Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lance Armstrong Under Oath - the Perfectionist with a Taste for Boundless Redemption


We found out today that Lance's confession yesterday to the Queen of Exposure, Aquarian Oprah Winfrey (Jan. 29, 1954).  But this is just the beginnin the law's point of view. It appears that the inquisitors want blood. Anti-doping officials want Armstrong under oath In fact under the rays of the last limiting Capricorn Moon including tomorrow's Venus-Pluto power play - Anti-doping officials want the disgraced cyclist to admit his guilt under oath before considering whether to lift a lifetime ban clouding his future as a competitive athlete. Everybody wants a piece of this story predicating a redemption. What I find interesting is not just Lance's confession and subsequent conversations with the law but from astrological point of view because of his crazy career. Chart set below using a noon time per set for September 18, 1971 in Plano, TX
Mot only is he a persistent and a strong Virgo and paragon of physical perfectionism. (Sun-Pluto-Hygeia-Moon-Juno-Mercury all in the sign of the Virgin.),there is a totally expansive Jupiter-Neptune conjunction relating to both super achievments deceit, moral dilemnas, spiritual quests and most notabley performance-enhancing-drug user! As  Virgo astrologer Liz Greene says in her mighty tome - The Astrological Neptune - the Quest for Redemption: "The co-rulers of Pisces share a taste for the boundless. When Jupiter and Neptune are in aspect, the longing to extend oneself beyond material and moral confines might take many forms;"  Of course their is usually no malice directed with Jupiter-Neptune combos.  Here is another article about Lance and using the word redemption:

Lance Armstrong's week of discordant redemption

Lances' also has a Saturn-Pallas conjunction in Gemini which adds to whole interview process. Saturn-Pallas together are known for self-discipline, consolidating assets and structure. In Gemini their is the element best described as the power of words no matter how limited will have power
as Jupiter transits in the sign of the twins. 

 Lance also has a Mystic Rectangle or a soft rectangle with planets in sextile in the corners. First Mars the warrior in Aquarius in a 60 degree angle to Chiron in Aries On the opposite corner: Uranus/Libra and S. Node/Leo. The opposition from S. Node to Mars especially with a priveliged S. Node in Leo (past gifts, adulation, hero status) opposing Mars in Aquarius (unpredictable athletic career). But there is also Chiron in Aries relating to his winning the the Tour de France cycling race in Paris despite his being diagnosed with cancer of testicles, abdomen, lungs and brain 10/02/1996! Doctors gave him a 40% chance of recovery - and no chance of returning to his sport this relates directly to his healing abilities aided by this mystic rectangle. Quote: "Here there can be exceptional skills which overcome immense obstacles, through synthesizing apparently different elements into an original and appropriate package. " Below is only a representation with this rare but powerful aspect:

Lance also has Mars and N. Node in Aquarius (if you read my forecast ) and is being activated by the current Mars movement and all fixed transits. The future will be crucial for him as the Sun enters Aquarius (January 19th.)  and Mars enters Pisces (Feb The first week of February will add a new element to this huge drama.

The bottom line for me is that he was an amazing athlete who will either  re-invent himself
or crash and burn unexpectedly with his Mars-North Node conjunction.  Perhaps after Saturn,  now in dangerous Scorpio stations on Feb. 18th then moves direct again in July 2013...
then in the middle of October 2013 squares his natal Mars for devastating accident.