Thursday, November 05, 2009

Shootings at Fort Hood and Mass Thought Manipulation

When large, outer planets change signs or directions corresponding big events occur.
Neptune a planet that deals with denial, deception, delusion and and an idealistic longing stationed direct yesterday @ 1:09:40 PM EST. It accepted by astrologers that if the problems that we struggle with while Neptune is retrograde can worsen when Neptune goes direct. Neptune lives in a world of unconscious thought and feelings which many times can be tuned by external vibes. Today's major news story about the Ft. Hood Rampage kills 12, wounds 31 of course has it's share of the darker shadow elements reflecting the Ceres-Sun-Mercury Scorpio trio moving toward squares with Jupiter/Neptune and still in orb of a square to Mars in dramatic, sensationalized Leo. Mars of course was
representing the military and violent acts in the chart. Already the mass media from Fox News to MSNBC has had a major part to play in what is turning out to be a field day for scaring the American people and continue to promote more subconscious fear of Al Qu'aida and muslim sleeper cells. As we watch the video below remember that the suspect: Nidal Malik Hasan's middle name speaks volumes about how we can be played. Besides being an Arabic word meaning "king"
Malik is the name of the guardian of Hell in Muhammadan Islam. Malik is the Arabised version of the name of the god of the Canaanites, Molech, to whom they sacrificed their children. The elite Illuminati continue to perform sacrifice on a mass level.
We even have another story surfacing tonight which is perfect Neptunian PSYOPS to influence a target audience's value systems, belief systems and emotions. Neptune often works in the areas of faith and religion. Fort Hood soldier describes horrific scene to family in Utah The news of the mass shooting at Fort Hood Thursday hit close to home for some Utahns. One man says his daughter heard the shooter exclaim "Allah Akbar" as he opened fire.

OK let's talk about how this whole incident had the feel of an MK Ultra black ops project were the mass media is used as part of thought manipulation, and massive data analysis is performed on subsequent social communications. The "shooter" Nidal Malik Hasan, was a doctor (Mars in the 6th house of service) and an Army psychiatris who graduated from Virginia Tech in 1997 and earned a doctorate in psychiatry...Even with perennial amnesia, most Americans should remember that the horrific Virginia Tech. shootings which killed 33 people on April 16, 2007 were the deadliest shooting rampage in American history.
Back then we even had lots of video of the killer Seung-Hui Cho telling the public how he would commit this memorable shooting. fest.


Time for the chart is set at 1:30 PM CST. right before the mutable Moon in Gemini was close to a highly disruptive square with Uranus in Pisces (ruled by Neptune representing hospitals).
Army spokesman Lt. Col. Nathan Banks says the first shooting began at about 1:30 p.m. at a personnel and medical processing office. The facility, called a Soldier Rating and Processing center, handles administrative details for soldiers.
Media will continue to play this event for at least another four days since the campaigns in Afghanistan are just not going well - Per ABC News Nidal Was Called "Camel Jockey" "Although the 39-year-old had just been promoted to major in May, his family says he had hired a lawyer to help him get out of the Armed Forces."

"Apparently became very disgruntled in the mission in Iraq and Afghanistan and voiced that to a lot of his colleagues," said Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX).

Breaking the chart down we have Aquarius rising @ 17 degrees 51 minutes which is a Sabian:
A man unmasked...With rulers Saturn (in the fatal 8th house) and Uranus in the first applying to that shocking, highly emotional square to the Moon (representing the feelings of the nation in the 4th house). Pluto (the destroyer) is in the 11th house of groups and associations - in this case the base's Soldier Readiness Center for medical and dental exams before deployment. Once again all three of the Aquarian stellium in he first are direct and Chiron the wounded healer is opposing Hygeia in Leo (health practitioner) in the 7th house of open enemies.


When we look at the Fixed Stars and their parans for this event and the background themes we see first of all Hamal the Heliacal Setting Star. Hamal is a yellow star on the forehead of the Ram. According to Ptolemy Hamal is of the nature of Mars and Saturn which appear to be fighting each other for domination, and this influence could be a dangerous one in the material sphere. If connected closely otherwise, life may be repeatedly in danger

Neptune is prominent in this tragedy - The Hopes and Fears of the Nation
Setting when Algol (the Demon Star and considered a most evil portent) found on the severed head of Medusa that Perseus is carrying. So Algoliis Culminating orb 01 mins 08 secs -
Fatal accidents, loss of life - Curtailed passage (stays there )

Pluto is also a big factor - The Crises or the Changes that Occur
Setting when Rukbat is Setting orb 00 mins 03 secs -
The stand or opinion of one person is heard by many (Nidal?)
Culminating when Zosma is Setting orb 00 mins 55 secs -
A nation mourns, or a nation is victimized

Uranus is Setting when Bellatrix, the star in the left shoulder of the constellation Orion is Culminating orb 01 mins 25 secs -
This is indicative of the warrior and with Uranus deals with mental disturbance, lots of activity, occult or unpractical interests, repeatedly suffers through the same mistakes.

Expect more of these incidents involving people going off the deep end and shooting with random abandon. Update: Out of Orlando on the morning of Nov. 6th @ 11:50 AM - another mass shooting at a Florida High Rise


Philomena said...

