Monday, January 28, 2013

A Wild Wolf Moon Filled with Fire


I started writing this right before the Moon entered Leo and the excitement was growing. By the time Saturday arrived and the Moon was Full it was hard to even stop and continue as she expanded in brightness and definition as the evening lingered.
Traditionally the first full moon of January is known as the Full Wolf Moon. This year though there is an electric fire element present with the Sun-Mars in Aquarius . The Native Americans tribes including the Algonquin tribes from New England to Lake Superior, designated this lunation as at time when the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages.
Seasonally as Mid-Winter will be arriving a time when snow banks are piled high. There other names included the Old Moon or even the Full Snow Moon depending on blizzards and storms. Yes this year with an ultra-dramatic Leo Full Moon where the Lion might meet the wolf along with the reaper as Saturn in Scorpio will lead the ongoing locomotive chart shapes.

 THIS IS ANYTHING BUT A QUIET or DULL LEO FULL MOON First of all this is a time when courage, creative intelligence and the joy of living life can overcome struggles and tragedy! A time when the fire element can lose control as pyrotechnics go awry. It is also a time when we can veritably touch the electrified excitement. A time when we see both a literal and metaphorical FLASHES OF LIGHT. Update from Sunday evening: Dozens Report "Fireball" Streak Across the Sky in Virginia Sunday Night
Lynchburg, VA - Dozens of viewers, nearing over 100 as of Sunday Night, report seeing a very bright "fireball" streak across the night sky.
Witnesses report a vivid tail of fire-like red particles extending from the fireball.

 Speaking of pyrtotechnics getting out of control we noticed on Sunday (Jan. 27th) such a tragic inferno occurred early AM. We look briefly at the horrific fire that "broke out at 2 a.m. at a nightclub called Kiss in Santa Maria, Brazil, at the southern tip of Brazil near the borders with Argentina and Uruguay." 'Complete panic' as 232 killed in Brazil nightclub fire

 A chart below is set for 2:00 AM just as the fiery Leo Moon was separating from an exact opposition with the Sun
in the sign of the unexpected Aquarius.
The sign relating to fireworks, Sagittarius was rising, with Jupiter the ruler of the chart in the 6th. house
relating to students and a day to day activity per the article above "The facility was hosting an event for a local university. Most of the attendees were students of that school">
The Moon in theatrical Leo in the 9th house relating to the band
"that was onstage began to use flares and, suddenly, they stopped the show and pointed them upward. At that point the ceiling caught fire."
The Moon was applying to a square with Saturn in deadly Scorpio on the cusp of the 12th house relating to chaos, helplessness, panic and instability... Chart set for 2:00 AM with LMT for Santa Maria, Brazil:

The Fixed Star Acumen is the Heliacal Rising Star over London, Washington, DC, Brazil and the West Coast USA. Acumen is found in the Stinger of the Scorpion Constellation.

Acumen is actually an open cluster of stars above the stinger and a companion to Aculeus Most importantly, Acumen is about attacks not only physical, but mental and emotional. Acumen relates to suffering at the hands of others; subject to rumors We are talking about rumors and falsehoods which can be damaging to career, social and emotional lives. Acumen has the same nature and influence of Moon and Mars. Acumen is also said to afflict eyesight and causes blindness of one or both eyes..
 In a chart set for London, UK for the Full Moon @ 4:38 AM on the 26th. The Heliacal Setting Star is El Nath found at the tip of the horn of Taurus is Setting before Sunrise. El Nath can relate to a weapon of attack. Relating to a confrontational attitude, a desire to deal with real life, real issues.

On another note, all charts for this lunation have the Sun @ 7 degrees 24 Aquarius and the Moon @ 7 degrees 24 Leo are within orb of the critical degree of Fixed signs - 8 34', Also the moon is even closer to the Arabic Mansion Al Nathrah - Called the Gap or Crib. Causes love, friendship and society of fellow travelers, drives away mice, afflicts captives and causes their imprisonment. With Moon here, navigate. On the positive side Mercury which is separating from the Sun now in progressive Aquarius @ 13 degrees 29 minutes is known as Al Sa'd al Bula. mu which was 13AQU05' in 2007. This Arabic placement yields what has been dubbed "The Good Fortune of the Swallower" and alternately results in letting go liberty of captives and healing the sick.

 Let me emphasize, with this Leo Full Moon, don't ever underestimate the primary Fixed Square involving the Moon-Sun in Leo/Aquarius TSQ Saturn in passionate, retaliatory and vengeful Scorpio. In other words passions and emotions are running hot and intense.
Like I said it won't be quiet or demure.
 From Queensland where the Mercury-Saturn square brought extreme weather
Once in a century flooding gives Queensland an unexpected sequel 
To Egypt where violence has escalated to an emergency situation:
Egypt’s Leader Declares State of Emergency in Three Cities

Or over in Davos, Switzerland where: Topless protesters take on elite Davos forum

Finally regarding the highly active Full Moon over Washington, DC set for 11:38 PM on January 26th. Libra is rising stimulating negotiations and compromise as laws are will be passed with breakneck speed. Castor is the Heliacal Setting Star one of the Twins along with Pollux in the Gemini Constellation Castor tends to seek the lighter side of situations along with a quest for knowledge and demanding a voice. A primary example involves sweeping immigration reform where the voice of the people - in this case undocumented immigrants is being heard. Of course with Jupiter in Gemini (communications expanded)near Vesta (focus) and trine the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius this is inevitable. Chart Below.

In a clear reference to Saturday'sFull Moon in Leo TSQ Saturn in the sign of debt,taxes and other sure things, Scorpio < with Libra rising over DC and Jupiter-Vesta in the 8th expanding all of the above. Jupiter relating to ethics and morals and of course the letter of the law.
Court says Obama exceeded authority in making appointments More on the effects of this first Full Moon of 2013 later...