Sunday, November 29, 2009

Special Alert: Shocking Prelude to the Full Moon in Gemini

Shock Waves are coming and will hit both the transportation and electronics grid.

The march to Tuesday's Full Moon in Gemini on the West Coast is fraught with danger.
The above chart set for the West Coast and Seattle has strong mutable angles with Mars in fixed Leo in the hidden 12th house ready to pounce and even filled with criminal energy.
Uranus separating from tomorrow's exact square to Mercury in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius is in the 7th house of open enemies, relationships and foreign negotiations.

Fixed Stars for Gemini Full Moon in Seattle.
The star Alphard in the neck of the Watersnake from the constellation Hydra - Rising at the Ascendant - Per Robson this one is dangerous when connected to the ascendant:
Much trouble, anxiety and loss in connection with estates and building; addicted to women and intemperance.
Antares the heart of the constellation Scorpionis setting as the Moon is Rising
Yes a double dose of emotional turmoil, willing to face drama - Arising and lying hidden
Alphard is also on the Nadir as Mercury is rising.
The revealer or holder of secrets, an investigating mind, a sharp tongue and in Sagittarius a razor sharp tongue lashing.

I put this alert out on my website this afternoon:
SPECIAL ALERT - Mercury squares Uranus on Nov. 30th. (exact @ 11:52 AM) - Could mean major disruption to electronic grid, internet, communications devices. Expect mega transportation crisis
around the world from airports to highways.
BE PREPARE also for more shocking news hits as problems in the economy hit fan along with major communications and transportation breakdowns amid multiple protests, riots with violent unrest around the world.

Over the weekend we are still digesting the unexpected news of : Four police officers slain in Washington coffee house shooting
The ambush shooting attack came at 8:15 AM PST with Sagittarius rising (the archer) and ruler Jupiter (ideas-beliefs) locked in an ongoing opposition to Mars in Leo (aggression in dramatic format) while Moon in Taurus is applying to a square with Mars planet of open aggression, in the 9th (another highly stressful and dangerous aspect for conflict.)
Pluto representing death and destruction was in the first square Saturn near MidHeaven

Friday evening's train crash in Russia now has elements of terrorism or targeted killing:
Matviyenko confirms deaths of two high-ranking federal officials in train crash
St. Petersburg Governor
Valentina Matviyenko officially confirmed that Sergei Tarasov, the board
chairman of the Russian Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) and a former
Federation Council member representing St. Petersburg, and Russian
Federal Reserve Agency (Rosreserve) chief Boris Yevstratikov were killed
in the crash of the Nevsky Express train on the evening of November 27.

Now on Sunday news from Switzerland
Minarets Banned As Swiss Back Far-Right

Jupiter/Neptune (beliefs-religion) are opposing Mars and square Ceres in Scorpio
Switzerland has backed far-right calls to ban the building of new minarets, official referendum results have revealed

Another powder keg ready to explode is happening in Honduras, scene of their manipulated
elections. Honduras to Have “Free and Fair” Elections with Disrespect for Human Rights
November 29, 2009: Today's election is another takeover since both candidates supported Zelaya's ouster
Polls opened in Honduras @ 7:00 AM CST with Mercury right on the Sagittarian Ascendant (taking aim at the nation and its people)
square Mercury near the 4th house (the foundation or base of the society and its traditions). The Sun in the 12th (place of seclusion) could also represent former President Zelaya and it is trine Mars for bold leadership and military raids.
Saturn is in 10th house for major crisis and restructuring in leadership and square to Pluto in the first (the Honduran society is being coerced into transforming). The results just came in that Honduras had elected Porfirio Lobo from the Honduras political old guard. So we now have an officially sanctioned take over - This scheduled election was held five months after President Manuel Zelaya was forced from the country at gunpoint, with an interim government taking over. The Saturn-Pluto square is entering a new phase with Venus-Juno

The next Full Moon is on Dec. 1st @ 11:30:30 PM PST or 2:30:30 AM EST
The moon will be @ 10 degrees 15 minutes Gemini with a Sabian Symbol: "Newly opened lands offer virgin realms of experience."

Without question this lunation is timed with a dimensional shift with Uranus just stationing direct (on Dec. 1st @ 12:27 PM), Uranus will also be sextile Ceres in Scorpio putting a major focus on human rights and children's freedoms. Uranus thus will be in a grand trine with S Node in Cancer (Karma) not only magnifying the water element for more rain and floods. Speaking of Cancer fixed star Acubens - one of the claws in the constellation Cancer will be setting as Venus is culminating.
Normally this would make for happy relationships but harken back to Robson's degree:
Acubens has the nature of Saturn and Mercury. It has been called "the sheltering of hiding place," and gives activity, malevolence and poison, making its natives liars and criminals.

Consider that Ceres @ 22 Scorpio is an asteroid dealing with everything in the area of nurturing from food to child rearing and in Scorpio an intense emotional bonding is felt.
So Ceres is in a complicated TSQ to Mars-Hygeia in Leo Opposing Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune
With Jupiter - issues of over-eating and exaggerated parental role.
With Chiron-Aquarius and Hygeia-Leo many problems with disease, new innovations in healing being opposed,
With Neptune - Victim roles, religious overtones and much deception

The Sun will be @ 10 degrees 15 minutes Sagittrius with a Sabian Symbol: "The lamp of physical enlightenment at the left temple."
Sagittarius denotes a political and religious authority figure who tempts fate with nodes in parallel and contraparallel. Venus has just entered Sagittarius @ 2:04 PM in orb of a square to the Moon in communicative Gemini along with an applying square to Uranus (exact on Dec. 19th) to mark more first time events to confuse the public.
Sabian for 11 Degrees Sagittarius: "An explorer examines an archaic idol shaped like a crouching panther, set high above a village square. In the flickering light of a votive candle, its eyes appear alternately laughing and ominous."
This image speaks of how we can integrate different cultures, animal perceptions with human intelligence. Being hypnotized by an occult or scary thought form or keeping your dangerous passions on a leash.

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