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Scorpio New Moon - Journey to the Darkside

Revelations of Secrets with Mayan Sixth Night

In my last blog entry I wrote about the beginning of the Mayan Sixth Night of the Galactic Underworld (1999 to 2011) where ruler Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli (Lord of the House of Dawn) is helping bring balance between East and West. Obama whose natal Sun @ 13 Leo is currently conjunct transiting Mars is on a junket to Asia with a major stop in China - America's biggest creditor. Now as empire and civilization are descending into chaos and deconstruction, the powers that be are desperately trying to hold things together. Despite the false puppet strings holding up the stock market and the notorious jobless recovery, things are about to come crashing down. Those well kept economic secrets will just not stay hidden. Scorpio Moon-Sun meets in the 8th house (debt, deficit and death) of the chart set for DC. Today (Nov. 15th) Mercury moved into the sign of the truth hunter, Sagittarius is known for broad strokes stretching the truth but with an exact trine Saturn during tomorrow's new moon, the emphasis will be on clarity and truth.
The moon will be at 24 degrees 34 minutes Scorpio with this Sabian Symbol: "An xray."
This symbol signifies the deeper penetration into many mysteries around us and into the origin and causes of our current crisis and socio-political and financial quagmires.

Don't get me wrong this time period is extremely challenging and filled with real shockwaves to move us forward. One such shock will come when Uranus will station direct on Dec. 1st on the next Full Moon - it is coming fast! Tomorrow Uranus in Pisces is leading a Grand Trine to this New Moon trine by adding the lunar South Node in 23 Cancer. The South Node always reveals the past influences & karma that is seriously impacting our current progress. A more modern Sabian image for 25 degrees Scorpio: "A husband and wife are locked in an argument. He makes a number of assertions based on logic, while she tries to bring the argument to the level of underlying motivations."
This image speaks of the battle between reason and emotions and reflects the upcoming Venus (Scorpio) square to Mars (Leo) where passions will undermine and usurp authority.

Sacrifices will be made on the steps of the eye on the pyramid just to keep a lid on the 9/11 takeover and the real perpetrators. Even the Mayan day sign, Muluc or Offering is about ceremonies and purifications. Now that Saturn in Libra (serious justice) is in orb of the first of three squares to Pluto, the news on Friday the 13th was about the terrorism trial of the century. Yes right in a Manhattan courthouse, the infamous Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four of his henchman will face trail. Looking at the chart above set for Washington, DC... This deep, dark Scorpio lunation with with Venus-Ceres-Sun-Moon (8th house) now square the Aquarian Stellium of Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune all direct and ready to create a collective healing (11th house). Even though this square and Mars in dramatic Leo are the setting for another Illumninati ritual. We even have the predictable left-right divide and conquer scenario going into high gear with "Ghouliani" former mayor, liar and political opportunist starting the first round of criticism of coming courtroom drama in the Big Apple. In another movement to
control history Giuliani is pushing 9/11 Re-Education Course for Public Schools
The Neo-Cons from project for a New American Century are still jocking for control as they attempt to rewrite history ala 1984. The real turn about will come as Saturn continues in Libra, Uranus makes a fiery ingress in Aries (May 2010) and they all are in hard aspect in July/August 2010. Next year is when teh war criminals from the Bush-Cheney administration will be stepping into courtrooms.

Fixed Stars Marked by Alphard the Serpent

Even the rather malefic Alphard or Alfard from the constellation Hydra plays apart in tomorrow's drama. Note: The Euphrateans (Babylonian culture) called Hydra the "Source of the Fountains of the Great Deep" The nature of Alphard, an orange star in the neck of the Watersnake is said to be a mixture of Saturn and Venus. Robson goes on to say that Alphard augurs strong passions, lack of self control, immorality, revolting deeds and a sudden death by drowning, poison or asphyxiation. Speaking of asphyxiation and poisoning, news out of the Ukraine has been rather grim lately where a 'super flu' has killed 300 people.
Many questions arise when Franza Ukrainian News Agency reported that, according to informed sources, "it has been confirmed 100 % Pneumonic Plague in Ukraine" Of course the part that is not being reported is that there were reports of low flying planes in the Ukraine area end of October spraying the population - a biological weapon?
Is this all being done to increase worldwide fear so as to promote the vaccine campaign?
Early Video from November 2nd:

Alphard and More in DC Chart.
In he DC chart Alphard is rising as Mercury is on the Nadir - the revealer or holder of secrets, an investigating mind, a sharp tongue which goes along with Mercury now in Sagittarius. Per Robson: Alphard with Mercury means Trouble through writings, unfavorable for marriage, suffering through a passionate attachment that entirely changes the course of the life.
Alphard is also culminating with Jupiter: An explorer of places or people - the adventurer. Per Robson are more appropriate image involving legal issues - attachment to widow or widower liable to disgrace, legal trouble and judicial sentence.
Continuing the Scorpionic theme Alphard is culminating as Venus is rising - Harshly judged or treated in matters of money, relationships or social attitudes. Per Robson - Sorrow thru love affairs. (Be sure and read the entertainment news tomorrow.)

Neptune which has been leading the revelatory and deceptive charge turning direct on November 4th is paired with Antares the heart of the Scorpion constellation. Yes Neptune is rising when Antares is culminating - this is the time when corruption is evident in politics and finance. In fact transiting Neptune @ 23 degrees 48 minutes is applying to a close square to Mercury and then the Sun (leadership) of the NYSE Foundation chart set for May 17, 1792. To add to the coming shockwaves, transiting Mars @ 13 Leo will conjunct the NYSE chart's Uranus first on Nov. 22nd then again in January and May due to retrograde motion.

Tomorrow's new moon @ 25 Scorpio is about renewal amid ancient occult and arcane symbolism. The controllers are throwing everything they can at the unconscious of the average American to stop the transformative movement toward personal evolution. A complete cornucopia of fear
from the movie 2012 to secret Muslim terrorists prowling the shopping mallas ala Ft. Hood massacre to the fearful Fourth Kind about alien abduction. From MSNBC to Hollywood shadows are being revivied, reheated and reserved in sympatico to the exoteric elements of this Scorpio new moon (Death and Darkness). Except of course people are waking up and the jig is up. Many of the more aware citizens of the Republic, know that war is only making our country bankrupt. Fear mongering isn't going to work this time since folks are demanding better way to collaborate in the light. Mars ruler of Scorpio opposing Jupiter puts the focus on the the the true creators of chaos and assasinations in Pakistan per this recent article.
Order Out of Chaos: CIA, Blackwater Responsible for Bombings, Assassinations in Pakistan
More of the darker deceptions which have exploded and been exploited by MSM will be coming out starting tomorrow.

We might want to consider Lady Gaga (the Illuminati Puppet's) latest song Bad Romance
as a maelstrom of subconscious occult symbols to keep us stuck in the old worlds of fear and pestilence.
Check out this from Vigilant Citizen =
Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance – The Occult Meaning Venus in Scorpio is in it's fall and deals with sadness and betrayal now applying to a square with Mars in proud, dramatic Leo all in orb of a TSQ to the Aquarian trio.

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