Friday, September 28, 2012

An Explosive Aries Harvest Moon


A much anticipated and totally combustible Aries Full Moon is exact tomorrow @ 8:19 PM Pacific Time. If there ever was a time to take a stand and assert your independence this is it. To get a better understanding of some of the underlying power of this bold, blunt lunation think of daredevils who ski down Mt. Everest or take on the maverick waves. Perhaps the the image of an erupting volcano popping off without any notice will make a bigger impact...
like the picture below of Stromboli volcano in eruption on 5 July 2012:

Aries is known as the "first archetype" astrologically indicative of the birth of something novel. In your own horoscopes an Aries moon can be demanding, impetuous a prima donna who can turn into a little berskerer at time. Just like volcanoes, which are unpredictable and destructive, this Full Moon resides near Uranus in a sign alternately described as Hot, combative sulfurous, courageous, dynamic, intolerant totally impulsive and spontaneous. Just like an incendiary volcano where magma from wildly flows down to destroy whole towns, nothing can stop that dynamic rush of fire until it is all released. Just as this process graphically represents the birth of of a new geological feature whether it be mountains or islands. The First archetype delineates the beginning of creation when a new form emerges.

 A chart set for 8:19 PM in San Francisco, California has a stubborn Taurus rising with Venus ruler of this chart in proud,creative Leo in her natural 5th house indicating something theatrical or cinematic in the SF Bay Area. Actually Venus is part of Grand Cross or Square opposing Hygeia in Aquarius and Neptune (so there could be some surprises around issues of health/disease). I emphasize the issue around health/sickness only because the Libra Sun, Mercury and Saturn are all in the 6th house. But this more likely will involve a crisis around the police, public service or city employees. Mars ruler of Aries, is super potent and intense in Scorpio near the N Node of destiny to help us break apart denial. Both Mars-N Node oppose the many stubborn past issues represented by S Node in Taurus.

Actually tomorrow's the Full Moon in Aries is somewhat of a reversal of the Spring lunaton in Libra on April 6th which occurred right before two major quakes: one 8.6 magnitude and the other 8.2 magnitude mentioned in this recent article: Sumatran earthquakes in April were part of tectonic plate breakupSuch was the case on April 11 when two massive earthquakes erupted beneath the Indian Ocean off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, far from the usual danger zones. Now scientists say the seafloor ruptures are part of a long suspected, yet never before observed, event: the slow-motion splitting of a vast tectonic plate. Check out Chart for Libra Full Moon Here. The most striking configuration was not just the Sun/Vesta in Aries opposing the Moon and Saturn in Libra but a Grand Cross in mutable signs with Mars in Virgo then opposing Neptune-Chiron in Pisces and crossed by the Nodes.

 September 29th promises to be a wild day when the Sun in Libra opposes Uranus, the awakener @ 12:16 AM always at time of total unpredictability . In fact there is likely to be a momentous and sudden break with the usual way things are done. With Uranus involved, a radical, restless, highly independent spirit will lead in the eccentricity today. The Libra Sun then makes a T-Square to Pluto in Capricorn @ 10:54 AM which could mark a darker time of strong obsessions for power, exploitation by extremists/terrorists and dictators. To underscore the morning we have the Moon meeting Uranus in aggressive Aries @ 6:40 PM then making a square to Pluto @ 7:34 PM. Will this harvest also bring a time of renewal and phoenix like triumph? Or will we see a literal harvest of destruction? Will financial markets go over the edge as is happening in Spain? Aries is always about the awakening of new forces along with pioneering innovations especially with the Moon near Uranus. It may take a while before these new activities integrate within society but they are coming. Tradition says that Time for the harvest moon is when our fertile crops should be at their most abundant. Today's Full Corn Moon or Full Harvest Moon comes from Native Americans, who considered this the optimum time for their corn was to be harvested comes at the end of the day @ 8:19 PM. Them Moon at 8 Aries is described by this Sabian Symbol: "A woman's hat with streamers is blown by the East Wind." The Sun is @ 8 Libra with this Sabian Symbol: "A blazing fireplace in a deserted home." As often is the case today, the September full moon is actually the Harvest Moon, which is the full Moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox.