Friday, September 21, 2012

Fireball/Meteor Hails the 2012 Autumnal Equinox and a Galactic Alignment


Tonight as if on cue, a bright meteor is reported over Northern UK and Ireland, before tomorrow's Autumnal Equinox begins @ 7:49 AM PDT. Like a dramatic prelude before the Sun enters Libra @ 2:49 PM UT when the tilt of the Earth's axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun. VERY bright and spectacular meteor seen over northern UK!"
Here is a video of the huge meteorite

 Tonight, September 21st: Talk about your Explosive Sagittarius Moon and the Sun moving into Libra a sudden, volatile and meteoric TSQ to Uranus-Pluto! At the time of the sightings around 22:00 UTC, reports of of an extremely bright fireball moving over the northern part of the UK A chart set for this time has Cancer rising @ 5 degrees With this appropriate Sabin Symbol:"An automobile wrecked by a train." The Cancer ascendant forms a Grand Cross opposing Pluto in the 7th and TSQ Uranus at Mid-Heaven while the Sun-Mercury are intercepted at ground zero the 4th house. The Moon the ruler of this chart is in Sagittarius opposing Jupiter-Vesta in Gemini. Sagittarius deals with deep space and exploration while Jupiter expands messages of all kinds.This story surfaces: Romantic or Reckless: The plan to message aliens with Twitter.
That’s the goal of Tweets in Space a project — sorry, “performance art piece” — by two guys with starry, starry eyes. As part of this year’s International Symposium on Electronic Art in New Mexico. 

Back to the chart, where  the Sun representing all things Fire is positioned out of sign @ 29 Virgo 18 when the fireball was eyed. Sabian Symbol for 30 degrees Virgo: "Having an urgent task to complete, a man doesn't look to Distractions." There is a very tight Arowhead, Thors Hammer, Quadriform or God's Fist - This volatile, tense aspect consists of two plants Venus-Leo and Mars-Scorpio in a square aspect (90 degrees). This dynamic pair are both in an octile or sesqui-quadrate aspect (135 degrees) to Pallas in Aries. The energy of a Thors Hammer exudes danger and boldness and is a pattern similar to a T-square, since it has a  stressful, dynamic quality. However, the octile aspects (based on dividing the circle into 8 pieces) tend to be a little more complex than the square or opposition Mr. Solar will be moving into a cardinal, sign of balance and scales. Libra tomorrow. The chart below has as expect the planet of sudden spontaneity Uranus near Pallas both in primal fire sign Aries and opposing the Sun and Mercury at ground zero

Since the astrological transits tend to began before the news cycle hits be ready because tomorrow's First Qtr Moon is a doozie. The First Qtr. phase occurs on 9-22 @ 12:41 PM right after the Sun enters Libra
First to arrive is the Fall Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere @ 7:49 AM PDT >or 2:49 PM Universal Time Chart set below for London, UK - the international financial center and media control room of the western world. Pluto, the lord of death and rebirth is rising in Capricorn setting the stage for a Grand Cross marking a new cycle. Suffice to say this is one powerful chart with 9 TSQ's, two Grand Trines both involving Saturn in justice oriented Libra, a Yod or Finger of God where the S Node is quincunx both Saturn (stability) and the Moon (emotional outbursts). Finally to get things in the air is Kite formation involving an out of sign trine. Formed by Ceres the oddess of nurturing, grains and food in the last degrees of Gemini (changes sign into Cancer on Sept.26th.)

More importantly,  today's Equinox and the Grand Cardinal Cross Mean a Galactic Alignment

Back  to  Ceres in Gemini, and something more down to earth - check out the latest news about GMO food.
World Awakens To Massive GMO Dangers So Ceres is trine Saturn, accountability-karma (exalted in libra) in a trine to spiritualized Neptune in boundless Pisces. Then the moon becomes the fourth planet making an opposition to to Ceres , forming a symmetrical figure. The opposition forms the "spine" of the kite. The major challenge featured here is the opposition which brings conflict, polarization, disagreement and stress even though it is dynamic and motivating. This Ceres-Moon opposition on the axis of foreign/international affairs and travel Gemini/Sagittarius relates to separation anxiety, rejection and isolation.

The Heliacal Rising Star is again Alphard, the Heart of the Sea Serpent or the Hydra.   Alphard is manifesting as the turbulent, chaotic and violent energies of living life on the edge.  This star relates to intense encounters and obsessive actions. Speaking of tense encounters at sea, a new element enters the conflict between Japan and China and the disputed territories. protest ship from Taiwan joined around a dozen Chinese vessels in waters near Japan-administered islands 
 The Heliacal Setting Stars are: Sadalmelek - the Lucky One of the King found in the constellation Aquarius - all about making your own luck with a positive network. Findig opportunities in a small idea that grows into fruition. The other The Heliacal Setting is Sualocin found in the Dolphin Constellation relating to natural talent, mastery, confidence and consumate skills. Sualocin as the Setting Star speaks of discovering a hidden talent which can lead to great success. Plus all of these cosmic energies square the Sun in Libra This time of equal day and light will encompass a time of rebalancing and swift justice but for whom?