Sunday, July 11, 2010

Part Two: July 11th Total Solar Eclipse - Accepting Life vs. Death

Moa (Statues) Facing the Ocean on Easter Island

Another 2010 major astronomical, astrological and even historical event marks our survival as a human race. From the Sun's hyper-activity (pictured above) to the BP Deepwater Disaster, we are on the edge.
Note that we are six months out from the last Annular Solar Eclipse on January 15th.
More importantly, we are exactly six months out from a highly subtle takeover on January 11, 2010 by the self appointed "Illuminati-like" world rulers. That small group that claims to be the masters of our destiny. In this other January blog entry I mentioned: 1-11-2010 @ 11 AM Another Point of Staged Destiny or Spiraling Out of Control

So today a Total Solar Eclipse which is overshadowing life as we know it (Sun-Moon in Cancer). Dire predictions of what is to come not only to the world's oceans
but to many living things are surfacing. Doomsday: How BP Gulf disaster may have triggered a 'world-killing' event

The Total Solar Eclipse today where the path of the Moon's umbral shadow crosses the South Pacific Ocean where it makes no landfall except for Mangaia (Cook Islands) and Easter Island (Isla de Pascua).
The path of totality ends just after reaching southern Chile and Argentina. The Moon's penumbral shadow produces a partial eclipse visible from a much larger region covering the South Pacific and southern South America.
Video: Solar Eclipse 11 July 2010 Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

July 11: The tension and need for action has been building and we are finally here with the second super-powerful eclipse of the summer season.
First the Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 11th @ 19:34:38 UTC
Then the New Moon @ 12:40 PM
Moon and Sun are together in the sign of the Mother, Cancer - time to choose the healing, nurturing aspect of Kuan Yin vs. the Goddess of Destruction, Kali.
Families, children, homes,food, agriculture and domestic stability are all in severe jeopardy.

"Navel of the World"
Ground Zero for today's eclipse is Easter Island where incredible stone statues, or moai, are found. These Moai were carved from 1100-1680 CE (rectified radio-carbon dates). A total of 887 monolithic stone statues have been inventoried on the island. This ancient island steeped in myth of the birdman/Makemake cult" is also the location of the unusual "Navel of the World" lithic (stone) site bordering Ahu Te Pito Kura, near Anakena. In astrological terms the navel relates to Virgo and Venus - Venus just made an ingress into Virgo yesterday! (keep in mind that trans-Neptunian dwarf planet, originally designated 2005 FY9, is named Makemake alluding to a connection of the dwarf planet and Easter Island.

The "Navel of the World" round water worn beach boulder similar to those found in New Zealand. Rapanui today say the central round stone was brought by Hotu Matu'a from his native land, though geologists consider the rock to be locally sourced,The fact that the stone is large and was naturally round indicated that it was charged with "mana" and could be used as a kind of large talisman.

An excerpt from thisinsightful blog:
"What really happened to the Islanders was cultural genocide hidden in plain sight. It is a story of a real Macondo visited by a death that could not be stopped. It is a story of a real Macondo visited by a death that could not be stopped."
Sound familiar: Jared Diamond endeavors in his
book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive. According to Diamond,
the people of Easter Island destroyed their forest, degraded the island’s topsoil,
wiped out their plants and drove their animals to extinction.

Looking at the chart below set for maximum eclipse on Easter Island with Sun-Moon in Midheaven @ 20 degrees Cancer
the sign Cancer prominent dreams, fears and unconscious behaviors dominate.
An interesting Sabian Symbol for 20 degrees Cancer reflects how we need to break thru the armor and defenses within and without. (Cancer is a sign that relates not just to the hard outer covering of the crab/shellfish but to soft inner feelings and potent reproductive organs.
"The main gate of a castle, guarded by a bloodhound and a man in armor.
Seeking to gain admittance, an outsider plys the guard with flattery, whereupon the dog begans to growl. "
This eclipse will motivate many of us to go around established channels seeking new ways to preserve life, limb and Mother Earth.
Scorpio is rising in charts set for Washington, DC, Grand Isle, Louisiana and Easter Island below. The ancient ruler of Scorpio is Mars now transiting in Virgo pushed by Vesta (commitment and focus) moving closer to Saturn. This is real serious stuff and is moving a lot faster than anyone could imagine now that both Uranus and Jupiter are stationing retrograde. It won't be till March 2011 and January 2011 that both planets will be back in the more courageous and ground breaking sign of Aries. In the meantime
they both slip back into the sign of sleep, illusion and oil in August/September of 2010.

A look at the Fixed Stars/Parans for the chart above.
Heliacal Rising: Capella which is quite idealistic but still "the Goat" whether a scapegoat or scrificial. Noonan says: When rising its natives will be curious about all things and have an impatient eagerness to hear anything new. But care must be taken lest the native be overly anxious and take terror at even trivial bits of new information.
Are we just disillusioned or reacting in fear to the Gulf Tragedy or BP's promise to fix it?
Capella a white star and the 6th largest star in the sky marking the goat that the Charioteer is carrying on his left shoulder.
Believing in, and seeking, freedom and fairness
Heliacal Setting: Faceis is another dangerous omen.
Facies, is the nebula in front of the Archer's face.
Per Robson: Faceis is of the nature of the Sun and Mars, and causes blindness, defective sight (all nebula can cause blindness), sickness, accidents and a violent death
Neptune is on the Nadir when Aldebaran is Setting orb 01 mins 35 secs -
Natural disasters

Algol the gruesome star positioned on the severed head that Perseus is carrying is strong
for Easter Island. With either the Sun or Moon = Violent death or extreme sickness
Algol is setting as the Moon is Culminating orb 00 mins 13 secs -
Plagued by personal tragedies, one's own, or other people's
Algol as is setting as the Sun is Culminating orb 00 mins 56 secs -
Passion that can inspire or destroy