Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thundrous Aquarian Full Moon: Revelations, Shocks and Revolution

Today's Full Moon Chart set for DC. @ 9:37 PM EDT with Neptune-Chiron Rising

Despite the best efforts by the mainstream media and Hollyweird distractions to continue a "Rosy Picture" of life in America, their is a breakdown. The communications/entertainment machines have been trying to frame BP and the CIA as just good guys and gals that made a few mistakes, but it won't work as turning points are reached with today's Aquarian Full Moon. Before we go into more details note that
he Full Moon @ 2 degrees 59 minutes Aquarius begins @ 6:37 PM PDT or 9:37 PM EDT
The Sabian Symbol for 3 degrees Aquarius: "A deserter from the Army follows a rocky path through the wilderness impelled by a radically different vision of public service. "
When I placed "Revelations" in the title of this blog I was also referring to the doomed US war in Afghanistan. We think we have deserters and objectors now just wait...

Afghanistan war logs: Massive leak of secret files exposes truth of occupation

Game Over Neo-Cons and Obama retards:
A huge cache of secret US military files today provides a devastating portrait of the failing war in Afghanistan, revealing how coalition forces have killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents, Taliban attacks have soared and Nato commanders fear neighbouring Pakistan and Iran are fuelling the insurgency.

The sabian symbol above also relates to Mercury opposing Neptune where idealistic notions mislead people
but the deception is exposed for all to see. Neptune also deals with resignations and departures and latest on BP chief Tony Hayward 'negotiating exit deal'
BP's chief executive Tony Hayward has been negotiating the terms of his exit, with a formal announcement likely within 24 hours, the BBC has learned.

It is amazing with the Washington Post story about Top Secret America hitting the news and magazine racks, most Americans still unwilling to talk about this situation which has been escalating since 9/11 and the
specious and highly odious Patriot Act. Since 9/11, the United States government has added some 1,200 groups, 1,900 private corporations and built 33 new buildings (equal to three Pentagons), in 10,000 locations nationwide - reflecting the first passage of Jupiter in Aries (too much military) square Pluto in Capricorn (secret government)
Jupiter-Uranus in Aries sit in the first house of the chart above: the nation, its people
and its image.
The chart above shows Pluto, the transformer in the 11th house. In mundane astrology the 11th house is always about groups and the national purpose or purpose of the group including institutions of government such as the legislature, Congress and the Senate which are about to get shaken by this Thunder Moon (per Native American lore).

The propaganda machine is working overtime with movies (Neptune) like the upcoming RED where Helen Mirren, John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman as former CIA colleagues. Or the current blockbuster SALT where Angelina Jolie plays a CIA superspy in a continual effort to frame the CIA, secret spy assassins as dynamic super heroes or friendly, good guys or aged bumblers.
Well this isn't going to work with BP
The Lion sleeps now more as David Icke proclaims and Lioness per Sun in Leo is protective
over her pride.

The chart above set today's Full Moon in shocking Aquarius over Washington, DC has Neptune-Chiron rising (Neptune also can relate to poisons)

with a powerful opposition to Mercury in Leo
typifying the continual coverup of
BP's horrific actions in the Gulf. Neptune in collective Aquarius deals with all our health and the survival of the ecosystem with this ongoing conjunction to Chiron.
Chiron retrograde frequently has now slipped back into Aquarius on July 20th from it's
brief passage in Pisces dealing with the wounds of the oceans starting on April 19th right before the Deepwater Horizon Explosion .

The two stores below expose the complicity of the government with covering up
the dangerous health effects (Neptune-Chiron together) of Corexit mixed with oil- the criminal acitivies of BP

*JUST IN* Geochemist in Gulf says “When it rains, a lot of junk comes down from the particulate”

EPA Whistleblower Says Federal Government Covering Up Lethality Of Corexit And Lying About BP Gulf Oil Spill Water Samples To Save BP Billions
Here are some highlights of the revelations made by Hugh Kaufman.

Well, Corexit is one of a number of dispersants, that are toxic, that are used to atomize the oil and force it down the water column so that it’s invisible to the eye.

In this case, these dispersants were used in massive quantities, almost two million gallons so far, to hide the magnitude of the spill and save BP money.

And the government—both EPA, NOAA, etc.—have been sock puppets for BP in this cover-up.