Thursday, July 29, 2010

Unexpected and Sudden Feeding Frenzy & More: Mars Opposing Uranus July 2010

A chart set for the exact Mars-Uranus Opposition in Washington DC as Outer Wheel
and the Sibley US Chart as Inner Wheel
Placing Mars-Saturn right on the US. MC with Uranus-Jupiter on the IC
So the angry fighter Mars is aroused but frustrated transiting over the house hat rules the government, the leadership or ruling class. In a nation's chart it rules the national reputation and prestige,
Uranus-Jupiter in self identified and confronting Aries are at the IC of the US Foundation Chart. Jupiter is about travel and Uranus deals with sudden action so:
Arizona immigration law 2010: As SB1070 takes effect, Mexicans say 'Adios, Arizona'

Since the 4th house the land, its values as real estate and agriculture, housing and living conditions, the urge to fight for these values is strong. The IC represents the foundation or base of the society and its traditions. It is a place which reflects nationalism and patriotism...

At metaphor for this Mars alignment relates to "sudden" and primal reactions Like
Video Below showing over 300 alligators in a feeding frenzy swimming in a Georgia river

Keep in mind that when the Boxing Day or Sumatran Tsunami took place on Dec. 26th 2004
@ 6:58 PM NSUT - 6:30, Mars had just changed signs into Sagittarius the night before!
Even though Mars entered a mutable sign Sagittarius on 10:34 PM on 2004 it was square Uranus in Pisces. On July 30th we have Mars in a cardinal sign opposing Uranus in Aries
representing primal fire. Expect something huge to occur...

The month is ending on an even more turbulent note as we head toward the next earth shaking opposition on July 30th. Let's get a perspective of the build up to the Mars-Uranus opposition.

July 29th. The Big News is Mars entering Libra on @ 4:47 PM - fierce fighter for peace
Tension builds as the ending Pisces Moon opposes Venus in purist Virgo
Emotions are over the top. Estrogen session as relations with women present challenges. Rational choices are bypassed as things progress.

Getting back to Mars in Libra , who wants to solve problems with charm, diplomacy and can be too indecisive. But things just ain't normal with this shocking opposition to Uranus.
The date for this is July 30th exactly @ 6:32 AM PDT or 9:32 AM EDT
But first on July 30th: Mercury Trines Pluto 3:03 AM and Pluto is TSQ in the chart above in the first house
Voices are raised with challenging words spoken and tough agendas for change are announced. It’s a good time for intelligence- gathering operations, spies, espionage and all that other Black Ops stuff - way beyond what WikiLeaks reports.
Once the Moon enters Aries @ 1:42 AM, things happen quickly
There is a chance that new fires will be started just as the others are put out
Firefighters gain ground on 2 wildfires in Kern County
The fiery Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus @ 2:23 AM amps up the excitement and risk taking level.
Like a shot that ricochets, the hits keep coming as the Moon opposes Saturn @ 3:16 PM
A more serious, self- consciousness even restrictive period begins.
The Aries Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn @ 8:16 PM
Powerful emotions, primal instincts like jealousy and territoriality are fired up.
It feels like a time for a massive change.
Just a few minutes later the Moon dances with Jupiter both in the I AM sign of Aries
Luck is back along with generosity, benevolence, successful actions and new collaborations.

Back to that reverberating transit of MARS IN LIBRA

The Sabian Symbol for this Maritian Ingress: 1 deg. Libra : A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it.

And with Saturn in the same degree, there is really a feeling of the trap being set.
Wounding as part of the process

This time Mars in gentlemanly Libra is pushed too far.
Mars-Uranus in hard aspects also mean explosions and explosive events.

Mars-Uranus oppositions are known for serious accidents and collisions which we are already seeing:

No Survivors in Pakistan Plane Crash, Investigation Underway

Besides more calamities happening with this opposition, we are in a time when the fight for freedom and justice will take a surprising and revolutionary turn especially with the MC/IC contacts above.
Also expect more earth and weather changes with these extremes in progress:
Peru Government Declares Cold Wave Emergency
We are definitely in a danger zone regarding quakes per this latest to hit the
Moro Gulf and Mindanao, Philippines - Magnitude 6.6 with a depth of 606.5 km (376.9 miles)