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UFO Disclosure On Jimi's Birthday? What's Up with November 27, 2009?

Potential Chart for Alien Disclosure set for 8:40 AM EST in Washington, DC
Using 24 Sagittarius 40 as the same ascendant of Jimi's natal birth day (11-27-1942 @ 10:15 AM in Seattle, Washington). The Sabian Symbol for 25 degrees Sag. deals with flights of fantasy: "A chubby boy on a hobby horse." Or a more modern version:
"A little boy on a rocking horse imagines himself flying to a multicolored candyland."
All about whipping ourselves into a creative frenzy with tones of manic-depression mixed
with sensory overload of psychedelia.

Up From The Skies by Jimi Hendrix from Axis Bold as Love
I just want to talk to you, I won't do you no harm
I just want to know about your different lives on this here people
I heard some of you got your families
Living in cages tall and cold
And some just stay there and dust away
Past the age of old
Is this true?
Please let me talk to you.

Today's transits of a Sagittarian Moon sextile to Jupiter (the ruler) then a square to far-out Uranus in Pisces has fired up the internet buzz about rumors of major UFO/ET disclosure soon. Many are saying as early as November 27, 2009. Keep in mind as you read on that Jupiter is fun filled ruler of the chart above and is opposing Mars to favor the controversial along with risk-taking.
UFO Disclosure On November 27th: 100% Fun, Unless They Attack | The NEW West Seattle Funblog
From the above piece: "One of the theories involves a single disclosure by various powerful institutions including the Vatican, the Obama Administration and the UN. "
It is still a little too early for the TPTB - Illuminati controllers to pull the project Bluebeam card. The matrix needs some polishing and the peeps need some preparation since Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune together is a just a little too revolutionary prone to anarchcy for such a big announcement. The bottom line is lots of people are waking up quickly to
much of he manipulation and hidden agendas being foisted upon us.
Hollywood is trying every once of strength to keep us psychically massaged with the Fourth Kind and "V".
The ABC remake of “V” deals with reptilian aliens from far away who claim to come in Peace and offer Universal Healthcare. The false promises uttered by the V for visitor aliens who don't want to be painted in a "negative light" correspond to Neptune. Could this be a psyops to get us used to an alien presence on Earth.

Besides being the birthdate of the late, great musician/visionary, 11-27-09 is a day filled with 11's and 9's numerologically. synced with 9-9-09 or to 08/29/2009
08/2+9/2+0+0+9 when an infamous crop circle appeared to "foretell" alien contact on the week 11-22-09

Mercury in Sagittarius - Analysis or Detriment?
Sagittarius is a sign known for exaggeration with Jupiter connected to prophecy and profligacy, anything can happen or seem to. Mercury going into the sign of the archer just one day before the Scorpio New Moon has been bringing illumination to Persephone's dark journey. A kind of trepidation among astrologers & others about Nov. 15th's dark alignment of Saturn (Karmic Reaper) in an exact square to Pluto (Dark Lord)was felt. The good news is that things have begun to lighten up after 8:59 PM PST on November 16th when when fiery Mercury in Sagittarius helped balance Saturn in Libra and we even breathed a sigh of relief. Things got more buoyant the next day when Moon met Mercury a time to get the word out. Note that one day before "disclosure " on Nov. 26th - Thanksgiving Mercury will be exactly trine Mars which precipates rapid travel far away and communication tinged with a creative, theatrical flare. Also on Nov. 25th Venus in secretive Scorpio is trine Uranus in far out Pisces which can keep the rumors of alien redemption flowing.
Even though Mercury in Sagittarius is in it's detriment it doesn't really weaken Mercury when a conscious focus is required. Except that with all tall tales or myths like Blossom Goodchild Hoax of October 14th,2008 we see the sloppier effects of Mercury in Sagittarius when the auto-pilot of unconscious us turned on.
Mercury in Sagittarius can also be sarcastic, painfully honest or just too blunt in a philosphical way.
More lyrics from Jimi Hendrix, whose fiery Mercury-Sun-Venus-Ceres stellium in Sagittarius was in an ecstatic crescendo with a trine of inspiration to Pluto-Hygeia-N Node and Chiron all in Leo the sign of the performing artist.

From Axis Again
I just want to know about the rooms behind your minds
Do I see a vacuum there or am I going blind?
Or is it just remains from vibrations and echoes long ago
Things like 'Love the World' and 'Let your fancy flow'
Is this true?
Please let me talk to you,
let me talk to you.

My guess is that looking at the chart above for 11-27-2009 with Moon in Aries TSQ Saturn-Pluto there could be some earth changes but not a huge mothership floating above every major cit with the beaming face of an "Anna" The powerful fixed stubborn TSQ from Venus-Ceres in Scorpio (passionate desire not to let go ) to Mars in Leo Opposing Jupiter in the sign of the eccentric will host some incredible stuff but...We won't see anything like disclosure till Uranus enters Aries next year.

So lets talk about why this November 27th rumor got started and why it will grow like
flames in an LA fire fueled by devil winds.
A number of videos have surfaced this year talking about disclosure by the end of 2009.
Disclosure on November 27th from the Project Camelot People

November 27, 2009 will be a time of hopeful expectation but not of the main event.
Celebrate Jimi's birthday but don't expect Obama to get on the television and talk
alien life forms. Only in our imaginations...


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You see the trends, we always welcome your on-the-spot insight. Jimi was a guitar rebel and great, of course, also love Stevie Ray Vaughn, whom he greatly influenced.

Don't forget Eta Carina and those unexplained bursts - some say this heralds mankind's true enlightenment as spiritual beings, let's hope so!

Keep us posted Art, and thanks again

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