Saturday, August 21, 2010

Before the Full Moon, the Age of Hysteria and Grim Passion Begins

Since the Last New Moon in super-dramatic Leo on August 9th the performance and expression
countered idealism and confusion. As we get ready for the Next Full Moon on August 24th
with Sun @ 1 degree 25 minutes Virgo and the Moon in a state of hysteria @ 1 degree 25 minutes Pisces next to Neptune-Chiron.

In fact on this next lunation the Pisces Moon will translate the light from the last time Chiron entered Pisces on April 19th/20th @ 11:33 PM PDT or 2:33 AM EDT. the same day that the Deepwater Horizon Oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Also note that Mercury stationed retrograde yesterday and the last time that happened was (April 17-May 11)

Just yesterday (August 20th) the climax of this Full Moon occurred with Sun-Neptune/Chiron in exact opposition. The addition of Chiron really kicked this into high gear as the wounded healer demanded that we take notice.
Related to this of course was that Mercury, the cosmic messenger, began retrograde motion @ 20 degrees Virgo (Sabian symbol: An automobile caravan)
Expect many hassles around transportation to blow up especially with the coming oppositions to Uranus.
Mercury will be retrograde till September 12th
Mercury retro. will keep the tension and shock waves going since Uranus moved into Pisces (Aug.13th) setting up even more hysterical conflicts between the cosmic trickster Uranus and the planetary messenger Mercury. Even though Mercury won't be in exact opposition to Uranus till Oct. 2nd due to retrograde
We will see more shocking news items, innovation, and swift changes since Uranus deals with controversy and bizarre behavior particularly in Pisces. Controversial or radical persons make news. Mercury-Uranus in opposition is also about protests, challenging authorities and putting out detailed information that pushes the conventional viewpoints of what is normal!

Mosque Controversy Moving toward Seventh Day November 3, 2010
Oh yeah, let's not forget the ensuing Mosque controversy at Ground Zero where conflict is fueled from both sides. Where the talking heads can't stop spewing out worthless chatter. Divide and conquer is the game, causing panic, fear, anger more food for the
reptilian powers that be..
Fox News co-owner funded ‘Ground Zero mosque’ imam: report
According to the report from Yahoo!'s John Cook, Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who owns seven percent of News Corp., "has directly funded [Imam Feisal Abdul] Rauf's projects to the tune of more than $300,000."

Not about petty religious controversies, we are moving swiftly at an accelerated pace toward the Seventh Day of the Galactic Underworld..
The reality is that East finally be on parity with West as we head toward the start of the Day Seven of the Galactic Underworld?
per Robert Lorenz, Ph.D.from his newsletter: regarding the last cycle dubbed the Planetary Underworld which was from 1755 till 1999. The Seventh Day of the Planetary Underworld from 1992 to 1999 with major economic growth via the flat earth view where wealth moved from the US. to aboard. Lorenz: "during the Seventh Day of the Planetary Underworld the seeds of the dualistic Galactic Underworld were sown, with the evolutionary aims of transcending the material frame of life and consciousness, and also the balancing of the dualities established during the National Underworld between East and West, the left- and right-hemispheres of the brain, spirituality and materialism, and men and women."

Serious Drama with Sun opposing Neptune/Chiron

We are still under the influence of yesterday's Sun-Neptune opposition which coincides
with indecisiveness, the reaching of an impasse, scandals, and other uncertain conditions.
Also with the addition of Mercury moving retrograde expect changes or breakdowns in agreements, glitchs and more scandals
Plus confusion and disension within religious circles will occur. Leo is about performance and rock concerts fall in that area..
while Neptune relates to suicide, depression and with Chiron injuries effecting us on a collective level.

Man who jumped to death at Mountain Winery Concert was facing domestic violence charges

According to several eye witnesses, Pickels out in Saratoga jumped from a roof of a building and landed on the stage near the lead singer of the band, The Swell Season.
Then on Friday in BelgiumBritish pop singer commits suicide at Belgian music festival
Charles Haddon, frontman of electro-pop trio Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, leapt to his death from a telecommunications mast behind the main stage at the Pukkelpop festival, police in Belgium said.
Grim Passions

In fact August 20th was a "Big Day" to say the least with that Venus -Mars conjunction in peace and love Libra - No attack on Iran folks!
Thankfully Venus-Mars will be traveling together within two degrees orb past the next Full Moon till August 31st ...
Both were in orb of a TSQ to the Moon's Nodes in Capricorn/Cancer dealing with Security and Survival.
Keep in mind that Venus is in conjunction with Mars inspires passions to run hot - emotions will be bouncing off the walls. Many people will start feeling more sexy, daring and ready to try new things in relationships
Cooperation is the key as we are motivated by feelings of attraction or devotion.
A time for action in money matters, love, romance and sex - especially sex.

New cover for the Rolling Stone epitomizes the current Venus-Mars conjunction in Libra