I just found your blog and must comment on your astute and unbiased astrological interpretatiions of the celestial and mythological symbolism parallel to the elements and forces that were unleashed at the army base in Fort Hood, Texas. The Neptunian (Chiron - Jupiter) T-Square clearly illuminates the credible suspicion that this was indeed another (well timed) Mo$$ad/CIA PSYOP perfectly timed to create a dark fog of smoke and mirrors incident to distract the public and world on the same day that the UN General Assembly was voting on the "Goldman Report" regarding documented war crimes against the Palestinian people during Israel's in the Gaza Op - Cast Lead.

Note that Nadil is of Palestinian descent - a fact that will be continously drummed into the public's unconscious (Neptune) via the Zionist controlled media whores who are collectively programmed and trained to revise, contrive, distort and twist the facts regarding Israeli- Palestine geo-politics.

Philomena said...

Continued from original post:
It is shameful to be a true patriot American in these times -- because the majority of mind controlled Americans are so easily manipulated by the media-whores to believe whatever images and subliminal code words that they are constinuously spoon fed, 24/7. This has been the hidden agenda and intent of the military industrial corporate controlled journalists - corporate media since the 50's with Operation Mockingbird. It is no secret that even Walter Conkrite was on the CIA payroll as is CNN, et all --(US chart with Mars square Neptune) -- commencing with the Kennedys' brothers assassinations to the present incident at Fort Hood.

With Neptune now transiting the 3rd House in the US's chart (using Sibly) and its natal Moon in Aquarius, about to experience a conjunction with Chiron and Neptune in the 27th degree of Aquarius -- there is absolutely no hope that propaganda free, jounalistic integrity and fair and balanced reporting will ever be restored to the once "noble" profession of journalism.

We The People are a lost and divisive nation. The once powerful ideals of our being a nation of free people (thinkers) with inalieanble individual rights invisioned by our forefathers to protect the foundation of a democratic republic and steer (and defend) the Ship of State through the treacherous straits of global domination by the invisible plutocrats who intend to enslave has been successfully usurped -- via the media's unholy alliance with global military-intelligence agencies.

As Orwell said (paraphrased) -- In dangerous and deceptive times, the truth is revolutionary.

Truthseekers will be punished while deceit and veiled political fascism using manufactured lies to support military aggression against sovereign nations who have coveted resources will be rewarded.

When people speak of "end times" etc -- I do not see it as an spiritual armageddon -- but more as the end of all noble ideals to guide a free society into the transition of a new age. These "end times" are nothing more esoteric than the recognizing that WTP are in Stage 4 of an incurable cancer -- comatosed, and kept alive with a designer drug (media) on a morphine drip. Where once, civilization made a huge leap of democratic faith in the 18th century (on July 4, 1776)-- we have fallen into the abyss of cultural wars that has brought a living hell on earth. No need to die to know whether one will go to a higher or lower realm -- we are living in the lowest realms of consciousness with every war we support that brings torture etc along with the annihilation of our humanity.

The promise our forefather invisioned of continuing our species by creating and being an example of sovereign democratic principles, intelligent and visonary leadership to implement goals for world peace via courts insuring justice for all, respectful cultural co-existence and humane tolerance of racial differences -- has turned into a venomous deception.

Yes, this is indeed "the End Times" -- what will be on the otherside of the veil remains to be seen -- but the forthcoming Saturn - Uranus - Pluto T square between now in 2012 speaks of coming evils of society surpassing the torturous political and religious inquistions we had so hoped to keep buried in the past as lesson of history that we hoped never to repeat.

I fear that we are not only into a repeat of the past horror -- commencing with stage 1 of the cancer - unleashing the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- but Stage 4 of this cancerous disease for cultural religious wars and global domination by fascist tyrants of these times promises to bring unimaginable horrors that will make it a daily prayer to die rather than to have to consciously process what evil mankind will be manipulated and mind controlled to inflict from the darkest shadow of his unconscious need to manifest temporal power and control over the masses.
Celestial Shamanka

Art Gianfermo said...

Philomena - Thanks for your commnts
and enlightened view of this recent
PSYOP. The current destruction and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people and their lands is being exposed worldwide. You are correct this was deliberate and taken out of the old Illuminati playbook - divide and conquer via problem-reaction solution.

Philomena said...

Art -- You are very welcomed. I just stumbled onto your blog and was ecstatic to find a kindred astrological soul who has such keen insight into mundane geo-political affairs.

Are you the creator of the website by the same name - Aquarian Solutions? From what I have reviewed thus far -- I can see we are on the same page in every respect. I am looking forward to reading your celestial essays and staying in tuned with your celestial and astral vibration.

I have some serious health issues and have trouble writing at length. Yours was such an inspiring read that I found myself expressing my thoughts with ease.

I now have something to look forward to when I come online to check out the astrological buzz.

With Mars and Uranus conjunct and a loaded 9th house and Moon in Gemini in the 8th -- both your website and blog triggered my shamanic instincts as has not been done in a long while. I intuit many hours of journeying using your blog and incredible website as a guide and referrence.

Thank you for contributing the time to lend us your brilliant understanding and astrologocal perceptions with a rare "unbias" point of view that is not often encounter with Western Astrologers who hunger to be accepted as astrologers in march with the "status political quo" of the times -- it is as if I found a fountain of celestial youth for me, again.

Your site just rocks my mercury and rolls my mars uranus conjunction as I shapeshift through the 8th house webs, doors and windows with moon in gemini unquenchable curiosities of the mysteries of our existence.

Celestial Shamanka aka Philomena