Saturday, September 15, 2012

Virgo New Moon - a time of contradictions, living on the edge of new pathways .


We are set to experience a crucial Virgo New Moon @ 7:11 PM for the West Coast. Thsi lunation is filled with contradictions where the deviance is in the detail. My summary slightly condensed: " A New Moon in the sign of the servant and critic @ 7:11 PM dominates. Both the Moon and Sun @ 24 degrees Virgo with a curious sabian symbol of the striving for purity that reflectes this sign: "Mary and her white lamb." Or is this they symbol of a sacrificial lamb?" Sacrificial victims of course relate to Pisces, the opposite sign dealing with religion and video. With this description let's stop and look at this astrological event set for "Hollyweird" where the fantasy factory is working overtime. I am using Hollywood because we now know that 'Innocence Of Muslims' Shot On Hollywood Set, Film Permit Connected To Christian Charity Pisces the sign of illusion, videos, poetry and misplaced ideals, is rising @ that karmic, anarectic 29th degree.
It has been pointed out that the word Anaretic is a Greek word that means `destroyer' or `that which kills'. And with Juno closely trine the ascendant @ 29 degrees Scorpio not only the principle of personal revenge is evident but in the larger sense their is a process of disintegration. In fact since Pluto, the planet relating to destruction and renewal is at the Mid-Heaven and closely square Uranus, the awakener in the first house. Unquestionably we are seeing the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one. In order for this to occur we have the Heliacal Rising Star, Canopus rising before sunrise in Los Angeles County. Canopus is the Keel of the ship Argo Navis, the brightest star in the constellation of Argo. Canopus is the great navigator or pathfinder known to help carry the dead to the afterlife in Egyptian myth. Per Robson: "Canopus contains the nature of Saturn and Jupiter; and, to Alvidas, of the Moon and Mars. It gives piety, conservatism, a wide and comprehensive knowledge, voyages and educational work, and changes evil to good." This does seem like a more hopeful designation to Canopus is that it is the pathfinder who offers a new approach to solving problems. Be aware too that Canopus is associated with dominant leadership which can destroy that which it created. On the other side of the wheel diligent and detail oriented Mercury is opposing in Virgo. No matter how confusing the events of the last few days appear, Mercury exalted in Virgo is highly observant and will continue with a critical eye. Sacrificial victims of course relate to Pisces, the opposite sign dealing with religion and video. Perhaps more telling is that Mercury is near the New Moon and Mercury the communicator and messenger is working overtime during this lunation. Note that the New Moon set for Washington, DC is @ critical 0 degrees Gemini and we should have more words, condemnations and blunders from the leaders who with S Node in Taurus near the Ascendant want desperately to prop up the economy with a desperate QE3 attempt. So with this combination of the Sun-Moon-Mercury all square Vesta (focus) and Ceres (nurturing) in the highly verbal sign of Gemini, expect lots of talk, oration and verbal blunders which will continue to go viral and not solve much. Actually the real news today will also involve earth changes including landslides and quakes. Also many news reports will be exaggerated and hyped with the Moon square Jupiter @ 5:52 AM. Looking quickly at the new moon chart set for London, UK on Sept. 16, 2012 @ 2:11 AM Universal Time has Royal Leo rising in a potent square to Mars in Scorpio posited the 4th house - a dangerous combination. Sure there are a million distractions like the topless pics. of Kate M. published to an Irish newspaper. Who cares when we have the threat of extreme and volatile events getting out of hand.
Then there are the fixed stars. In fact Alphard the Heliacal Rising Star rising before sunset is the same as that over DC on this New Moon. Alphard relates to living a life close to the edge filled with passion,daring or to seek obsessive, intense emotional encounters. Alphard is known as the "Heart of the Serpent" located in the neck of the Watersnake. If rising per Robson: There will be much trouble, anxiety and loss in connection with estates, lands and building; the native will be addicted to women and intemperance. Emotional upheavals and or distress, criminal activitiy The Heliacal Setting Star is Sadalmelek found on the right shoulder of the Water-Bearer Aquarius - Setting before Sunrise - Sadalmelek is located on the right shoulder of the constellation Aquarius. Aka the Lucky One of the King. This star is all about making your own lucky breaks. Opening the door to opportunity when we can use our own personal network to succeed. Our connection to Mercury and the powers of observation with the help of some detailed planning will bring success or at least preparations for some of the extreme events coming quickly with the Next Full Moon on September 29th when the Sun in Libra will translate the light in spectacular fashion to the ongoing worldwide awakening per Pluto (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aries) .