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New Moon in Cancer and Esoteric Neptune begin Summer's Phantasms

Lunar Magic or is it Madness?

This year's Cancer New Moon for the East Coast/DC is set for June 22nd @ 3:35 PM EDT begins less than 48 hours after the advent of teh Summer Solstice on June 21st. Emotions and passions have been running hot especially with the Mars-Venus conjunction this morning. Fixed signs are holding structures in 3rd dimensional overtones especially with lunar North Node in Aquarius exactly quincunx the Solstice Sun. Yet with Neptune (the esoteric ruler of Cancer) so prominent all month and into July, many older structures are to be dissolved. One of the structures that will undergo some major changes is religion and many of the titular heads of major belief systems might be caught by surprise.
Or will they be ready as prophecy, myth and legend are converging into reality...

World religious leaders hold their own G8 summit
Religious leaders from around the world held their own not-so-mini “G8 summit” in Italy on June 16-17. The “Fourth Summit of Religious Leaders on the occasion of the G8,” as the meeting was officially called, started with a visit to L’Aquila, the central Italian city severely damaged by an earthquake on April 6. That will be the venue in July of the actual summit of the G8 club of industrial nations.

Nearly 130 religious leaders and diplomats then moved to Rome where they held two days of talks under the auspices of the Italian foreign ministry.
Rumors of revelations and other fantasticalimages have been building on the internet since this conference.
"The world will know the Ark of the Covenant"
The Date given for the supposed unveiling is June 26th the same day that the restrictive Mercury Square Saturn aspect (exact 1:32 AM PDT) starts separating.
The Leo Moon will oppose both Neptune and Jupiter the perfect time for an over the top
phantasm (Something apparently seen but having no physical reality; a phantom or an apparition.)
Here is the quote from the Orthodox Patriarch, Abuna Pauolos

"The Ark of - reaffirms Pauolos - is in Ethiopia for many centuries. Patriarca As I saw with my own eyes and only a few very qualified people have been able to do the same, so far." According to the patriarch is kept in a church, but to defend the authentic copy of a religious symbol and 'been placed in every church in the country.

The official announcement that the Etopia give the world the keys to the secret part of the millennium, will be given next Friday (June 26th) during a press conference at the Hotel Aldrovandi 14 Rome from the Orthodox Patriarch of Ethiopia.

The Chart above set for for June 22nd @ 3:35 PM EDT a Leo in MidHeaven @ 5 degrees 27 minutes with an interesting Sabian Symbol in light of the notoriety given to Neda.
Sabian for 6 degrees Leo: "An old fashioned woman and an up-to-date girl."
France's President Sarkozy made a controversial pronouncement on the New Moon that will affect women everywhere in the Moslem world.
Sarkozy: Burqas not welcome in France

Looking at the 9th house which deals with foreign affaris (whether it be France or Iran)
we view Vesta (dedication)in a tight conjunction to Sun/Moon in Cancer. Twitter and the internet have aroused that famous Cancerian empathy toward the people of Iran and particularly that up-to-date girl young Neda who died in the protest.
With Moon-Sun @ 1 degree Cancer 30 minutes Sabian Symbol for 2 degrees Cancer: A man on a magic carpet observes vast vistas below him

Time to go beyond appearances and see the truth behind so called reality.

Scandals, resignations, deception and much more is in store as we head toward the first week in July.

Cancer and the Moon always represent Mother archetypes...
Last year (2008) I wrote about a positive Cancerian image:
Legend of Kwan Yin the Gentle Mother
One of the other distinct personalities of the Great Mother archetype is the gentle understanding Mother like Kwan Yin the merciful. Kwan Yin means “She who hears the cries of sentient beings.” Kwan Yin, as also known as "Guanyin", had vowed to never rest until she had freed all sentient beings from samsara (cycle of reincarnation or rebirth in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and other related religions.) Other forms of this healing goddess include, Tibetan Tara, African Yemaya and the South-American VirgĂ©n de Guadalupe. All of these incarnations offer unconditional love and assistance in this world: blessings of children, health, and long life, including rescuing people from drowning, lightning, and poverty. This energy to be a protector of women will materialize most strikingly in July. During the new and full moons both Venus and Mars (Virgo) will be in feminine oriented signs.

This year (2009) we will descend straight into more life changing and even negative symbols like Kali Ma Kali has many faces in India and even if many of them are projections the notion of her terrible fierce fury is well known. As tectonic plates shift and extreme, even shocking, weather mirrors the exact opposition of Sun to Pluto June 23rd leading to July 1st when all hell can break loose for good and evil with Uranus stationing retrograde.

Eclipse Season Begins
On the same day (July 7th) that the first in a series of three historic eclipses occur
Mars will Square Neptune to put a seemingly magical spell on the old ideas of war and conquest. By the time Jupiter-Neptune meet again for their second dissolution event, the crisis in Iran will be supplanted by the breaking apart of the US
July 22 solar eclipse to be most significant in century’

Updated with the feminine symbol of Sacrifice Neda
Neda Agha-Soltan has become a poster child for the CIA-sponsored color revolution in Iran after tragic and shocking scenes of her death were uploaded to You Tube the day after she was gunned down in Tehran on Saturday.

Soltan is being hailed as a “martyr” and “the face of the Iranian protests” by major western media outlets in emotional news reports...
In typical Neptune square Venus-Mars a reflection of a deceptive, hyper-sensational style and the next lines say it all:
The hypocrisy is almost impossible to stomach. Hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children have been slaughtered in similar fashion by coalition forces during the bombardment and occupation of both Iraq and Afghanistan, and many of these deaths have been caught on camera. And yet the establishment media has blindly refused to broadcast any of it. Indeed, it could be claimed that the footage of Neda’s death has already been broadcast more times by the corporate media than the thousands of victims whose deaths were caught on film in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last eight years.

Neda has not only become a martyr with Saturn direct and moving into the next opposition with Uranus in the sign of sacrifice Pisces on Sept. 15th

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