange star in the neck of the Hydra or Watersnake. Yes the year of the Black Water Snake starts on Feb. 10th right in sync withe the Aquarian New Moon @ 21 degrees Aquarius 43 closely square the last Solar Eclipse on Nov. 13th. @ 21 Scorpio 56. Suffice to say a dynamic and explosive connection. Back to Alphard paran Mars known to intensify aggressive drives and ruthless actions perfectly natural for sports has other more ancient ramifications. Per Robson: Alphard with Mars indicates: Trouble and scandal through love affairs. Attachment to a married person. Bad for childbirth, if a woman liable to miscarriage and death, together with death of child, danger of serious accidents or poisoning. More Game Details Scorpio vs. Taurus including Fixed Stars. Let's first look at the Heliacal Rising star which is Rukbat, the foot of the Archer, Sagittarius. Rukbat relates to steadiness an unswerving attitude. While the Heliacal Setting Star is Castor, one of the two twins in the Constellation Gemini, the other being Pollux. Castor is known as the story teller who is always seeking knowledge and wanting a voice. And VOICE IT HAS BEEN with the sportswriters, assorted pundits and otheer commentators with 24/7 coverage. Back to Mars the star of the show we also see El Nath rising as Mars is culminating or To take physical action even in the face of strong opposition. El Nath found in the tip of the northern or left horn of the Bull-Taurus is known to be a great and terrible weapon used for good or evil. Could the weapon be Colin Kaepernick (Nov. 3, 1987) - a strong Scorpio with a highly focused Sun-Pluto conjunction.
Colin's astrological opposite Ray Anthony Lewis, Jr. (born May 15, 1975) a full 22 years older than Colin and on the verge of retiring .
Ray is a persistent Taurus with Mars in Pisces (tricky) trine Sun in bull headed Taurus. Ray Lewis is a lot older than Colin but has a Thors Hammer involving Jupiter-Saturn-N. Node which could be lucky. Finally we see that El Nath has the nature of Mars and Mercury. It gives fortune, eminence and neutrality for good or evil To make this game even more interesting is that Algol the demon star is setting as Jupiter is setting relating to an obsession with power, whether political, physical or spiritual. Finally we see that Of the nature of Mars and Mercury. It gives fortune, eminence and neutrality for good or evil. Bottom line no matter who wins, this mighty battle will have some strange overtones along with irrational exuberance.  No matter who wins this will be one crazy and powerful spectacle. .