Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Keen, Persuasive Speech with Mercury Sextile Mars at the DNC

It has been quite a day with or without the massive earthquake in Costa Rica. In fact the Grand Earth Trine was actually featured in a different way involving oratory and public speaking at the DNC. With Mercury exalted in Vrig in a sharp sextile to Mars in his rulership in Scorpio and dignified by face and night triplicity, the subject of a quick witted but sharp tongue surfaces. Actually since the Sun and Mercury are moving closer in Virgo to square Jupiter in talkative Gemini, all kinds of blustery rheteroric is emitting from the arena in Charlotte DNC. In tonight with Bill Clinton (born Aug. 19, 1946 @ 8:51 AM CST) who has Mars/Neptune rising together in a missionary zeal alongside charming Venus also in Libra. This configuraton adds to his own dramatic, acting sytle of speaking. Mainly because Clinton mirrors the aspects of the day with his assertive, just? Mars in a sharp trine to Mercury in expressive Leo found near Pluto for a powerfully persuasive and tacitcal speaking style. Enough about Clinton...
No I am not specifically talking about euphemisms at the DNC . Actually in this case it is Venus terminating her journey in Cancer after a damping, restrictive and limiting square to Saturn in Libra. From the article above: "the current Democratic platform is carefully avoiding taking a stand on one of the most divisive issues in the United States today: the practice and principle of terminating unborn life. hoping to avert the looming spectre of electoral defeat, addressing the issue indirectly, framing the issue in such euphemistic words as “human rights”, “empowering women to make their own decisions”, and last but not least: “reproductive health”. Actually since Uranus and Pallas, the asteroid mores connected to political strategy are together in the more aggressive Aries. They will go on the attack..." they’ll defend Obama’s record on reproductive health and reproductive rights. And, as they have before, they’ll accuse GOP nominee Mitt Romney and his party of waging a “war on women.”” Now I am referring more specifically to speeches by Michele Obama last night and Bill Clinton tonight. I am not going to analyze the words or subject of the speeches. In fact I am going to omit Slick Willie and focus more on not just Michele but a mystic rectangle which contains this this combo which enhances fighting with brains and words not weapons and armies .
Sept. 5th: We have two Grand Trines, one in Earth incorporating Moon exalted in Taurus to Mercury-Sun in Virgo adding discrimination and critical observations.
and to Pluto in Capricorn the mighty force of transformation.
Even more amazing is that the Moon-Mercury-Mars and Chiron form a Mystic Rectangle all around 1:08 AM PDT
The Mystic Rectangle is a pattern developing when two sets of oppositions are sextile to each other.
This unusual aspect pattern has the following connections: two oppositions (Moon-Mars and Mercury-Chiron),
two sextiles (Mercury-Mars and Moon-Chiron) and finally two trines (Moon-Mercury and Mars-Chiron).
Since Chiron is in the mix there is a hidden even mystical lesson from the wounded healer being projected.
The Mystic Rectangle will always contain the same polarity of elemental energies and in this case earth and water.
This is a highly emotional time with passionate Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in sensitive Pisces.
Taking an empirical break from the description, we see that people are praising Michelle Obama (born Jan. 17, 1964)
Her speech is being hailed as
an historic game changer. >Michelle got a big boost from the Mystic Rectangle!
In fact Michelle Obama (born Jan. 17, 1964) has her own Mystic Rectangle which was set off last night at the DNC
In her case this includes Uranus the shocker in Virgo, Vesta, dedicated focus in political Capricorn, Chiron in faith driven, compassionate Pisces appealing to wounds and suffering
and N Node of destiny in nurturing Cancer!

Undoubtedly Michelle, was aided big time Grand Earth Trine including Mercury-Vesta (Capricorn adding focus to tradition)
trine Uranus in Virgo (surprising success planned)
trine Hygeia in Taurus (down to earth health care).
Her Natal Chart below set for Jan. 17, 1964 in Chicago with time unknown:

Back to the Mystic Rectangle: Even thought this formation may not always involve mystical or spiritual themes like this one The mystical rectangle always means a tremendous amount energy is needed to keep the fragile balance and structure maintained. In Michelle's case this speech is a big deal for a while but other factors may change senitiments by Sept. 18th.