Sunday, February 10, 2013

Aquarian New Moon - Volatility Meets Ambiguity and Dissolution


February 9th/10th's wildling (per Song of Ice and Fire by RR. Martin) , spontaneous and ultra-progressive New Moon in Aquarius is one that everyone will be talking about for a while.

 Looking at the hourly forecast I posted on my website : February 9th started out with a pleasant Moon-Venus conjunction @ 2:25 AM even considered warm even for the intellectual sign of Aquarius there is joy and warmth. A Mercury-Venus square was next @ 4;08 AM when an information overload may have lead to hoax and fantasy - so stay grounded. A couple hours later a slightly depressing Moon-Saturn square @ 6:12 AM could trigger fear reactions along with possible delays when patience, organization, and restraint are needed. The day ends on the West Coast with an Epic New Moon @ 22 Aquarius is closely square the degree of the previous solar eclipse on November 13, 2012 @ 22 Scorpio. Since this Solar Eclipse multiple earthquake activity has increased in the South Pacific area where maximum visibility occurred back in November The Sabian Symbol for 22 Aquarius is A rug placed on the floor for children to play on. This symbol represents a safety net or place of protection. Since the New Moon also squares the lunar nodes in Scorpio/Taurus there is a challenge to deal with power and materialistic attachements. This challenge will be catalzying liberaton on many levels. This New Moon features multiple Yod's (finger of God) including one with Saturn in Scorpio as the apex involving a sextile from Vesta-Gemini to Pallas-Aries where all the darkness lurking in the shadows is being brought to light suddenly.

 In regards to powerful events happening, if we were just look at the super blizzard in the Northeast that would be enough but there is so much more happening. Suffice to say that this period of volatility and emergency is epic from the Northeast with Nemo to the Santa Cruz Islands where a state of disaster has been declared. First with Nemo - Nemo is a Latin word meaning "no man" or "no one" or "nobody" or Anonymous? This definition relates well astrologically to the Piscean dissolution  happening during this cold Aquarian Moon.   Please understand this Epic Storm didn't connote the cute, fishy Disney character in the movie, Finding Nemo
Without a doubt this Aquarian New Moon was a surprising day also filled with many positive social opportunities with the Sun TSQ the Nodes and trine Jupiter for some. But also the volatile and unexpected The New Moon occurred on Feb.9th @ 11:20 PM PST. and Feb. 10th @ 7:20 AM.UT
Winter Storm Buries Northeast; Leaves 10 Dead, 700,000 Powerless
A massive blizzard that dumped as much as 3 feet of snow in parts of the Northeast is heading out to sea, as workers across New York and New England struggle to get airports, trains and highways back online. And with a Saturn ruled Aquarian Moon and Venus (closely square Saturn) powering massive amounts of SNOW
since the white stuff, snow relates astrologically to Saturn, Capricorn (Pluto) and Neptune (Piscean transits). Regarding Nemo and the epoch blizzard - below is a chart set for the New Moon on Feb. 10th
@ 2:20 AM EST 

Looking at chart for the New Moon we first notice that Sagittarius is rising making Jupiter the ruler of this chart  opposing the Ascendant.  Jupiter is posited on the 7th house cusp near focused Vesta in Gemini expanding the high winds  The frightening part about this massive mid-winter storm
is that both the ASC in explosive Sagittarius and Jupiter in wind related Gemini
which are TSQ the build up of Piscean planets in the 3rd House relating to transportation snarls,disruptions and accidents
those planets included Neptune (oceans), Mercury (communications networks), Mars (activity and agression), Chiron (wounds-injury-disease)
And adding insult to injury Uranus is stationed at Ground Zero - NYC/Boston for some unexpected and sudden power outages

Since Uranus is the ruler of the always shocking Sun-Moon in Aquarius and Uranus continues in that waxing square Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn's ruler, Saturn shares the ancient rulership with Aquarius and Saturn  is about bitter cold and lots of snow. Add in multiple Yod's or (Fingers of Fate) especially a major Yod involving Vesta (gemini) to Saturn (Scorpio)-Pluto(Capricorn) add in Pallas @ 10 degrees Aries and you have a Double Yod Key.
 Pallas, the asteroid Goddess of wisdom connects to justice, health and even creativity for aritisans. Pallas in Aries is about activation and dangerous feats and just connected to Pluto is bringing about some major transformations by busting mentally obsessed and fixed thinking. With Double Yod Key's there are multiple events appear usually in threes (1) severe weather (2) earthquakes, (3) accidents or manhunts? All of this is expanded by  Jupiter now in high winds sign Gemini in a square to Mars and Mercury in Pisces relating to oceans and floods.

  Now to the Santa Cruz Islands where a crustal upheaval near Santa Cruz Islands signals planet undergoing massive change This is far from normal and all we have to do is just to look at the USGS navigation page and see the significant earthquakes listed starting on Feb. 1st. We see that in this subduction zone, two of Earth's major tectonic plates meet and one slides beneath the other into the mantle, the deeper layer beneath the crust. The Solomon Islands sits above the collision between the Australia and Pacific plates. In the region of today's magnitude-8.0 earthquake, the Australia plates dives beneath the Pacific plate toward the east-northeast at a geologically speedy 3.7 inches (94 millimeters) per year. 

The third event preccesed by the Double Yod Key and this volatile New Moon could involve the ongoing manhunt in Southern California where a $1 Million Dollar reward could be offered for Dorner. In fact per another story from RT. The manhunt has led police to three states and the north of Mexico. But is this a distraction from other things that brewing regarding moral ambiquity which is being revealed daily about leaders like Donald Rumsfield and the Aspartame approval and even those within the LAPD. Dorner himself according to sketchy bios from places like Wikipedia was born June 4, 1979.
Per a chart set for a noon birth in NYC.? We not only see the his mutable Sun-Mercury pairing in Gemini close enough to grab the media's attention but also a powerful Mystic Rectangle comprised of fire and air signs involving Mercury (Gemini)-Pluto(Libra) -Neptune(Sagittarius)and Vesta (Aries) demonstrating multiply conflicted ideas and actions to say the least. Consider that his natal Mars-Venus (passion and emotions) are in stubborn, persistent and sensual Taurus in a dangerous opposition to Uranus relating to the warrior who demands freedom at any cost even death. Chart below for Dorner
In Part Two I will look at the Fixed Stars during tis New Moon.