Monday, January 21, 2013

49ers Colin Kaeipernick & Sun-Mercury in Aquarius meant Reversal of Fortune for the Falcons


Yesterday one best and biggest examples of sports reversals and strong athletic performances by a young star reflected the combo. of Mercury (youth) and Sun (ego-hero) in Aquarius.
 The game I am speaking of was the 49ers beating the Falcons for a shot at the Super Bowl led by Colin Kaeipernick

Per the sports writing above: Helped by the defense in the final minutes, Kaepernick didn't put up the same dazzling numbers he did in the divisional playoff against Green Bay. But he was solid enough to justify coach Jim Harbaugh's decision to bench Alex Smith and go with the youngster.

Colin Kaeipernick (born Nov. 3, 1987) as a quarterback brings an ultra-powerhouse with Sun-Pluto in Scorpio and has been aided by transiting Saturn also in the sign of the passionate, persistent Scorpion/Eagle. In his case discipline and skill have meshed. Actually it was Colin's Pallas-Saturn-Uranus planets in Sagittarius that helped defeat the Falcons. First: Pallas in Sagittarius is about looking at the big picture and helped him form a unifying strategy come back in the 2nd half. Secondly his natal Saturn-Uranus conjunction allowed him to balance individual freedom with team welfare and in Sagittarius added a rock-hard faith and willingness to take chances. View Colin's Natal Chart Here (using Noon time)

Now as we look at the game via a chart below set for the start of NFC championship game (inner wheel)
and Colin's natal chart (using noon birth) as the outer wheel...
Gemini was rising @ 24 degrees to start the game - Sabian Symbol - "Children skating on ice." Thus the game could have gone either way with mutable Gemini rising. Chart below set for 3 PM EST in Atlanta.

Mercury, representing youth over age (Colin) is the ruler of the chart above. And adding to Mercury combust the Sun (extreme closeness to the Sun) in the sign of the unexpected events and reversals Aquarius. Mercury combust the Sun added to the mind (thus helping reflexes) the ability for intense concentration and eliminated distracting or diverting influences for players. One thing for sure is that fans in Atlanta were LOUD so this was an aid.   In the chart above Sun-Mercury are in the 8th house relating to Colin's own natal Sun-Pluto conjunction by sign. More importantly Colin's natal Saturn-Uranus were near the 7th representing the plays and his execution for the 49ers as the opponent. Jupiter is the ruler of the 7th. the opponent to home team Falcons. Plus with Jupiter in the 12th house and conjunct Vesta (focus-commitment) relates to coming from behind and from a hidden place. Also with Neptune-Pisces on the Mid-Heaven representing the public temperment of the game we look toward Jupiter co-ruler of Pisces. To reiterate, the ruler of the 7th/the 49ers as the opposing team - ultimately beating the Falcons and their quarterback Matt Ryan 28 to 24.